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Mothership Applies for Liquor License at Georgia and Lamont St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth February 10, 2013 at 10:22 pm 17 Comments

3301 Georgia Ave, NW

Thanks to all who sent emails about the liquor license application posted for Mothership at 3301 Georgia Ave, NW (the former Brown’s Caribbean Bakery.) It says:

“New Full Service Restaurant serving eclectic small plates and gourmet pizza. Seating Capacity is 44, with a total Occupancy Load of 87. Summer Garden with 40 seats.”

I spoke with the owner who says t-minus three weeks or so when we’ll be able to get a taste. Stay tuned for an exact date.

  • Not so sure that’ll work

    Summer garden, here? Meh…

    • Anonymous

      why won’t it work?

      • Because of the Murray’s one block up… *sigh*

        • Yay! Best news I heard all week! Good riddens to mutant meat depot!

  • Anonymous

    The Mothership is landing at the 9:30 Club tonight! Coincidence?

  • Very excited for Mothership’s debut! the El Floridano truck is pretty darned tasty too.

  • rockcreek

    When will we hit the saturation point for $8-10 plates of pretentious, beet reduction-drizzled mini-appetizers? Just how much gourmet pizza can the new DC cram down its gullet? These are the questions I need you to look into, PoP.

    • Park View Drew

      Haters gonna hate.

      Would you prefer another generic General Tso’s “chicken” joint with bulletproof glass?

      • JB

        Hey, you leave Eddie Leonard’s out of this! They don’t have plans to shut down do they? I’m asking for a friend.

        • Park View Drew

          ^— I LOL’d

          Seriously though… The food is too… trendy? That’s the complaint?

          I’ll take any place that seems like someone gives a **** over any place that seems like no ****s were given.

          I do miss Brown’s Caribbean Bakery though. Even with the glass and handwritten paper signage. They definitely gave a **** about their turnovers.

          • saf

            I loved Brown’s. I miss them.

      • 20010

        I completely agree. I really hope it attracts other similar businesses.

        Also, does anyone know what’s going on directly next door to Mothership? The windows are covered with trashbags, but I saw someone enter it and it looked like construction was going on inside.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    “Another” place serving alcohol on Georgia Ave. Do we need to start talking about a moratorium on liquor licenses for this area? :-)

    • Park View Drew

      Eh, serving alcohol for on site consumption is a little different than selling closed containers, wouldn’t you say?

    • Park View Pirate

      Judging from the discarded bottles and open drinking along the ave, I’d say the bigger problem is closed containers and singles. Come on MPD, you have to see it

      • 20010

        The cops say they can’t do anything about the groups of people drinking (and doing other things?) that hang out up and down GA Ave (mostly thinking next to Petworth Liquors and next to Eddie Leonard)…


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