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March for Life Road Closures

by Prince Of Petworth January 25, 2013 at 9:45 am 73 Comments

From MPD:

Street Closures Start at 9:30 a.m. on Friday, January 25

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has provided the following information associated with the 2013 March for Life event scheduled for Friday, January 25, 2013. For more information about this event please visit: http://www.marchforlife.org/. In conjunction with this event there will be several street closures that motorists should take into consideration.

On Friday, January 25, 2013, the following streets will be closed from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm.

• Maryland Ave NE from Constitution Avenue to 1st Street NE
• 1st Street NE from Constitution Avenue to Independence Avenue SE
• 3rd Street NW from Constitution Avenue to Independence Avenue NW
• 4th Street NW from Constitution Avenue to Independence Avenue NW
• 7th Street NW from Constitution Avenue to Independence Avenue NW

The following streets will be closed from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.

• F Street NW from 7th West to 12th Street and South to Constitution Ave NW

The following streets will be closed from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm.
• Constitution Ave NW from 3rd Street to 9th Street NW
• Constitution Ave from 3rd Street to 1st Street NE
• 3rd Street NW from C Street to Constitution Avenue NW
• 6th street NW from Pennsylvania Avenue to Constitution Avenue NW
• 6th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW, no traffic east on Pennsylvania Avenue
• 7th Street NW from Pennsylvania Avenue to Constitution Avenue NW

  • I propose a March for Doing What I Think is Right for My Own Body

    • trollhunter

      It’s nice to see that all the blog Trolls are awake this morning.

      Let the marchers do their march. If you counter protest/march you are just giving them more fuel for their fire.

      • Anonymous

        I’m kind of torn about the usefulness of counter-protests/marches. I see your point, but on the other hand: a) the anti-abortion movement is certainly NOT going to go away or even lose the slightest bit of steam if their opponents ignore them; and b) I worry that the other side NOT also turning out in force contributes to a “perception is reality” dynamic–that is, does it create the impression that there’s a groundswell of abortion opponents in this country that far outnumber proponents? (And while I have strong views on the topic, to avoid getting into a pro-choice vs. anti-abortion discussion in this space, I’ll add the disclaimer that you could substitute two sides of any activist movement for this counter vs. ignore question.)

    • Anonymous

      Free speech for me, but not for thee!

      • e

        except that’s not what thomsenite said.

    • DC20009

      There have been lots of marches in support of Freedom of Choice over the years – walked in them myself, but if you think there should be more – organize one. Anything stopping you?

  • Anonymous

    Creepiest day of the year! A bunch of parochial high school students who get the day off to go to the Union Station food court and march around carrying signs for a cause they’re told to believe in. Yay?

    • MAR

      I know! My brother goes to private Catholic school (he is not Catholic) and they were told that they either go to the March for Life or they go to school and go to essentially anti-choice assemblies/speakers. Oooooor their parents call in and say they’re sick (how my family chose to deal with it).

    • Anon Too

      Do you really think that it is impossible for the students to form their own opinons?
      Were you incapable of independent thought at 16 or 17?
      Just because they have different opinions than yours doesn’t mean they are brainwashed.

      • MAR

        I’m not saying they are brainwashed…I just think its kind of sad that (this particular Catholic School) mandates participation in one way or another…and those kids (regardless of what they personally believe) are being counted for March turnout and are being repeatedly exposed to parts of the movement that I personally believe are offensive and not grounded in actual medical science. And I do believe to a certain extent that it would be difficult for a 16 year old to form an opinion when only one side of the argument is being presented.

        However…I will grant you the argument…that this is what you get when you go to Catholic school, they don’t get federal funding so they can essentially propogate whatever they want.

      • when i was 16 i made decisions for myself and everyone in my public school had their own individual opinions not forced upon us and exploited as a political tool and parade by parochial schools.

  • AllTheThings

    It takes a lot for me to want to get out an carry a sign, which I’ve done maybe once ever in my life, but, ugh, almost I feel compelled to join a COUNTER protest this weekend. Anyone know of where one is taking place, or what groups are hosting them? I’ve been Googling and can’t find anything.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know of a counter protest, but if you are really bothered it’s a great day to donate to Planned Parenthood! I always donate to PP or the DC Abortion Fund in honor of the protesters on this day. :)

      • AllTheThings

        That’s actually a great idea. :)

      • Brilliant idea. will do!

