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  • Anonymous

    YES! More restaurants and retail for Upper Georgia Ave please!

  • Is that different than Ethiopian?

    • I think those flags are Kenya and Tanzania.

    • saf

      Masai Mara is in Kenya/Tanzania

    • SF

      Yes. Bring on the nyama choma!

  • I walk by this on the way to the bus every morning, and the other day I saw it with the riot shutters open. The inside was like a time capsule, including a bar fully stocked with stemware that looked straight out of 1968. It was really kinda neat looking, however the inside was tiny, and I’m pretty sure it only includes the basement.

    That being said, any development up there is good news. Hopefully they take ownership of that corner.

  • Anonymous

    Please close the Macumbo Lounge and get some good retail up here DC!

    • petworthnewbie

      +1 that Macumbo Lounge is disgusting- they have trash surrounding the building all the time; I feel badly for the business owners around them. Does anyone know who bought the equally nasty restaurant space that was G Spot?? I would be so happy if someone opened a coffee shop on Kennedy Street…fingers crossed.

  • polesana

    I just don’t know why anyone would pay for ugali…


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