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Multiple People Shot in Truxton Circle Late Last Night

by Prince Of Petworth — March 11, 2013 at 9:30 am 78 Comments

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@IAFF35 first tweeted:

“1200 North Capitol St NW multiple shooting treating 8 patients.”

@DCPoliceDept then tweeted:

“1D-Shooting multiple victims all conscious & breathing, 1200 North Capitol Street NW, LOF Blue BMW, 2D, older model, tag unk.//2237.”

This morning Washington Post reports:

Police are investigating an overnight shooting on a busy D.C. street corner that left as many as 11 people wounded, one of them seriously, authorities said.

Assistant Police Chief Peter Newsham said gunmen in two dark-colored cars opened fire just after 2 a.m. on a crowd of people outside Tyler House, an eight-story, subsidized residential building on the south side of New York Avenue at North Capitol Street.

  • This is beyond ridiculous!

  • I’m going to retract my original “good deal” statement and say this listing now needs to drop a few hundred dollars lol.


    • Anonymous

      Not that it will matter to anyone, but this is not actually Truxton Circle. Truxton is NORTH of New York, Sursam Corda et al is SOUTH – in the neighborhood of the shooting. New York is so busy that it makes a pretty big dividing line.

  • Warm weather always brings out the thugs.

    • Anonymous

      The people who say that on EVERY violence thread from March to October are curiously silent the rest of the year when the violence continues unabated. Seriously, get a new knee-jerk.

      • I can tell you that when the weather is nicer, street crime increases. It’s just common sense. It’s super hot outside and people bump into each other and tempers flare.

        • Aside from the heat/temper issue, just more people being outdoors means there’s more opportunity for outdoor crime to take place.

    • Winner. Happy spring time!

  • B’Dale Res


  • Annonn

    Isn’t this NoMa (or Sursum Corda), not Truxton Circle, since it’s on the south side of New York Avenue? I saw the Post listed it as Truxton Circle, too.

    • NoMa is on the east side of North Capitol. This is “WeNoCa.”

      • Anonymous

        The ne side is considered noma also.
        At least according to the NoMa bid.
        Otherwise it’s know as northwest one.

        • anon

          If we listened to NOMA BID then half of Eckington should be called NOMA.

          • Anonymous

            At least they clean the sidewalks in the parts they call noma.

    • Caleb

      Yes, this is NoMo/Sursum Corda. Truxton begins on the north side of New York.

      Very sad.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I literally walked passed there a few hours earlier.

    • Anonymous

      Amazing you weren’t shot!

      • Anonymous


  • anon

    If you hang out with trashy people you get yourself a trashy life.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God no children were shot as sometimes happens when crap like this goes down in DC. So freakin’ lame!

    • Anonymous

      It was at 2am. Why would there be kids outside?

      • Seriously? Kids in DC are out all hours of the night.

    • Nicole

      A 14 year old and a 17 year old were among those shot.

  • Anon X

    That housing project, Big Ben Liquor, and Sursum Corda combine to make this 2 block area one of the worst places in the city.

    Hopefully the plans to move everyone out, rebuild the projects, and then move those that still qualify back in will move forward as planned and quickly. And, hopefully, Big Ben will find some other way to make money – or just go out of buisness. That store is an eyesore.

    • Anonymous

      Tyler house won’t change for at least another decade. Therefore Big Ben isn’t going to change.
      I always shake my head when I walk past the luxury condos going up across the street.
      Is the meth clinic still on n ne?

      • Anon X

        Clinic moved, but there is some sort of social service over there.

        I dont have a problem with any of these things individually. But, a multiblock low income housing, a public housing project, a methodone clinic, SOME, and other social services all located on top of each other – plus a liquor store unwilling to be a good neighbor – all combine for a nightmare.

        I believe Tyler House is slated for renovation. It will still be a project, but if you move people out and make them requalify (with preference given to current residents so they dont get put on a wait list) you weed out a lot of the abusers. I could be confused, but DC is being negligent to just allow Tyler House to continue as it currently is without some sort of reform. There are people living there who need a safe place to live and they dont deserve to have people shot on their front door step.

        Something is happening at Sursum Corda. I believe a lot of it is already vacant…

        • Anonymous

          Tyler house is privately owned. I thought I had read that they didn’t expect people to be displaced during renovations.

          And I agree, over concentration is bad news

    • David

      Just responded to some of this below. I do believe Tyler House is privately owned and will stay by-and-large the same. Sursum Corda residents will be moved into the building coming up across from Tyler House – 2 M St NE – as part of the New Communities initiative. Might be wrong, though.