      • MD86

        Just donated! Great idea.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not sure if this is something organized or spontaneous, but I saw some counter-demonstrators outside of the Planned Parenthood at 16th and L yesterday morning on my bus ride to work. A substantial group of anti-abortion demonstrators had gathered, and there were some pro-choicers on the opposite side of the walk to do clinic escorting and generally voice support. Maybe since tomorrow is Saturday, they’ll be there again? (But I don’t know if PP encourages these counter-demonstrators or if they prefer to keep crowds to a minimum, so maybe check with them?)

        • Late, but counter-protesting isn’t really welcome at PP, esp during MFL week – too many crowds, and the goal is to keep patients safe and be able to get them into the clinic.

      • BitterElitist

        Make your donation directly to 16/L instead of the national org!!

    • I would totally join you if I was anywhere near downtown. Crap. My sign would read “Demand paid maternity leave and affordable child care, and then I’ll entertain your ideas”.

    • An even better idea is to donate to a pro-choice organization in the name of a famous anti-choice, anti-woman dickhole, say, Leslee Unruh or Lila Rose or Speaker Boehner, or the president of March for Life herself, Jeanne Monahan.

  • anonymous

    I’ll zig when everyone on this blog is zagging. I’m a pro-life young woman, and happy to support the many peaceful, prayerful people out there today. We are fighting against a heinous act that many would like to ignore, much like slavery during the abolitionist days. While you may not see or understand what abortion actually is, I hope you ultimately do and change your mind on the topic.

    • *crickets*

    • D

      I don’t think I have enough popcorn for this thread.

    • everyone is pro life. many of us, however, wish for women to have the freedom to make that choice on their own, without the intrusion of government.

    • And you please don’t insult my intelligence. I see and understand what it is, and have friends and family members who have been through it. And I still fully support women’s right to choose.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for having the courage to post about something you believe in. I’m pro-choice (with conditions – I think abortion should not be allowed after three months) but I 100% support your freedom of speech.

      • Anonymous

        They’re trying to enforce their superstitions and lack of scientific intelligence on others. It’s obscene and deserves no respect.

        • Anonymous

          Lack of scientific intelligence? Abortion is killing a potential human being. That’s a fact. That’s a fact. Everyone is allowed freedom of speech, not just people who think the way you do.

          • Right. All men are *created* equal. President Obama said it himself.

          • So is wearing a condom! Think of the millions of deaths everytime!

            Fact of the matter is, Pro-life is pro-telling other people how to make their personal health decisions.

            I am just so thankful we kept Romney and the religious fanatacism out of the WH, and Roe V Wade is going to be around for a long, long time.

    • I’m a health professional. I actually understand what abortion is, and I fully support women’s right to choose, whatever that choice may be. No religious fanatic, such as yourself, will ever change my mind.

      • SawItAgain

        Where in the heck did the poster mention religion?
        Oh and being pedantic seems to work so well when posting on forums…

        • Anonymous

          I’m a pro-choice atheist and I support the 1st amendment rights of pro-choice people. I see abortion as a necessary evil. I wish there were never any unwanted pregnancies but they’ll always exist. I’m 100% against late term abortions (especially partial-brith, which is just disgusting.)

          • “Partial-birth” abortion is not a medical term; it’s a political one. Late-term abortions are only performed in the case of a threat to the woman’s life or the fetus has a condition incompatible with life. Women who get late-term abortions are aborting *wanted* pregnancies, because something has gone terribly wrong. Please read up on it instead of repeating anti-choice talking points.

        • Anonymous

          A mention of religion can reasonably be extrapolated from “prayerful”.

          • SawItAgain

            and fanatic can be inferred from…

          • Anonymous

            Fanatic is a separate issue from your initial question. There is nothing that would indicate fanaticism from the words’ face value as written of the zigging woman.

      • anonymous

        My grandfather, a well-known and respected gastroenterologist, had privileges at a nearby hospital by his practice. When we were in the doctors’ lounge getting some things from a locker he had there, he showed me the place where the local abortionist stored his things (this doc also had privileges at the same hospital). My grandfather went on to say that even the pro-choice doctors avoided this guy, never inviting him to parties or associating with him. It seems that the very men and women who spent all their lives saving people had no interest in hanging out with a guy who spent his life eliminating lives.

        • e

          Well, that’s certainly dispositive.

          • anonymous

            The comment was actually aimed at the “health professional” above this. I wanted to set the record straight that being a “health professional” (whatever that is) does not give one special insight or expertise on abortion, since people disagree on the matter.

