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  • Anonymous

    A poor man’s Taylor Gourmet??

  • grr

    hey, it’s better than nothing up there on Bladensburg. maybe it’ll help make things safer too

  • Anonymous

    Sooo…only provolone. Got it.

    • and only cold subs

    • Anonymous

      What’s the matter, you don’t like provolone?

      You could also do it like I do, and bring my own cheese along.

      • Anonymous

        Provolone is the only sandwich cheese I like. This is my kind of place!

  • new

    I wish that there were more sub shops in DC. If this place is good I will go out of my way for it

    • saf

      Have you been to Litteri’s? Or Mangialardo?

      • B

        Or Sun de Vich? Seconded on A. Litteri and Mangialardo’s. All of those places have better bread than Taylor.

        • saf

          Oh yeah. And Fast Gourmet too.

  • Anon

    Menu looks good, but it all depends on the bread. Anyone know what their bread is like?

    • Anonymous

      I hope its not thick, hard and chewy like the aforementioned Taylor Gourmet

    • They use a standard H&S soft roll. Nothing special. But they’re really generous with the meats and unlike Taylor, you won’t leave hungry or broke.

      • saf

        Ugh. I like the hard rolls, like at Vace and Litteri, better. Oh well.

  • Prego Deli across from Eastern Market does big cheap subs like these. Soup’s pretty good, too and on Fridays they serve bulgogi.

    • saf

      Man, I had forgotten about them. When we lived on 15th St (1987ish), they had a second location on 17th St that was really good.

      • NoKethup

        Prego still on 17th St

        • saf

          Huh, I thought they had gone years ago. Guess not!

    • Anonymous

      I live one block away from Prego and hardly ever see it open, though. I think they must close around 1pm.

      • djdc

        Prego on 17th did leave for a while and then came back. Wasn’t there a Subway in there in the meantime? I cannot remember dates so I won’t even try to guess.

  • Stachowski FOUR MEAT Grinder. That is all.

    • frickorfrack

      “Grinder”….a good Connecticutie”

  • kes

    It’s cash-only, like Jimmy V’s. Which is a vast inconvenience for me despite the proximity.


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