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Crossfit DC Opens in former GreenPets Space in Logan Circle

by Prince Of Petworth February 19, 2013 at 4:30 pm 29 Comments

1722 14th Street, NW

Another work out option for 14th Street. Back in Dec. 2012 we learned a new crossfit gym was coming to the former GreenPets space at 1722 14th St, NW. Crossfit DC’s website says:

“CrossFit DC is committed to providing the community, coaching, and environment to meet the needs of everyone from the absolute beginner to the competitive athlete. We welcome anyone with a positive attitude and a desire to better themselves.”

They’re now open:

  • Anonymous

    Seems like a waste of prime storefront retail space. Businesses like gyms or dojos belong on the second floor.

    • TakomaNick

      Anon – the 2nd floor wouldn’t work for a crossfit gym. They drop too many weights, even if they are being careful.

      Also, crossfit is not for everyone. It’s extremely demanding physically and there are some things that are difficult to scale down. The competitive nature of it is fun and you do get stronger than you ever imagined, but it also makes it harder to stop when you should. I injured a shoulder and quad doing crossfit. I left thinking that there must be a better way.

      • Nicoli

        Not to mention a cheaper way. Don’t crossfit gyms run $200+ a month?

      • ccc

        A very good friend of mine (exercise fanatic in amazing shape at 50) says that crossfit is dangerous. It is very effective, but the moves are dangerous and injuries are not uncommon.

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree that it is a waste of storefront. I personally prefer larger more traditional gyms (like WSC), and I feel like these smaller gyms take up prime retail space (like that one that keeps the fat outside further up 14th street). It could have been a great little boutique or another furniture store. Really disappointing.

  • It’s a shame Cork next door can’t expand its outdoor seating to include the sidewalk in front of this place. I would totally enjoy drinking wine while watching the Crossfitters sweat.

    • Anonymous

      Well, for starters, I’d have to walk through everyone to get inside my apartment.

    • Also, bad first impressions made by constructing late into the night, before 6:30 during the week and on Saturdays, and constructing on Sundays. Not very neighborly.

  • logancircler

    can someone explain how Crossfit works? I see the Pricing menu, but how many months does that fee cover?

    • Not a member here, but based on other local Crossfit pricing…. The Elements class is required, so that’s a one-time fee. Then the other packages are per month.

      People complain that Crossfit is expensive, but $19 per class for the lowest level is very much on par with local barre/spinning/yoga classes, and you get much more individualized attention and a hard full-body workout. I’d liken it more to small group personal training for cost comparison purposes.

      • Well, thats not really true. For 70 bucks a month you get unlimited membership to a WSC and the couple of hundred classes a month of spinning, yoga classes etc. You can go to multiple a day, and then you still get to use the actual facilities.

        At $19 per crossfit session, 3 times a week, you just spent $228 dollars a month going to cross fit.

        Pretty far from being the same thing or even close.

        • Anon

          Coming from a place of bias (I do crossfit and I really enjoy it), I don’t think that’s a fair comparison at all. Even aside from the amount and quality of instruction/attention one gets in crossfit classes, the workouts you get are leaps and bounds better than anything I ever made myself do in a WSC environment or was asked to do in a large group fitness class. And I mean better in many ways–intensity, fun, challenge, and progress. I even did personal training in WSC-like gym, and I’d say my crossfit classes are way better than that experience. Crossfit can indeed be dangerous, but you can mitigate that by finding a great coach and being realistic about your abilities. Great coaching is totally worth the price, to me.

        • Anonymous

          True, but I think it depends on what you’re looking for and what type of exercise best suits you. For me personally, I have a terrible time motivating myself, and I really need classes with a dynamic instructor that will push me and keep my energy level up. For that, I’m willing to spend more on fitness and less on some other indulgences, like dinners/drinks or whatnot. If I just wanted to use the facilities/machines, I’d save a boatload over even WSC and join some cheapo gym like Planet Fitness. I actually quit WSC recently because I was fed up with a string of lackluster-bordering-on-dreadful instructors (at least in the classes I attended–I’m sure WSC does have some great instructors somewhere. Also, WSC’s customer service is wretched, but that’s another story.) In contrast, I’ve found some great classes and instructors at some of the more expensive boutique studios (but not all–I had to shop around), which for me makes all the difference to my workout routine. (I’m speaking generally, since I haven’t tried the Crossfit gyms yet.)

          • Anon 9:55

            PS, that wasn’t meant to be a knock on Planet Fitness–just meant that their business model and their gym offerings are probably a good fit for some exercisers and not a good fit for others. Just like Crossfit, et al.

