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  • Oh no!

  • I love that place. Hopefully things are OK.

    • Anonymous

      What’s it like? I’ve been curious, but always seem to walk by in off hours when it’s closed (or looks closed) and keep forgetting to check it out when it’s open.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        It’s a bit old but here’s a discussion from 2008:


      • Anonymous

        It’s a neighborhood gem! I love this place— it’s very dark inside, which makes it a little romantic. The servers are attentive and the food is delicious.

      • saf

        It’s a classic.

        I’ve been eating there since the 80s, through 3 renovations, since it was “The Calvert Cafe,” the only “Exotic!” restaurant in town.

        The food is good, as is the service.

  • S

    I walked by there on the way home about fifteen minutes ago, and the big door/window things were open but I couldn’t tell what exactly was going on–definitely no visible flames from the sidewalk, and the firefighters are just kind of sitting around at this point…

  • steve

    Some of the roof was schorched during roof repair. Otherwise it’s ok and the owner says it will be closed for only a day. My other half — John Hutson –re-designed the interior about 5 years ago. Here’s a link to what it looks like inside. It requires Flash.

    • annonny

      Glad to know the re-design was done by someone local.

      I’ve always thought the “new” interior is one of the most elegant restaurant spaces in DC! I love the bar area and the peek-thru curtain of metal chains that separates the dining room. Give John my congratulations and admiration!

  • Gee

    I’ve gone to Mama Ayesha’s since Mama was alive. I will go back as soon as they reopen.

  • Hands down one of the best places around! Great ambience, good cocktails and super classy. The mural outside is cool too.


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