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  • Anonymous


  • The Ambien of sandwich restaurants.

  • kken

    I know that Chinatown lost its soul long long ago but this is right about when the Emperor should be coming in and saying “Your transformation is now COMPLETE.”

    • Anonymous

      Haters gonna hate.

      • Panera is the Hitler of sandwich shops. If Hitler was a sandwich, he’d be the 99% Fat-Free Turkey Club. There. Someone had to say it.

        • Except this is Panera. So it would have a ridiculous name like “The Hitler Turkey Solstice”. An exciting combination of new flavors and ingredients!

    • Anonymous

      Attention all planets of the Solar Federation…We have assumed control.

  • anon

    Aren’t they required to have Panera written in Chinese somewhere?

    • Anonymous

      I think the percentage of residents of Chinese ancestry has dropped below the threshold that requires Chinese signage.

    • See the second of those three photos — there are Chinese characters on the vertical banner.

  • Eh, it’s not Chinatown anymore… I think I heard it’s being renamed “The street with that big arch”

  • yellowliner

    Welcome to Chainatown!

    • This is truly a great day for…um…I have no f**cking idea. Little help?

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Nothing wrong with Panera…I will love the new eating option in the area.

  • Anonymous

    I heard Panera was gonna be the new archvillain in the Godzilla movies. A giant neighborhood-attacking sandwich!!!

    (Now for just $4.75 with a cup of soup!)

  • soothsayer

    this is the beginning of when the suburbs started to become cool again. 15 years from now, reflect on this moment.

  • Anonymous

    Yuck! Panera bread is worse than Safeway bread, which is to say that it’s very close to eating plastic.

  • Better hope the Check It doesn’t find a taste for Panera.

  • Chinatown has a ton of chain places as it is, but I have to say I rather like Panera. Not sure where all the hate is coming from.

    • Rich

      For a chain, they’re nothing special and the area has lots of that, e.g., Fuddrucker’s. My office regularly gets stuff from their. The andwiches are forgettable and the bakery stuff is even worse, Their bagels aren’t bad for a chain, though.

      I prefer Corner Bakery for this kind of stuff and when given the chance, I order from the local deli.

      If the area is going to keep attracting chains, better that they be local (like the dim sum place) or relatively unique (like Legal).

      • Anonymous

        No thanks. Legal Seafoods is truly disgusting.

  • Crispin James Alan Nevill Money-Coutts, 9th Baron Latymer

    Chinatown is DC’s Times Square. Accept that is has be lost to tourists.

  • I went to college with the CEO of Panera. He donates millions to our alma mater. Do you know about Panera Cares? That’s the Pay What You Can version of Panera opening in middle class areas of cities.

  • mandrake

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