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  • That Man A

    haha thats sick

    wonder what the falcon was doing in d city though

    they are in this region as if you go 10 mins into MD you see them all over
    just never hrd of one making its way into d city

    would have like to see it catch the pigeon

    • There are lots of them living in the city, I’ve seen them (and photographed them) near the mall, the White House, Columbia Heights, Dupont Circle, near Rhode Island Metro…. http://www.flickr.com/photos/benavente/5176517705/

      • That Man A

        thats cool, never knew.

        id imagine in rock creek. but not dupont and such

        • Especially this time of year – they are all over the city. Lots of food sources. Just get in the habit of looking up. Once you start noticing the way usual birds (pigeons, seagulls etc.) fly, you will find yourself noticing the difference and you’ll see hawks a few times a week or more.

        • Alan

          I saw a hawk tear into a pigeon like that in the middle of McPherson Sq a few years back. Just torpedoed into it out of the sky. I was definitely a fan.

    • ET

      They seem to get around. One got caught in the dome at the Library of Congress and was a bit of a star until they lured it out.

  • Anonymous


  • Very cool! The city is a great place for birds of prey, there are plenty of pigeons, squirrels ,and rats for them to eat and parks for them to nest. I’ve spotted a hawk circling above the south lawn of the white house numerous times.

    If you’re into this kinda stuff, there’s a book called Red Tails in Love about a pair of red tailed hawks that live in New York’s Central Park: http://www.amazon.com/Red-Tails-Love-Wildlife-Central-Departures/dp/0679758461

    It’s a great read about city wildlife. Yay nature!

  • Suse

    The National Cathedral is also a great place to watch for red-tails, goshawks and even a rare bald eagle.

  • ET

    Well Farragut Square has movable feast foodtrucks so I guess the bird was just getting in on the action.

  • MMmmm

    Opportune Food Truck possibility.

    Truck Name: Hawk and Pigeon
    Food: DC animals caught by Hawks
    Big $$$ kiddies

  • AMDCer

    I saw the aftermath of just such a scene in front of Brookings Institution recently…

  • Anonymous

    In many cities, Peregrine (sp) falcons are introduced as pigeons are their favorite eats.

  • Thank you, Rachel Carson.

    • Indeed!

      There are plenty of rats, pigeons and starlings. I imagine they just leave the sparrows alone. All four species are invasive exotic animals so the the more raptors the better!

      • Sparrows are an invasive exotic species?

        • Yes – introduced in 1850 from Europe. Starlings also. I remember hearing that someone wanted to bring in all the birds mentioned in Shakespeare, but that may be just a story.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that catabolism? LOL

    • Alan

      Catabolism “is the set of metabolic pathways that break down molecules into smaller units and release energy.” Thanks, Wikipedia!

      If you mean cannabalism, then no because they are different species. We eat other mammals (cows, pigs, etc) all the time.

  • petwurf

    one down, 15,247,692 to go . . .

  • soozles

    I believe this is a Cooper’s hawk.


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