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  • Sometimes it’s so hard for me not to hate this town. I hope he gets them back :(

    • Anonymous

      totally, because DC is the *only* city where people’s cars get broken into. jesus.

    • StevenT

      Seriously, this is a city, don’t leave luggage out in plain site. Or move to the suburbs, it’s your prerogative.

      • StevenT

        That being said, I hope he gets his papers back too.

      • Anonymous

        Or stay in the city, keep making excuses for crime and forget how to spell “sight.”

        • StevenT

          Don’t be ignorant, crimes of opportunity will carry on forever.

          • StevenT- Absolutely!

            For the individual who stated that “totally, because DC is the *only* city where people’s cars get broken into. jesus.” Please tell me you were joking…right?

          • Anonymous

            why should he be joking? It’s absurd to hate this city because a car gets broken into. DC doesn’t even have the worst crime rates of all U.S. cities.

            Hate the crime, not the city. Focus on locking up violent criminals (not that this guy was neccessarily a violent criminal) for good, instead of whining about a city that you don’t HAVE to live in.

            Hate crime. But if you don’t like the city, leave.

      • Melody

        Moving to the suburbs doesn’t help. My car has gotten broken into there before too. Just don’t leave ANYTHING in plain view. Ever.

  • kolya

    True story….my sister had her PhD papers her bag while in New Haven and some kid pulled a gun on her and demanded them. She panicked because of course those were the only copies she had (!!!!!). Told him no and he ran away from this “crazy, neurotic woman”. That poor guy must be miserable ):

  • Don’t know what kind of papers were stolen, but it might be smarter not to post your address for the whole city to see.

    • JD

      What is the risk of posting your address like this? I don’t see the harm in it. So, now any passerby knows the first name and last initial of the person who lives in this house and that they recently had their car broken into? So what?

  • Lisa

    We had our car broken into in Shaw and a briefcase taken that had some tax documents in it. Much to our surprise we got a call from the police about a year later that our tax papers had recently been found in a dumpster not far away. We got everything back. I sure hope this man gets his papers back, and sooner than a year. I’d post my address too if I was desperate.

    • Anonymous

      That is incredible.

  • I misspoke. I do hate the crime, clearly, but don’t think DC does enough to prevent it. Criminals don’t face adequate consequences here, and there is little to deter them from crime.

    The guy was not wise to leave luggage visible in a car, but I think a lot of us have ended up leaving something in a car before that we should not have–whether it’s forgetting it, or thinking “I’ll only be five minutes” or what have you. I’ve had my car broken into in DC multiple times with nothing visible, and with nothing of real value in the car at all.

    My brother was mugged and assaulted this fall, and was basically made to feel that it was his fault for having been out watching football and having a few beers. I don’t appreciate the “blame the victim” mentality of some of the law enforcement folks he encountered.

    I’ll be sticking around, thanks. I just hope that eventually crime rates improve.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve also had my car broken into a few times and the police made me feel like it was my fault for leaving the doors unlocked. There was an interesting discussion on the Cleveland Park listserv about whether it’s better to lock your doors and risk a window getting broken/convertible top getting shredded or not lock your doors and “invite” criminals to come right in.

      • Exactly! I had left my doors unlocked once when it was broken into and there was nothing of value in there, but they still opened the door and threw stuff around (car manual, napkins, random things I had in the console). But they’ve also broken in when it was locked, and yet nothing was visible.

        I also think that the guy who lost his luggage may not have had it in plain sight (it’s not clear from his sign–and you can pop open most cars’ trunks with a lever inside the vehicle, so who knows). But all in all, I feel like there’s no way to fully protect yourself and that not enough is done to discourage crime.

    • Anonymous

      I was violently assaulted (broken jaw, severe bruises incapacitating use of one arm, etc.) just two weeks ago for a wallet that had nothing of value in it. Several neighbors heard what was happening and chose not to help or even make their presence known to deter the crime- instead they waited until the police were there and then informed them “I heard what was happening, but I didn’t see anything.” I think the culture around crime in this city (e.g. its not me, so I’m going to ignore it) is really sad. If we had more of a neighborhood watch mentality we could stop a lot of the senseless crime that happens in this city.


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