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Barnes and Noble Closes in Union Station Today, To Be Replaced by H&M? A List of What DC’s Big Bookstores Have Become

by Prince Of Petworth March 1, 2013 at 10:30 am 23 Comments


After a slight reprieve the Barnes and Noble is closing in Union Station today. The Hill is Home hears from a Barnes and Noble employee that an H&M clothing store will open up in the space this summer.

So let’s take this opportunity to see what DC’s the other former big bookstores have become. In Friendship Heights the Borders became a DSW, at 18th and L St, NW the Borders is becoming a Nordstrom Rack. The former Borders at 14th and F St, NW became The Hamilton. The Barnes and Noble in Georgetown became a Nike Store. Am I missing any others?


  • Otis gal

    I miss Olssons especially china town location

    • saf

      Me too. Although I miss the Metro Center location more. (And when I was an undergrad, I would have missed the Georgetown location more. Books AND records AND open until midnight! SO COOL!)

  • Anon

    Not a big one, but do I ever miss Chapters on 10th, just north of Penn. I think it’s a sandwich shop or some sort of lunch place now.

  • Anonymous

    I would not mind an H&M at Union Station! Better than an antiquated bookstore.

  • Mo Mo

    You’re missing an obvious one – Olssons.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Ah of course – the one in Dupont became a childcare center and the one in Chinatown/Penn Quarter was once gonna be a Wagamama but still sits vacant.

  • H&M is actually a really nice amenity for travelers. I used to stop by book stores in airports and train stations all the time, but now with mobile internet it’s not as necessary for train rides although I do still buy books in airports sometimes.

    • Anonymous

      And clearly your experiences are 100% universal.

      • Brennalm

        Well, I’d guess his experience is more common than not, seeing as how B&N is closing.

      • Why do travelers need cheap, disposable fashion?

  • An H&M? That’s depressing…

  • Jayson

    The H&M Website is adversiting for jobs at a Union Station store.


  • Anonymous

    Are there any large bookstores left in DC?

    • Anonymous

      books a million in dupont.

    • kimbolslice

      There’s still a BN in Metro Center.

      • Anonymous

        Not anymore.

        • Rococo

          Indeed…it remains.

        • JL

          It’s still there… check out the sign in this post (“Visit our store at 555 12th Street NW”)

  • Rukasu

    All we have to blame is ourselves

    Sent from my Kindle Fire

    • mipake

      You say, from a Kindle — one of the biggest direct influences on the downfall of hard copy books. Lol

      • Anonymous

        do current sales of ebooks rival sales of pre-internet books?

  • sam

    Eh, if people are desperate for something to read they can always check out Fantom Comics upstairs in Union Station – read something new!

    • Anonymous

      Few posts have made me feel more adult and mature than yours.

      Thank you.


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