        • As a former member of WSC, Results and Vida . . . and a current member of a CrossFit gym . . . I believe comparing the two, price-wise, is comparing apples and oranges. As others have mentioned in this thread, I found the class instructors and staff at WSC, Results and Vida to be generally disinterested in me as an individual . . . and the classes to be uninspiring. By contrast, the several different coaches I’ve worked with at my CrossFit gym have seemed eager and very willing to customize workouts for me to accommodate minor injuries, etc. CrossFit refers to instructors as coaches and they really remind me of coaches I’ve had playing organized sports–engaged, personalized, etc. I’ve never gotten that feeling from a big gym instructor. And, regarding injuries/danger, I’m a testament to the fact that one can injure oneself in any rigorous activity. When I was a member of the big gyms, I was mainly focused on competitive running and injured myself regularly doing so. The injuries were minor, but persistent, and prompted me to look for something else. I found CrossFit. And I continue to experience minor injuries. With running, I experienced lots of knee and hip pain; with CrossFit, I experience some back pain and torn calluses. I’ve accepted that minor aches/pains/injuries come with the territory of an obsessive personality, rigorous exercise and being in my 40s. I hope and believe that experiencing these minor injuries in the pursuit of fitness will avoid far more serious illness that would stem from a life on the couch.

  • While I don’t agree with a lot of things Crossfit, I’m glad Tom Brose and his peeps found a new gym at which to run his Crossfit classes. He used to hold his classes at my old gym b/f it closed and he seemed like a very competent Crossfit trainer who made an effort to tailor to workouts to individual abiliites while still encouraging people to progress (can’t say that about the majority of Crossfit “coaches” I know). Nice guy too.

  • DC

    Isn’t there a Crossfit at 14/Church?

  • KatPost

    And one at 14th and W. I actually really like Crossfit, but I have moved to Petworth now, where there are very limited gym options of any sort. I sooo wish someone would bring a crossfit gym up this way. I think it would be a prime spot with all the new development and lack of gyms…

  • AK

    Definitely read that headline too fast and thought someone was opening a Crossfit gym for pets.

    • Well, they already have Crossfit Kids, so Crossfit Pets would be the next logical step…

    • Anonymous

      Ha ha ha. Or, how about a CrossFit/FroYo/Chicken+Waffles place?!?!?

      • Anonymous

        CrossFit/FroYo/Chicken+Waffles AND donuts! (Curated donuts, preferably.)

  • JoeEsq74
  • i’m really curious as to how anyone can get the smell of 1.5 decades of dog waste out of the building.

  • bb

    They should have opened this in Shaw/Bloomingdale – a gym wasteland and wide open market for a savvy entrepreneur.

  • Tom Brose

    Firstly, as one of the owners of CrossFit DC, I’d like to apologize to albuterolgonzales for any disturbance caused by our construction. We were far behind schedule due to waiting on DCRA, and definitely pushing to get work done, however we did not intend for any work to be done before 6:30 AM. We are hoping to contribute to the neighborhood, and be a great neighbor to everyone, whether they care for CrossFit or not.

    We’re proud of the work we’ve put into the space (including removing the dog odor), basically rebuilding what was an eyesore to the neighborhood. The space was vacant and dilapidated for quite some time, and it seems that no boutiques were willing to take the risk on 4K+ space- we did. So we realize its not the dream business for some people, but we’ve already had a lot of people come in to tell us how excited they are to have us right where they live.

    As for CrossFit itself, some people love it some don’t. I’ve been teaching it since 2005 (with 10 years prior strength and conditioning background) and we make sure to fine tune our program and actively coach each individual. Injuries are rare, and we see it as a very effective way for many people to be in the best shape of their lives. If someone prefers the “big box” gyms, that’s fine- I applaud you for taking charge of your health and fitness in the way you enjoy.

    @ beerdude- thanks, a cold one is on me when I figure out who you are.

    Again, we hope to be a great neighbor and part of the 14th St. community. Anyone who wants more info or to see the place is welcome to stop by, or visit http://www.crossfitdc.com.

  • ExDCdude

    Thought I’d share a couple points on this as well. I used to train out of the same gym Tom Brose (and beerdude) was at and I must say, Tom is about as class act as you can get in the coaching world. I’ve both trained next to him and with him and what you are paying for is exceptional programming along with constant motivation and instruction so that you continually get better. This is absolutely nothing like training and classes at a WSC or something like that. As Tom said, if you prefer that, awesome; but the two are very different.

    A huge congrats to Tom on getting this space (finally!) and to all concerned for what this will bring to the neighborhood: it will bring lots of awesome energy and excitement!

  • Annony

    Slightly off topic but: Just about anything >WSC (Columbia Heights).

    I’ve never seen/experienced such a low caliber of instructors. It’s not the 70’s Glori and Bill! And the yoga instructors (except Julie) are anything but…..

    When this location is amazingly successful, please consider opening another location further north on 14th St !

  • Jade

    I used to do crossfit under Tom and I’ve done crossfit at several different gyms, but Tom is the best coach by far! He has been coaching crossfit before crossfit was the cool thing to do, so he really knows his stuff. Injuries are going to happen if you are pushing your body physically, but Tom makes sure all the lifts are done with the proper technique to help mitigate that problem. Tom really cares about the people training under him. I wish he was opening a gym in my neighborhood so I could take his classes again. You guys are lucky!


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