Remember When? Abandoned Row House Shell Renovated on 13th Street

by Prince Of Petworth — January 30, 2013 at 11:00 am 15 Comments

13th St, NW just south of Florida Ave.

If anyone has a photo of an area/building/lot that has changed please send me an email at princeofpetworth(at)gmail with ‘Remember When?’ in the subject line. Thanks!

In the summer of 2011 I noticed some permits for the long abandoned shell on the 13th Street just south of Florida Ave, NW. Turned out pretty nice. Remember when it looked like this:


  • Anonymous

    Looks very nice but if I was a buyer I’d be looking for a front porch.

  • Anonymous

    I live on this block and it’s been great to see this house change. The developer walked me through it the other day and it looks beautiful! They did a really great job with the finishes.

  • mark

    Yeah, too bad the porch wasn’t replaced. Also, the meter placement is hideous.

    • not as bad as that of the neighbor (to the left)

  • Chalk

    My husband and I have been admiring the renovation, which, once it got under way, happened really fast.

  • Anonymous

    Gosh you guys are such tough critics. It looks great. I love the window and door trim. Love the brick restoration. Kudos to the person that did this.

  • Looks very nice.

    I would’ve preferred to see first-floor windows that were the same size as the neighbors’ first-floor windows, rather than this extra-long version, but I appreciate that the developer went to the effort of restoring the cornice (if that’s the right word) and making the front door the same style as the neighbors’.

    • And I second the anonymous poster’s praise of the brick restoration and the window/door trim.

  • “13th Street just south of Florida Ave, NW.”

    So should that be SoFlo? SoFLA?


    • The NeighborHood Reporter

      No dummy I grew up in this neighborhood and my parents still live across the street . The area should be known for what it is not some out of town newbe name . The area is known as Logan North no need for some text lingo or a feeble attempt to rename. Besides I used to visit the people that owned the house and have been in it and the rooms are small .

      • He was joking.

      • anon

        pump the brakes dude…

    • I was indeed joking (hence the winking face).

      I’ve reluctantly accepted NoMa… but I think SoMo is ridiculous, as is NoPa (see other thread).

  • did they retain the historic character insider?

  • VMoney

    Can’t wait to see what this sells for. A slightly smaller home directly across the street just sold for $902,000. I think the developer did a nicer job here — this place was a gut job — but the dump next door, 2228, is a vacant property and that’s probably going to pull the price down.


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