Union Station’s Barnes and Noble Saved for at Least One More Year!

by Prince Of Petworth November 1, 2012 at 5:06 pm 6 Comments

Yesterday I shared some news that Barnes and Noble was closing at the end of the year in Union Station. A lot can change in a day! According to the Post’s Jonathan O’Connell:

“Twenty-four hours after saying Barnes & Noble planned to close its store in Union Station at the end of the year, a company spokeswoman said Thursday that the company has received and accepted a one-year extension from its landlord and will keep the store open at least through 2013.”

  • Cool; it’s the only place worth going to while waiting for a train. (I mean who seriously shops for Swarovski Crystal embellished cell phone cases these days?)

    • Anonymous

      yeah, I hate that bookstores are dying out. Damn Amazon.

      • Anonymous

        And before them, record stores 🙁 Damn Apple.

  • Anonymous

    Now, perhaps all those people who said they’d miss the store will actually buy something there.

    • Identified

      Actually, the reason for leaving was never disclosed as poor sales.

      It was disclosed that the landlord would not renew B&N’s lease in this space and offered them a different space that B&N decided was not acceptable (and no disclosure on rental rates either).

      Not saying bookstores aren’t dying – but this was a decision of the for-profit company that runs Union Station not the for-profit bookstore that was the tenant.

  • Anonymous

    Only prolonging the inevitable….


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