New Series: ‘Remember When?’ Remember When the Southwest Corner of 14th and T St, NW Looked Like This?

by Prince Of Petworth December 19, 2012 at 12:30 pm 31 Comments

Southwest corner of 14th and T St, NW in 2009

I often stumble upon old (not even that old really) photos of what certain buildings used to look like in the archives here. It always amazes me. Given the rapid developments going on all over the city I thought I’d start an occasional series when I accidentally come across a photo that looks completely different today.

If anyone has a photo of an area/building/lot that has changed please send me an email at princeofpetworth(at)gmail with ‘Remember When?’ in the subject line. Thanks!

So here goes Vol. 1 – the building now home to Room and Board.

  • Lisa

    Great new series, Dan!

  • Looking forward to this series … Do you have a photo of the community garden that used to be on the 1300 block of Park Road where the Giant sits now? Or the lot at 14th and Irving where the flea market was held, before it became the metro station?

  • Roof_Top

    Man I swear I love, love, love the rooftop on Room & Board. If that was residential units- man I would’ve done all I could to get one of them.

    • I’ve been meaning to check the store out… is it any good?

      I’m in the market for some new house furniture and it may make sense to buy close to home if they have a warehouse at that location, the building looks huge…

      I’m trying to not spend pottery-barn-level money even though I love that place.

      • I don’t know from personal experience, but my recollection is that last time the topic of furniture prices came up (I think when someone was looking for a cheap sofa?), I got the impression that Room and Board was if anything more expensive than Pottery Barn, not less.

        • Anonymous

          it’s comparable.

        • Room & Board is A LOT more expensive. Couches start at $2500 and work their way up very quickly. I think the average sofa at R&B is probably around $4-5K.

          • I should clarify that these are the prices for sectional sofas. Still, I think R&B is significantly more expensive than PB.

          • DF

            We’re getting a 80″ sofa at R&B with a custom fabric and it’s $1500, so I think you’re a little off base. Can you spend that much? Sure, but you can spend less. They have a beautiful showroom with great, non-confrontational staff. Give it a look.

          • Anonymous

            room & board may well be more expensive than crate & barrel but all of their furniture is made in america and in my opinion is very high quality. you get what you pay for.

        • C3PO

          While I can’t speak to the prices, the quality of the furniture at Room and Board is much higher than C&B. Their wooden pieces are solid wood, no particle board with a veneer. The solid cherry is beautiful.

          • C3PO

            Meant PB, not C&B.

      • michael k. wilkinson

        Room & Board is great!!! But, it is expensive (definitely more than PB), and the showrooms are for looking and deciding only. Orders are placed and your furniture comes from elsewhere (probably its place of manufacture). One wonderful thing is that they work really hard to source their stuff from U.S. manufacturers. You might be interested in the floor sample sale, coming up very soon – if it’s not happening right now.

        • Totally forgot about the floor sample sale! It’s the day after Christmas (Dec 26) each year and everything goes fast. The new designs for the new year come in right after that.

          I believe the discounts are in the range of 15-35% off list price, depending on the condition. You must pay on the spot and I think you have only a day or two to get the furniture out of there.

  • I hope you got a photo of the Sad Safeway (and of the ongoing construction) on GA Ave… that’s gonna make an impressive before-and-after. 🙂

  • 17th St

    I like this series idea!
    I do remember this 14th & T, and worse, I remember when “14th & U” was short-hand for everything that was bad and sleazy about the city. In high school, plenty of fights started with some saying “I saw your mamma down at 14th & U last night.”

    • Anonymous

      I remember this too. “14th and U” was like the boogeyman. We’d go to the 9:30 Club or an late-night event at Cardozo High School, or just drive by on our way to the Lansburgh, and the parents would go on and on about the crack houses and hookers at “14th an U” and how that was the epitome of burnt-out, crime-ridden DC.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I guess I should add – if anyone has a great old photo please send me an email at princeofpetworth(at)gmail with ‘Remember When?’ in the subject line. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    This stretch of 14th Street would be almost totally unrecognizable to someone from ten years ago.

    • Anonymous

      Not even sure you have to go back 10 years.

  • koko

    even the tree looks better & healthier!!!

    • Anonymous

      or one photo was taken in the fall and the other in summer

  • saf
    • jch

      I look forward to this series. I like looking thru flickr for these types of pictures of DC.

      Also check out — shorpy.com & http://www.theruinedcapitol.com/

  • Anonymous

    take that, nimbys!

  • Anonymous

    I miss the Teenage Ninja Turtles mural

  • Anonymous

    I remember listening to the church choir belting it out one September night in 1999. It was boarded up in 2009 for redevelopment, but it used to be a lively spot for that church.

  • Hey, any close-ups of the old church’s sign that had heaven on one side and the flames of hell on the other? That was a community landmark for sure.


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