  • Anonymous

    That’s absolutely horrible.

  • Anonymous

    What are these people doing out until 2AM on a Sunday night anyway? Doesnt anyone go to bed early on Sunday to rest up for the work week?

    • Anonymous

      How did this grandma stumble upon the internet?

    • Anonymous

      Maybe they forgot to “spring ahead” and thought it was only 1am.

    • Anonymous

      I would bet most are unemployed.

      • Or have jobs that don’t require early mornings.

    • Anonymous

      don’t blame the victims.

      • victims?

        Umm, I live near there and people hanging around a housing project at 2:00 am aren’t exactly innocent bystanders. As the police commander for the area said in today’s Post article about the shootings:

        Commander Andy Solberg said that in the early hours of the morning, when the clubs in the neighborhood close, “a whole lot of people with cash in their pockets come out onto the street, and the guys from Tyler House are waiting for them. That’s when you get the holdups and that’s the source of the shootings in the neighborhood.”

        • Anonymous

          so they deserve to be shot?

          • yep

            if you’re hanging around outside a housing project at 2:00 am waiting for the night clubs to close so you can rob the patrons who are leaving, then yes, you might deserve to be shot. In fact, I’m all for it.

          • Anonymous

            you think everyone hanging out at 2:00 am is a mugger?
            jeeez, that’s messed up.

          • stephenrunningwolf

            Since the police are now saying that at least one of the “victims” shot back, I wouldn’t say they were innocent bystanders our enjoying a lovely evening. And there’s something in the legal world called “assumption of risk.” If you’re going to hang out at 2:00 am in front of a housing project that is known for dangerous criminal activity at that hour, you might expect to run into some trouble.

          • Anonymous

            the news reports are now saying that many of the victims had been to the show that had recently let out ar Fur.

            i’m angry with you people that speak as if these victims deserved to be shot.
            yes, someone had a gun and shot back. wouldn’t you if you had one? i sure would.

  • anon

    I live in Brookland, not too far off North Capitol Street and I heard this happening last night, despite the distance. I had my bedroom window open and heard what sounds like up to 20 pops in quick succession, (they sounded very far away) which I thought to myself sounded like gunshots. I waited to hear sirens to confirm my suspicion and sure enough, they quickly followed. I’m not surprised that many people were shot with as many pops as I heard. It sounds like someone just sprayed shots out of a car. It’s crazy.

    • oh that’s rich

      • Anonymous

        What do you mean?

      • anon

        original poster here…what do you mean by that?

      • Oops. Meant to respond to the 10:19 comment about resting up for the workweek on a Sunday night instead of hanging out shooting and being shot at.

  • We live about a block away from the shooting. I woke up about 5 minutes before the shots were fired to the police aggressively clearing the parking lot behind Ibiza nightclub (horns, sirens, lights, and cars speeding out of the parking lot, along with a lot of pedestrian traffic). It was such a chaotic scene. The gunshots followed a few minutes later and my husband and I estimated at least 20 shots, all in very quick succession.

  • Anonymous

    I know all the very valid arguments against the death penalty, but premeditated mass murder attempts make me think its not a bad idea.

    I know it won’t happen, but this is so terrifying and horrible.

    • Anonymous

      Also, in that it involved a two car coordinated attack, conspiracy to commit murder.

    • TG

      Because nobody was killed, plan on a light sentence from DC’s notoriously soft bench. Also, gun control is a very hot topic nationally but this city is also so soft when it comes to giving out maximum sentences for illegal gun possession and gun related crimes. How about instead of arresting 10 year olds for toy guns (recognize that was in VA), we start aggressively prosecuting our gun laws that are on the books.

      • Anonymous

        my sense is that the gun laws remain on the books simply as a means to arrest someone and get them off the street while they build the case for other charges.

    • anonymous

      I agree on the death penalty. I was a flaming liberal until I moved into a neighborhood in which there was about one shooting/knifing a year on my block. The sense of being unsafe, of always having to look over your shoulder, is debilitating and dispiriting. Yes, someone’s going to say there’s crime all over the city, but I never felt this way when I lived in parts of town that had less crime. After several years of this, I can say I see no need for mercy for people who commit crimes like this. They are useless trash, they contribute nothing positive to their neighborhoods, and they should be eradicated. And, in all fairness, I realize I’m biased and would never sit on a jury for one of these kids—not after I spoke my mind in voir dire.

      • KenyonDweller

        Except that the death penalty doesn’t deter murder. So it wouldn’t solve your problem.

