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Crossfit Gym Coming to former GreenPets Space in Logan Circle

by Prince Of Petworth December 12, 2012 at 10:22 pm 42 Comments

1722 14th Street, NW

And another longtime vacant space will finally get a new tenant as well – 1722 14th St, NW – the former home of GreenPets will become a Crossfit gym:

Logan also has a crossfit gym not too far away at 1469 Church Street NW – MPH Crossfit opened up back in 2009. WBJ’s Michael Neibauer also notes:

“It will be at least the third crossfit gym on 14th Street between Thomas Circle and Florida Avenue, joining Balance Gym at 1111 14th, and Crossfit Praxis at 2217 14th.”

I’ll add that there is one more on 14th Street south of Thomas Circle near Metro Center.

  • Wait–I didn’t realize that space was zoned to house religious institutions.

    • Anonymous


    • tballer

      nice one

    • Hahahah, you win the internet today!

  • Anonymous

    lets not forget the other crossfit-ish type gym, the one where the owner stands out front accostog you every day (DO YOU EAT KALE? DO YOU?)? Next to the crepe place on S/14

    • AllTheThings

      The even more fascinating thing about that place is that it is totally a front for Scientologists. Really.

    • Anonymous

      Wait, is that for real? I actually DO eat kale every day…man, I should walk by there someday so I can answer in the affirmative! ;)

  • Otis Gal

    I still miss Sparky’s. :(

  • anonali

    The al fresco diners at Cork will love when they are doing lunges down the side walk. How about a Gruner to pair with that gentleman grunting.

  • We need more gyms! Especially Crossfit gyms!

    • Anonymous

      More Crossfit gyms! More cupcakes shops! More frozen yogurt!

      • I do crossfit so I can eat cupcakes and drink beer!

  • CJ

    I don’t mind Crossfit. Like everything elese in this world (Coffee, Food, Art)some people make it all about themselves and give it a bad rap.

    However there is a reason most crossfit gyms try to set up in out of the way places.

    However I don’t think the people at Cork are going to appreciate people slamming down 225lb barbells

  • tballer
  • ahouseindc

    Batch 13 and Cork should take precautions with their stock. The dropping big weights next door is bound to make bottles rattle.

  • Where’s My Gym?

    Why are all these gyms going up on 14th st – an arguably over-gymed area – when the gym market in Shaw and Bloomingdale is wide open? Give us some love too. Our wallets are open.

    • You’ll do Capoeira. And you’ll like it.

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I would love a gym, especially crossfit to open on GA avenue near the metro.

      • Where on GA Ave? The gym I go to is on 14th and Longfellow… Some of the people that I workout with take the bus. http://secondwindcrossfit.com/

      • bb

        Progression Place… Actually, I’d really like Crossfit to displace that cell phone store on the SE corner of GA Ave/7th St and Florida.

    • Lisa

      Was walking by 1302 9th St. the other day (which has been for lease since Shakti left) and saw a bunch of boxes therein labeled ‘pilates chairs’. Maybe a new gym/fitness something is opening in there.

      • bb

        That would be a welcome development. Take it a little northeast of there, and that would be even better…

      • Anonymous

        Yep, a friend of mine is opening up a Pilates studio there. :-)

        • Lisa

          Do tell the details to PoP so he can post about it!

  • While I’m happy any when any (well, most) business opens in a spot that’s been empty a long time, I wish more STORES would open so you can shop on 14th street, not just the three or four shops that we have – I don’t count the expensive furniture stores, I mean stuff – clothing, a great shoe store, whatever. More retail in the area would be great. How many gyms does 1 mile radius need?

    • Anonymous

      amen. I’ve been trying to do my holiday shopping around there, and unless I want to give everyone booze or a couch, its a tough go.

    • +1

  • Anonymous

    what’s the point of having a gym on 14th street if there’s no steam room where half of the clientele to ogle each other?

  • Anonymous

    crossfit scares me the same way scientology scares me…

    • The majority of people working out crossfit style are normal men and women trying to make themselves better. Some people take it over the top and give it a bad name but a majority of the people that do crossfit are just trying to get fit. You should drop by one sometime and take a class… see for yourself.

      • Listen to Crossfit’s founder Greg Glassman for ten minutes and it’s easy to understand why people view Crossfit as a culty sort of thing. (Nonwithstanding his claim that he could take someone to a 500 pound deadlift doing only high-rep deads at 225 pounds. But what good is decades of exercise science, anyway?)

  • I had no idea there were so many crossfit gyms until reading this article. Does anyone know if any crossfit gym in DC offers memberships for less than $100 per month? I’d like to do it, but the places I checked were about $150 per month, which is too steep for me. That said, I can see why so many are opening, it’s like printing money.

    • $150 seems to be the standard. Though, I imagine that Groupon and Living Social will be flooded with offers once all these gyms open up. There’s just too many of them and a lot of people (especially women and folks who are overweight) seem to find Crossfit a bit too intimidating. The competitive aspect of it turns off a lot of people.

  • D

    Good for them! I’m glad Crossfit DC has found a home after Balance’s Kalorama gym recently closed.

  • Anon

    Great to see this! I attended Crossfit DC classes when they were at Balance Gym Kalorama, and plan to follow them to this new location. If you’re looking to check out crossfit, these guys are great to work with.

  • New Neighbor

    We’re excited to be moving into the long vacant space. I promise we have no intentions of forcing kale on anyone, or of antagonizing our neighbors. We’re big believers in developing a welcoming community of open minded people, who just happen to really into fitness.

    Aside from not being retail or providing steam rooms, we still hope we can contribute to the vitality of the neighborhood. And while there are a number of gyms (including CrossFit) in the area, a large part of our location was based on our existing clientele, whom this will be central to. We were also happy to work with a landlord who was looking for a tenant that would benefit the area (at the time the main interest in the space had come from potential marijuana growers).

  • comics guy

    seeing that big monkey comics sign makes me nostalgic. wish that place could re-open.

  • Anonymous

    14th Street can’t handle the typical crossfit “go run and do lunges outside” traffic. It’s so convenient that the interiors of most crossfit “gyms” are too small to allow for running. How about we propose the following, to keep our sidewalks free of organized disruption: any groups numbering larger than 5 individuals, exercising or running on public streets that are not part of public or National parks, must obtain a parade permit . . . because that’s basically what they are: a tired, sweaty parade getting in the way that no one wants to watch.

  • Anonymous

    will someone please start a competing company called Crucifit and charge $66.60 per month? Less than half the price, the same amount of creepy.

  • midcityguy

    what we really needed there was a vegetarian restaurant.


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