Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – SW Waterfront

by Prince Of Petworth January 2, 2013 at 3:00 pm 9 Comments

This rental is located at 700 7th Street, SW:

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The listing says:

“Location, location, price. Town Square Towers is conveniently located within minutes of downtown DC, major commuter routes, and the SW waterfront. This studio condo features HW floors thru-out, full kitchen, and a balcony overlooking 7th St. Enjoy a full service building with outdoor pool, fitness center, sauna, party room, secured entry, and more. All utilities are included in rent too!”

To get an idea of the inside, you can see an old youtube video of a different unit in the building here.

This studio is going for $1,225/Mo.

  • 20011

    I lived in SW for a few years before moving to CH and I still can’t understand why SW prices are so high. For example, I am renting a studio about 3/4 mile north of the CH metro and I am paying $205/month less than what this ad wants. I understand this building has more “amenities” than mine but I still find, on the whole, many properties in SW have higher rents than what you will find in Mid-City DC.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I agree. I’ve also rented in SW, and while it was much cheaper than most of NW it still seemed overpriced for the lack of amenities and sketchiness this area has. I would still choose it over Columbia Heights because I enjoy being within walking distance of work and the National Mall, but it’s not an exceptionally convenient location for people in general.

      • SW resident

        I think this notion that SW is “sketchy” is undeserved. Crime rates as a whole are fairly low, and particularly in the western part of the quadrant it’s a safe, quiet neighborhood with lots of older residents and professionals. That isn’t to say there aren’t problems from time to time, but those incidents are the exception, not the rule, and certainly no worse than almost every other neighborhood in the District.

        • sbc

          I agree–I live in SW and spend a good amount of time in CH. I think SW feels safer and I’ve definitely experienced a LOT more street harassment in CH. With that said, there is more retail/bars/theaters/etc. in CH and some people really want that. For me, SW is a better commute. It’s also a really easy trip to Alexandria and Arlington, which for some folks is important.

          Also, that building has a sauna. Not many apartments can claim that.

        • Anonymous

          Maybe you’re right. I certainly experienced a lot of crime when I lived there (that’s what eventually drove me out) but I was living more on the eastern end and that was 5 years ago.

          • Joe in SW

            The east side of SW (I’ll assume you mean past 3rd Street SW on I and M) can be a little sketchy, I’ll agree, but most of the rest of the neighborhood is decent and quiet. There’s the occasional incident around the Safeway at 4th and M, but the police have started parking in the median on 4th more often to keep the kids under control.

            Depending on what floor the condo in this listing is on (I didn’t see it in the listing) it may have a nice view of the river. I live just around the corner and can see the back side of this building, along with the Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument and the Capitol dome, and it’s a great place to see the fireworks. The only caveat with the view is that some of it (towards the river and Jefferson) would be when the buildings at The Wharf start to go in, they’ll block some sight-lines.

    • 20024

      $1020 is a pretty amazing deal for a studio in CH though.


  • anon

    I have lived in this building for several years and am a big fan, both of the building and the location. It is particularly good now that there is all the new development along the Waterfront. I love being able to easily walk to the Mall, plus it’s just a few blocks from L’Enfant Plaza where I can pick up four different metro lines and be downtown in about 5 minutes. It’s also walking distance to the ballpark, and super easy to get out of the city on 395. I live in a one bedroom, not a studio, but the price seems reasonable, especially since all your utilities are included and the building is big on amenities.

  • Anonannah

    I used to live in this area and now live in CH. The comments made about SW vs CH are way off. CH was has way more positives than SW…even as of late. SW is getting there, but still has a ways to go.


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