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Shugrue Farmhouse Likely to be Torn Down in Palisades

by Prince Of Petworth January 4, 2013 at 2:30 pm 16 Comments

Thanks to Susie from Palisades-DC for sharing:

There is a “new house” sign from Pollin Construction on the old Shugrue property. It is likely that the house will soon be razed to make way for another mansion. Located on Foxhall Road just south of the Field School, it is one of the oldest farmhouses in Palisades.

The Shugrue and Malone families operated a dairy farm for about 150 years in the 19th and 20th centuries, using for pasture the land currently occupied by the Mt. Vernon/GW campus. (They donated the land to Our Lady of Victory Church on MacArthur Blvd.) As I understand it, they grazed their herds from as far east as Georgetown along Que Street to as far west of the Wells Fargo location at Arizona and Macarthur Blvd.

This house was the Shugrue family home, and until August 2012 was occupied by Sylvia K. Shugrue an award winning science teacher…and in whose name a grant was established for teachers who create an interdisciplinary lesson plan through the National Science Teachers Association.

Sylvia was known to say upon departing, “See you in the Funnies.”

  • Anonymous Coward

    Can we get it on the historical register? That house has valid history behind it.

  • ah

    How about paying Pollin not to tear it down?

    Ms. Shugrue, who I assume descends from the original owners, didn’t see fit to protect it, selling for maximum dollar. Why should the buyer bear the cost of others’ desire for preservation?

  • anon

    only constant in life is change…

    • Anonymous

      should nothing be perserved?

  • Anonymous

    That’s a shame…

  • Brian Kraft

    The buyer, a developer, must be fully aware of the consequences in purchasing any property, and must exercise due diligence. At this point, the seller’s views on preservation are no more relevant than yours or mine.

  • Anonymous

    Rich folks in the Palisades about to lose farmhouse of dubious historical value to be replaced by another McMansion? How will I go on?!!!

    • Anonymous


    • Teehee.

      That’s a nice lot of land.

      • ah

        Actually, it’s not that great. It’s surrounded by the Field School, and right near by is a new large Foxhall development where all the trees were cut down. A McMansion will fit in quite nicely.

  • AllTheThings

    Bleh. Mansions are ugly. I get that people have the right to do what they want with things they buy. But I can still think: bleh.

  • Looks good to me. Rich people need a place to live too. Rather it be DC than Potomac or McLean. Should be a 3 million dollar house, so DC gets 100k in transfer fees, and probably 50k a year from its new residents in taxes.

    Preservation of an old farmhouse on super value land, just for the sake of preservation? Lol. If you want to preserve it, buy it yourself.

  • So, Just Sayin’

    Historical preservation is a tool that empowers rich and well-to-do folk to keep others from doing things they don’t like. It doesn’t apply when rich and well-to-do folk want to tear down properties of historic interest in order to do things (like putting up McMansions) that they DO like.


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