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  • I. Rex

    prime Darwin Award candidates.

    • I’d approve if it wouldn’t permanently scar the driver/ all the onlookers.

  • Just stupid. SMH I am nervous standing close to the raised portion of the platform but they do this.

  • They look like stragglers from Pre- St Patties day festivities in Clarendon….If thats the case- they were loaded..lol

    • Paddy

      Pattie = nickname for Patricia
      Paddy = Irish nickname for Patrick

      This Sunday is St. Paddy’s Day. We Irish cringe everytime we see it spelled Patty.

      • If I recall correctly Patrick is Padraig in Irish hence Paddy

      • I’m not Irish and I still cringe when I see “St. Patty’s Day”

  • Steve

    That’s not Chinatown…either Metro Center or L’Enfant Plaza. Either way, really stupid idea.

    • bs

      That’s some Grade-A trolling right there!!!

    • Anonymous

      yes. looks like they are seated southbound YL/GR at L’Enfant.

      • Anonymous

        Emphasis on “looks like.” I claim no Metro-recognition authority.

    • That’s right, it’s actually Metro Center; I gave PoP the wrong information!

  • KenyonDweller

    And people think a kid on a bike is a big deal.

  • Anonymous

    Really? Not only dangerous, but think of how filthy and germ-y those floors are! Bleh.

  • I disagree – if you are that f’ing dumb by all means, do that. Thin the heard.

  • Anonymous

    While probably not the best idea, the fact that it was a Saturday night means it could’ve been 15 minutes until the next train came for all we know. Aside from them falling asleep, I’d say it’s a safe bet that they could have had at least a TV commercial break period to stand up, stretch their legs and move away.

    • Yes – but anything can happen in the process of them sitting down or standing up ie: falling onto the tracks and seriously getting hurt, thus endangering others with rescue efforts. Think out side the little box…

      • Anonymous

        “this is the box, and THIS is where the magic happens”

    • Anonymous

      unless some wacko pushes you onto the tracks.

  • Anonymous

    The only thing worse than these kids dangling their legs over the edge of the platform is the notion that nobody seems to be interested in stopping them.

  • Legs closing!

  • Anonymous

    This is why Mayberry no longer has subway service.

    • Anonymous


  • bajin

    Meh. Don’t see the big deal. When you see a train coming there is plenty of time to get out the way.

    • anonymous

      Thanks, troll.

      • troll

        Says the person trolling

  • I’m more concerned about the guy across the platform who looks to be vomiting over the railing.

  • Anonymous

    This is not acceptable. I hope someone reported these two individuals to the proper authorities.

  • anonymous

    But are they breaking any Metro rules? It seems to me that people can do stupid things that don’t endanger others, and if they don’t break the rules/laws, then technically it’s ok. Everyone on here is focused on how stupid they are or on what station this is, but no one’s asked if these fellows can be hauled away for doing this. Come on, where are all the lawyers this town is overpopulated with?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Yes they are breaking metro rules. You are not allowed to dangle you feet over the tracks.

      • Sterling

        You’re not allowed to eat either but I haven’t seen that rule enforced in 10 years.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          I mostly agree with you sterling, was just replying the anon above.

          • anonymous

            This is the anonymous person who asked if this was against the rules. Thanks, PoP, for saying this isn’t allowed. I agree with you and Sterling—there are many things that don’t get enforced on Metro, and as it is, this one doesn’t hurt anybody, while spilled food and drink not only makes Metro filthy, they draw insects and vermin.

  • NoNo

    OK… that doesn’t seem very smart…
    However, considering that there is more minutes to wait between 2 trains than there is benches to seat in this stupid metro system, I can imagine that people are tempted to do that kind of stupid thing while waiting 24 minutes for a stupid train to come…
    Moreover, the electric rail is far from them, between the 2 tracks.
    And if the station manger was not too busy sleeping in his booth, he would have notice them on the screens…


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