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Crime Alert: Heads Up if You Have Window Unit Air Conditioners

by Prince Of Petworth March 4, 2013 at 11:15 am 10 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

Washington Post reports:

Not all the houses and apartments in one of the District’s most desirable residential areas have central air-conditioning. Some have window units, and, according to police, that has apparently offered an opening to burglars.

The burglaries have taken place in Dupont and Logan Circle.

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone offer suggestions on how to secure a window AC to prevent burglaries like these? I live on the first floor with window ACs, (although I take the units out of the windows during the fall and winter) and I’m always nervous about this happening to me. I do have an alarm system so that helps.

    • Anonymous

      When I lived in New York, I often saw ground floor or fire escape-facing windows with custom window bars that, instead of being flat like for normal windows, have a bump-out for a/c units. (Maybe these are all over DC too, and I just haven’t been paying attention.) Not sure how expensive those are, though, or if landlords are inclined to pay the cost for the renters among us.

      • Anonymous

        They used to be very common in dc.
        Many houses still have them.less common for apartments.

      • I had those bars in Baltimore, I’ve never noticed them in DC but I’ve also never looked for them here.

    • Grand Funk

      Wedge a fitted piece of wood between the window and the frame. They won’t be able to budge it. I put velcro on both sides so that even if they shake it the wood won’t fall out of place. Paint it white so it blends right in with the frame.

    • 1) screw your windows into the window frame (even if you take your A/C out its not that much work)
      2) screw your A/C to your windowsill using “L” brackets.

      These won’t stop a determined and highly motivated thief – but like when being chased by a bear you don’t need to be really fast, just faster than your friend!

  • SRW

    I saw this guy Friday morning as I was walking to my car. He was a block ahead of me walking towards me. I crossed the street since he looked sketchy. I remember the spotted black and white jacket.

    • Any further description?

  • Our next-door neighbor last summer/fall in this kind of burglary. Hope they catch the guy.

  • I’m trying to repaint my trim inside and the window with the a/c through it no longer opens. Maybe I should publish my address????


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