• Anonymous

    Cocaine is a horrible drug

  • Tballer



      goes w/o saying

      • Anonymous

        If only that we’re true.

  • Anonymous

    I have that same fear of somebody smashing my rot iron fence. Cars have hit my neighbors brick wall multiple times. That’s crazy!!

    • spookiness

      People its not rot or rod, its wrought.

      • Anonymous

        I am overwrought over calling it rot.

      • Anonymous

        person: it’s it’s, not its, If you’re going to be an ass, at least know how to smell yourself.

  • Does DC bill these idiots? This guy/insurance company should be cutting DC a check for the $20,000 in damage this clown did.

    This is ridiculous, this driver could have killed someone. Here is hoping he gets prosecuted appropriately.

    • Anon

      Forget DC. I own a home in this building and I’d like the driver, or his/her insurance company, to write a check to repair our property. The damage is fairly extensive–the reinforced curb around the yard is destroyed and the car’s axel is embedded into our lawn.

      • The driver could have swerved to avoid a collision with another driver. If so there probably will be a dispute as to who is culpable and which party’s insurance must reimburse for damages.

        • Their rinsurance company isn’t going to pay for the damages. This is what your condo master policy is for. They will pay, and if your insurance company wants to pursue the matter with the drivers insurance company, they will.

          Have your management company coordinate with your insurance company. With any luck you can have the money to repair it in your hands by the end of the week.

          • Anonymous

            Incorrect. The master policy would kick in only if the driver is at fault and is not insured. Liability insurance is designed for incidents like this.

      • I agree, he should be paying for your building’s damage as well.

  • eheh

    I think he took the “Parking” sign too literally.


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