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Beau Thai Opening “Mid-February” in Mt. Pleasant, Will Offer Thai Noodle Bowls

by Prince Of Petworth — February 5, 2013 at 10:30 am 23 Comments

3162 Mt. Pleasant Street, NW

We first heard Beau Thai would be opening a second location in Mt. Pleasant back in July 2012. More recently in Sept. 2012 we saw they applied for a liquor license and sidewalk cafe. I was happy to see an update on their Facebook page:

Opening in the heart of the vibrant Mount Pleasant neighborhood in mid-February 2013!!

We’re making the final edits to our new Mt. Pleasant menu. With our expansive new kitchen, we’re excited to be able to serve a whole new category of offerings: Thai Noodle Bowls. Known as a quick, on-the-go meal in Thailand, Thai noodle bowls pack a lot of flavor and are great for a quick bite (or to relish alongside your friends in our beautiful new restaurant!).

  • What’s up with the ridiculously pun’ny Thai restaurant names?

    Thai-tanic, Thai-phoon, Beau-thai…..am I missing any? Are these all owned by the same people?

    Any other disasters/major losses of life that would make for a good Thai restaurant name?

    • Roz

      Don’t forget Thai Beau.

      • I’m looking forward to Spike’s Asian eatery catering to the 50 Shades of Gray BDSM housewife crowd, Thai Me Up and Step on my Cubes!

        • Anonymous

          is that you monkey?

      • Italian Neck-Thai (fusion cuisine)

    • Anonymous

      Also Thai-Ger

    • No, they aren’t owned by the same, though the Beau Thai chef’s brother is the owner of Thai X-ing (very different styles of restaurant, though). And Beau Thai’s food is much better than the other ones you named!

  • this makes me very, very happy.

  • DC

    So excited for this. Our little neighborhood needs it.

  • Johnny

    Ill be there often. Anyone know if they’ll deliver?

    • They do in the Shaw location, so assume they will here too!

    • Anonymous

      They deliver in Shaw. They always give you a 45 minute time for delivery on the phone and it shows up in 15-20. Consistent food and great delivery service!! 🙂

  • Mtper

    Peeked in the window last night. This place is going to really up the game for Mt P businesses. Can’t wait to try it out!

  • bullwinkle

    Isn’t this the temporary location of the Mt. Pleasant library? Is the library back in its true home?

  • sarah

    uhhh can we get noodle bowls at the shaw location??

    • ShawGuy

      I’ll second that!

    • +1

  • Joel

    As fellow Mt. Pleasant small business owners, we are more than thrilled to welcome Beau Thai to the neighborhood!

  • Have Fun Not Stuff

    Please deliver to Brightwood, Manor Park and Takoma Park. I haven’t found good Thai delivery since I left Bloomingdale 🙁

  • Latino

    The Thai restaurant in Mt.Pleasant opened today Saturday, Feb 23rd.
    Clever name!!

  • latino

    I think the name is very clever.
    Try it! They are open now.
    Saturday, Feb 23rd.


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