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  • I love this upswing in the hawk population.

  • RJS

    That’s a Red-Shouldered Hawk, if anyone cares.

    • Yes, thanks! — Jack

      • RJS

        You’re welcome! You can see why it’s called Red-Shouldered. Great pic, btw ( I’m assuming you are the Jack that sent it in).

  • jay

    Spotted a hawk last weekend on the roof of one of the apartment buildings near 16th and Lamont. Wonder if this is the same one.

    • Could be, this is at 19th and Lamont. — Jack

  • Lisa

    He’s magnificent.

  • Ward One Resident

    At least one Cooper’s Hawk in the Adams Morgan area. I’ve seen him/her sweep down and catch a squirrel. It was awesome…minus the dead squirrel.

  • With these huge rats in some alleys, this growing hawk population is going to be eating good.

    • The hawks I see in Mount Pleasant go for pigeons. The hawks swoop down, clutch the unsuspecting pigeons in their talons, ferry them to a branch, and pull them to bits for all to see. One’s chin drops at the audactiy of it all. I also see very big crows (bigger than usual!) who maneuver fancily for party food left on nearby roofdecks. Chips, et cetera. It’s all pretty new to me. What’s happening?

      • Nature

        • Give me more of that nature!
          I think the ban on DDT is paying off…. a large increase in wild birds, et cetera. Now Washington is a town of hawks and doves.

  • Shaw-Eric

    It’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen it, but there used to be a peregrine falcon that would hang out in lamp posts in Chinatown. It’s amazing to see this sort of thing in the middle of the city.


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