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Welcoming a New Member to the PoPville Family this Week

by Prince Of Petworth February 21, 2013 at 9:00 am 95 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user caroline.angelo

Well – my wife and I are having a baby! I’m gonna be offline for the next couple of days so I may not get to your emails right away. The posting schedule will also be a bit lighter than usual today and tomorrow but we’ll be back to normal (if a bit groggy with more than usual spelling and grammar errors) next week! Thanks everyone.

  • Congrats!

  • Phil

    That’s awesome! Mazel!!

  • ET


  • cj

    Prince or princess of petworth? Also, who is next in line for the throne?

  • AMDCer


  • A-non

    Congratulations!!! This is beautiful news!

  • CB

    The Duke or Duchess of Petworth! Congrats! :)

  • Caleb

    Congratulations Sir to you and the wife!

  • Cyrus

    Congratulations to you both!!! I see many, many stuffed frogs in her future! And some prosciutto in yours!

  • Stavros

    Great news, Prince. Congrats.

  • Sully

    Congratulations! Mine just turned 4 months yesterday. Looking forward to more babycentric POP bits.

    • JDS

      Oh god, please, no.

      • Anon


      • I’m due in two months and even I agree. So much of your life becomes babycentric already that non-baby outlets are a necessity.

      • BitterElitist


  • Much joy to you and your family! It’s a great time of life.

  • live from Columbia Heights

    Congrats, PoP!

  • MtP Gal

    Congrats! It’s better than you can even imagine. Like others have posted, I suppose s/he will need a name. The Duke/Duchess of Bloomingdale? Lots of flooding/sewage issues there, so it seems appropriate. :)

  • Congratulations Dan!

  • Congrats!

  • Meg

    Congratulations! Get ready to have your world turned upside down in the best way possible.

  • mtpguy


  • dcsuz

    Congratulations! I can’t wait for pictures (and maybe a new “…of the week” series?)

  • PG

    Congrats! Gives new meaning to “Pop”ville.

  • Monster Cow

    Great news Dan, good luck to the whole family.

  • saf


  • Congrats!

  • Anonymous

    Can I still rant?

  • Congratulations!

  • Boricua Princess

    Congratulations to you and your wife! What a blessing!

  • All the best to you and the Mrs. Congrats!

  • How exciting! So happy for you, congrats!

  • Congratulations! (You kept that one quiet!!)

  • maria

    Yey!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!

  • KenyonDweller


  • Congratulations PoP!!!!!

  • Congratulations!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Tall E

    Mazal tov to all three of you!

  • Anongardener

    Wonderful news! Congratulations – enjoy every minute!

  • jpk

    Contributing to gentrification!!

    (Just kidding – congratulations!)

  • JDS

    Congrats, Daniel.

  • Congrats Dan, she’s absolutely adorable! I’m sure you’ll have her in little sneakers walking around town with you in no time :-)

  • Congratulations to you and your wife. Best of luck on this new adventure!

  • Anonymous


  • Mazel Tov!

  • Florista

    Great news for you both – welcome little PoP-lette!

  • Can’t wait to see the little tyke in a PoP T-shirt strolling around town! Congrats!

  • Congratulations to you and your wife!

  • Congrats guys! Best of luck!

  • Congrats!!

  • Congratulations! Very exciting news.

  • Mazel tov! Enjoy!

  • Bizzinger


  • Anonymous

    Back to normal – ha ha ha good luck with that. Congrats!

  • Anonymous

    Mazel tov! Please start making PoP onesies so I can get them for my nephews.

  • clifton


  • Wonderful news Dan! Congratulations and welcome little PoP-ster to the beautiful life !!

  • Anon3

    Mazel tov!!! Thrilled to hear it. Best wishes to you and your family, and a healthy birth to baby and mama.

  • LT

    Congratulations and best wishes!!

  • Mazel Tov!!

  • bb


  • Congratulations! We should have a Lion King-style welcome for the Princlet.

    • Anonymous

      Totally. We can do it at the Columbia Heights Fountain and al come together. Can we sing come together? Regardless of whatever is sung, congrats!

  • Elissa

    Congratulation! Best of luck and enjoy!

  • Anonymous

    aww, congratulations!!!

  • Sue

    How wonderful! Hope everything goes smoothly. Looking forward to baby pictures.

  • JenDC

    Such great news! Welcome to the new Petworth resident – best wishes for health and happiness.

  • Anonymous


  • congrats!

  • Anonymous

    We expect photos! (And caption contests!)

  • dcd


    (I’m assuming you had to promise Mrs. PoP that you wouldn’t use any photos from the delivery in the Wednesday caption contest?)

  • utterlyanon


  • djdc

    Congratulations to you both!

  • David


  • Mazel Tov Dan!

  • Anonima

    Congratulations :)

  • Congratulations!

  • Anonymous

    Aww, congrats!! :)

  • Petworth Daddio

    Wicked Pissa! I’ll bring by a box of toys and clothes! Our kids are all grown up big PoPville tikes now…. ;-)

  • Mazel tov!

  • MK

    Congrats PoP! You’re bringing a native Washingtonian into the world! I know you’ll be a wonderful father.

  • styglan1dc


  • Lisa

    Congratulations Dan!! Thrilled for you!!

  • Yahoo!!!!

  • Caroline

    Very cool! And thanks for choosing my photo for such a special post. :)

  • Congrats Pop!!

  • Congratulations! Our little commoner arrived yesterday, so one more subject for the realm.

  • AP

    Congrats Dan!

  • Yay! Instead of popville happy hours, we can have popville play dates! Congratulations man, that is so exciting. Also, I just learned that the child of a prince and princess is also called a prince or princess. Thanks internet.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats PoP! Welcome mini-P

  • JT

    Great news – congratulations!

  • Vegnout

    Congratulations! I imagine there may be more posts about the local schools in the near future.

  • pru

    Congrats! Looking forward to more baby-relevant news and scuttlebutt.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Thank you all for your kind words!


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