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  • Amanda

    Yes, I saw a couple meeting with what looked like a contractor a couple of weeks or so ago.

  • I lived on that block for six years. That property must have flipped at least a dozen times. The place on the left used to belong to a mentally ill woman who would cut her grass with scissors and scream at people. Her relatives had her committed.

    • mphs

      There’s always a history with these places.

      That’s why I think it’s worth distinguishing between vacant houses, which often have an owner who can be fined or may fix it up, like this one; versus houses that are abandoned, where the owners left, can’t be found, and there is no one around to fix it up. Abandoned houses take years to resolve with title of ownership, etc. and we’re fortunate we don’t have too many abandoned houses these days.

    • The NeighborHood Reporter

      My Parents and I have lived across the street since 1964 I personally know the owner and I wondered If he had sold it but now I know. This would be a nice place onced fixed up

  • Mr. Poon

    When I first saw this, I thought for a second it might be the shithouse on 13th and Otis. Happy for the folks down by Florida, unhappy for Poon.

  • This house sold about a year ago for $400k. It was an estate sale- I guess the previous owner had just died. They started work, and promptly got a stop work. It’s sat boarded up for the last year. That’s great they’re starting again.

  • JS

    I walk by this place everyday on my way to the metro. A few weeks back I saw a guy showing off his blueprints to a neighbor (he was pointing at it from across the street) and today he seemed to be showing someone a mock-up of the finished product on his blackberry. I didn’t have time to stop and inquire, but given the excitement this guy has been demonstrating I’d say an overhaul is close at hand for this unit.

  • Cornholio

    Sweet! That side of 13th between Florida and W is really going to be nice…

  • oboe

    The under-reported up-side of the housing-bubble bursting. Lot of speculators have been sitting on the sidelines for a decade or two waiting for the peak.

  • Howzers

    the houses just two doors up are gorgeous, and the one has probably the nicest front patio in northwest! glad for them and this little corner of our neighborhood that this eyesore is getting a facelift.

  • Indy

    Thanks Howzers. I live in the place with the patio you describe. Was outside the other day and a guy was cutting down the overgrown grass in the photo above. He said that construction on this house will begin in the next couple of weeks. They are making it into a 3 unit townhouse and adding an extra half floor to the room (which you can’t see from the street). Basically, they are only constructing the additional floor on the back side of the house so you can see it from the street. The guy who said he was a “friend of the guy who bought it” said that everything has been approved and will start soon. Can’t wait for our side of the street to look a little nicer. Definitely getting there though!

  • Indy

    ** oops – meant “backside of the roof” not room.


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