        • first anon

          it’s without a doubt not a deterrent. in fact states with the death penalty typically have more murder.

          my post was in frustration, and i do not believe that punishment for crimes should be emotionally reactionary. they should be based in what is factually better for society.

          • anonymous

            Former flaming liberal here. Agreed re death penalty not being a deterrent, but hoping for it is sadly the state that many of us get into when we live in a state of fear. It’s primal, I know, but it’s real. And many of us are going to feel this way until the situation improves. One problem this city has had over and over again is an unreasonable willingness to forgive criminals to the point of letting them commit crimes again, to cry and forgive each time a crime-committing politician stands in a pulpit and says he’s sorry. The truth is that they’re not sorry they did it, they’re sorry they got caught, but forgiveness is generally given by the duped who think the offender is truly apologetic. The same sort are duped by children and grandchildren and neighbors who they KNOW wouldn’t dare commit this crime or that, and so there’s no community policing that used to be important in keeping kids in line and neighborhoods safe. The irrationally thinking victim can easily think that doing away with criminals will make a safer neighborhood.

          • Anonymous

            Can someone tell me what’s wrong with chain gangs, again? I’d feel a little less frustrated/ furious about this sort of thing if I knew the perpetrators were going to be doing some hard-ass labor to benefit of society for the next 20 years. (I wonder if THAT would act as a deterrent… No weight rooms, no TVs, no ipods. Just hard physical labor and the opportunity to earn an education.)

          • Anonymous

            “it’s without a doubt not a deterrent. in fact states with the death penalty typically have more murder.”

            correlation != causation.

            Also, so? Even if it doesn’t deter generally, it is a foolproof deterrent in individual cases. Plus, some people just deserve it.

          • Anonymous

            “The irrationally thinking victim can easily think that doing away with criminals will make a safer neighborhood.”

            Actually, doing away with criminals would make a safer neighborhood, almost by definition 😉

  • Mari

    Truxton Circle is the northern part of New York Ave, shooting was south.

  • David

    We’ll see how things change with time.

    As I understand it, Tyler House is going to be renovated but remain low-income housing. The building coming up across the street (2 M St NE) is going to be 60/40 low-income/market-rate. As I understand it, the new building is where the Sursum Corda residents go under the New Communities plan.

    So there will still be just as many affordable housing units (I believe most are 30% of AMI), but it will be a little less rich/poor across North Capitol Street. Hopefully that will help undermine some of the existing street culture in these neighborhoods. It won’t reduce the residents near Big Ben liquor though…

    • Anonymous

      the new building is for the old temple court residents. that old building that was demoed a ways back at k and north capitol.

  • Anonymous

    Tyler house will be renovated but residents will remain but be shuffled around units while being renovated. All units will be low income. Sursum Corda is also privately owned as a Co-op. the ownership wants to rebuild 199 units, all affordable and potentially add in some market rate to finance it. There will be no net loss in subsidized housing in this area. Only a potential increase in market rate housing.

  • Anonymous

    11 people shot? Ridiculous, even by DC standards…..

    This is so pitiful.

  • Anonymous

    Mpd released the video of the shooting. Saw It on wusa

  • Marcus Aurelius

    According to the WP article, the police are investigating whether this shooting resulted from something that happened at a nightclub in the area. So believe it or not, this shooting might not have anything at all to do with public housing.

    Also RANT: Having to watch an advertisement on the WP site before being allowed to view the surveillance video released by MPD with the hope of getting info on the shooting.

  • Anonymous

    It is going to be interesting to see how they avoid crime on that block and how they clean up that corner. That is crack head corner right on 7th and T. Can’t hardly walk through there without being accosted (first hand knowledge, not an opinion). They sure are spending a lot of money in that 3 block radius so may be it will cause a clean up of the street crime. Hope nobody has to be seriously hurt before it happens.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, ignore comment above, it was meant for another thread “New Oyster Bar, Eat The Rich, Coming to Shaw”

  • I thought Sarsum Corda was being redeveloped as part of Northwest One. When is that going to happen?

    • Anonymous

      still a few years away

  • Anonymous

    victim count is now 13

  • RozCat

    This surveillance video is useless. What I am supposed to be looking at?

  • Anonymous

    Lots of people seem upset that the mayor hasn’t visited the victims and families yet. Has tommy wells visited yet?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Wells had a press conference there this morning.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks PoP, I had missed it.

  • Anonymous

    Tommy Wells now wants to shut down Fur and Ibiza.

    • Anonymous

      doesn’t anyone else think this is crazy?

  • Anonymous

    Has the mayor had anything to say about this?

  • Anonymous

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