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  • Mr_Pink

    lady, you can stare all you want, but you and I both know at the end of the day I am driving this train.

  • caballero

    Hey officer. Tell me when we get to Petworth. That’s my stop.

  • Anonymous

    Rush Plus: so simple a dog can navigate it.

  • Matt N.

    ARGH! Just look at all these great spots!! And I had to waste it all on that boring ole’ fire hydrant outside.

  • “You’re right, Baxter, even you could have made a clearer map that explains the yellow line during rush hour.”

  • Brooklander

    Metro Transit Police officer keeps a watchful eye over the notorious iphone snatcher, Rover.

  • Mike

    Orange, green, blue, yellow, red, and now SILVER? We golden retrievers demand gold!

  • Anonymous

    Sherman, set the Wayback Machine to the year 2013!

  • giax

    “Wow, they’re really getting desperate at Royal Palace”

  • Alexander

    Yup, Metro is really going to the dogs!

  • If this train doesn’t start moving soon there is going to be another yellow line.

    • Annons

      Haha – this is a good one.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Instant Winner! THE BEST! :)

    • This gets my vote

    • old grouch

      Definite vote for the new yellow line – good one!

    • Best caption in months! Great job, andy2.

  • Ben

    Crap! I always get on the wrong gray line. Why did they have to make them all the same color?

    • saf

      This actually made me laugh out loud in the office.

    • I see what you did there. :)

    • Anonymous

      You took mine! (Well done, sir.)

  • See, officer? I really do have a wide stance.

  • PG

    I kinow that MPD budget cuts are necessary, but this so-called “moblie crime lab” is just ridiculous!

    • PG

      Oops, that shoud be “mobile”

  • saf

    Move to the CENTER of the car.

  • megan

    Hmm, the train is about to get crowded… maybe if I pee on this pole I can keep it all to myself.

  • anon

    You and I both know I don’t need the leash, but these people get really worked up about unleashed dogs in DC.

  • You call metro surfing hard? I call it standing!

  • saf

    No opposable thumbs makes it REALLY hard to hold on to the pole.

  • Cleveland Park? Woodley Park? College Park? Ballpark? Where are we going‽

  • PG

    This is a pretty fun car ride, but I wish I could stick my head out the window!

  • m-l

    “How was work?”

  • YEM1980

    Face licking enforcement to move to the center of the car

  • So?!? I have a wide stance. What are you suggesting?!?

  • dcdude

    For the last time, I don’t KNOW which one’s the red line!! Don’t you know I’m color blind!!?

  • wdc

    Stop pulling on my neck! I’m allowed to lean on the pole when the train is empty.

  • Valerie, a vision-impared Metro Police officer, and her trusty guide dog Baxter both felt a wince of pain every time Metro reminded passengers “If you see something, say something.”

  • Anonymous

    Yup, that’s right. I’m getting off at Woofley Park.

  • Rider

    Look, I tell you, our stop is right there! I may be color blind, but I’m not stupid.

  • doglover

    if you see something, bark.

  • AE

    See, it says right here … pole humping is not allowed.

  • Sebrof

    I was a puppy when I got on the Metro. Darn single-tracking…

  • hs

    Can you tell me which stop is for the White House? I have a play date with Bo.


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