        • Anonymous

          BTW, the grandfather worked as a urologist in Iran. He and his colleagues belonged to the the local Taliban affiliate.

    • Anti-choice kills women and fetuses; that’s not very “pro-life”.

    • SawItAgain

      You are not the only one zagging. This is a basic human/civil rights issue.

      • what’s sad is how much people disregard feminism these days. unbelievable really.

  • The worst is how the trashcans around the area (like outside the Marshall Building and in Stanton Park) will be overflowing with signs and they’ll get all over the ground. I live right off Stanton Park and am always disgusted at how much of a mess this rally makes. Way worse than any other event.

    • not worse than inauguration or independence day. but definitely worse than any other protest.

      • Yeah I mean those are giant public events and sadly it’s what you come to expect, but this is a specific group using our city so I wish they wouldn’t be as wasteful. True many people throw their stuff in the trashcans, but there are just so many damn signs that they get everywhere in our parks.

        • Plus, no one wants to see piles of crumpled up aborted fetus signs

          • Anonymous

            Funny how they don’t think twice about aborting their trash…

      • Anonymous

        From what I’ve heard, the Occupy protesters were the most destructive and left the most trash and the Tea Party people were the most clean and respectful to the places where they protested.

    • Native Son

      Eh – it’s one of the joys of living in DC. Democracy isn’t always tidy.

  • Anonymous

    I’m actually pro-abortion, and I hate it when people tell the pro-lifers, “well, no one’s pro-abortion…” I think that everyone should abort until all children, including those between ages 5 and 18, are adopted.

    • Are all men *created* (emphasis mine) equal, or are they not?
      And killing is always wrong. Isn’t it?

      • All men might be created equal, but the second they are born reality hits (and inequality).

        I bet most of those pro-life protesters also full heartedly support the largest military in the world.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe all *men* are created equal, but this is a *woman’s* issue and men should probably just butt out.

        • SawItAgain

          Okay but then no more child support. If it is only a woman’s decision to have/not have the kid then men should not have any responsibility one way or the other.

          • Anonymous

            Sadly, a lot of them already don’t. And please don’t pretend like you have any idea what it would be like to make the decision, because you don’t. Period.

            If you want to force women to have babies (like you make it sound), then you better be willing to put more money into social programs to help those women raise unwanted/possibly handicapped children. You better make sure all the men who ALREADY don’t pay child support are putting in and you better be willing to put in more yourself.

      • And killing is always wrong. Isn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    You are the troll, not the original commenter. Look up “concern troll” on urbandictionary.com for your exact species.

  • Anonymous

    Ayn Rand:

    “One method of destroying a concept is by diluting its meaning. Observe that by ascribing rights to the unborn, i.e., the nonliving, the anti-abortionists obliterate the rights of the living.”

    • BP

      It’s too bad that Ayn Rand’s mother didn’t abort her! The world would certainly be a better place…

  • ET

    I do this post about STREET CLOSINGS hadn’t been used to vent personal opinions on abortion. This post was more of a public service that really needed no comments at all – other than snarky ones about traffic or clueless out-of-towners.

    No amount of anonymous comments on a community-oriented blog are likely to change minds on many topics much less one where opinions have likely hardened. I know people feel compelled to share and then fight back but sometimes you really don’t.

    • AllTheThings

      For what it’s worth, I asked a legit question asking if anyone knew of any counter protests taking place. I feel this what a totally appropriate question for a community blog.

    • Anonymous

      It is somewhat suspect the notion that you could not have envisioned that this is what your post might engender.

  • Pro-choice here – because we should all be free to make decisions that are rooted in our own moral/religious beliefs.
    It should be rare, safe, legal and widely accessible.
    As a Catholic I can respect the teachings of my faith and they support my stance on this – but what I don’t get are those that are anti-abortion but pro-death penalty. Life=life

    Rave – people get to exercise their rights
    Rant – they often don’t clean up after exercising their rights

  • Anonymous

    I just loved walking to work yesterday morning and having 16 year olds whisper prayers in my ears in front of the 16th Street PP. Joyous.

    • Congratulations. I’m still trying to figure out if your comment was serious or sarcastic.

      If it was serious, let me just say that one person’s “joyous” is another person’s “creepy.”

      I proudly wore my pro-choice buttons to work today (and yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, etc.)

  • Anonymous

    The worst thing about the protestors is they almost always stand on the left on the Metro escalators.


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