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  • Amazing, and I love this restaurant!! The cellar is so cool to eat dinner in.

  • Anonymous

    kinda preferred when it was a canvas for wheat pastes, tbh

  • meh

    • wonder where my resolution to be less negative went…it’s somewhere around here.

  • Roz

    Doesn’t seem THAT drastic a change to me. Typical urban progression, no?

    • I must be crazy

      I think I am jaded and cynical until I read I read other people’s comments. Thanks for making me feel like I have an amazingly positive outlook.

      • Roz

        Maybe I just don’t understand the point of this post. Are we just confirming that this space has changed? In that case, the answer is yes.

        Nevertheless, your welcome for making you feel better.

    • Anonymous

      If you had been around here long enough to remember what that part of 14th was like even just a decade ago, you’d probably acknowledge that the change has been more than drastic.

  • Anonymous

    “black cat, black cat…spare a little change for the homeless.”


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