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Landlord/Tenant Dispute at El Rinconcito Deportivo in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth — January 24, 2013 at 11:00 am 8 Comments

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A reader sends word of a “writ of Fieri facias from the DC Court on the window” of El Rinconcito Deportivo (3226 11th St, NW.) Last year we learned that El Rinconcito Deportivo would be closing at the end of November. It appears there is a serious landlord/tenant dispute where the court has intervened. In the meantime El Rinconcito Deportivo remains open until the dispute is resolved. More info as it becomes available.

3226 11th Street, NW

  • Roz

    I love this place. We should do a Kickstarter campaign to save it. Like The Max.

  • I talked to Mrs. Nuñez in December, apparently the dispute is about some improvements she did to the property. She looked tired of the process and what she wants is to go back to her country for a while and become a Historian (we had a discussion about the conquest of latinamerica 😀 ). I don’t think she has plans to relocate the restaurant. Knowing that it is still open, I’ll stop by sometime soon!

  • LaurenMcK

    As a non-lawyer, can someone explain what a writ of Fieri facias means (and an example)? Wikipedia wasn’t super clear to me.

    • +1 to the clear English.

      When i talked to the proprietor, she said that her lease stated that the landlord needed to offer the place to her first before selling out from under her (the previous landlord sold to a new one in October or November I think) and that the landlord hadn’t done so, so she got a lawyer to sue. But then she said she’d be gone by December. Then last week, it was the end of January. So we’ll see.

      • Anon

        Fi fa (as it’s known) is a post-judgment writ issued to a law enforcement officer that gives that officer the authority to collect on the judgment on behalf of the victorious party. Given what other people have said about the situation, it sounds like the owner sued to enforce her right of first refusal, won the case, and is now putting all comers on record that the old owner has no right to sell them the property.

  • Is the place any good? I’ve been to most of the places in Mt. P but nothing I found terribly inspiring.

  • Anonymous

    Love this place.

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