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Dear PoPville – Does anyone know when the Giant on H Street NE between 3rd & 4th is opening?

by Prince Of Petworth — January 30, 2013 at 4:30 pm 31 Comments

Looking east

Dear PoPville,

Does anyone know when the Giant on H Street NE between 3rd & 4th is opening?

I’m moving to that area soon and was wondering if anyone has information on when it’s set to open? I’ve heard rumors of May, but just wanted to see if anyone in PoPville had any real information about that. While there is the Harris Teeter on 3rd & M it would be nice to have a cheaper alternative nearby too (Safeway and Giant produce is much more affordable).

I’ve also heard the Giant will be opening in May. The building’s website has said spring 2013.

And while we’re on the subject – You guys like the way the building has turned out so far?

Looking west

  • anon

    The building is kind of generic, but better than most that have gone up recently. I like the set backs on the top floor

    • Don’t knock generic. I live a block away, by the new AVA building on I st. I agree this isn’t earth shattering, but it fits the neighborhood about as well as you can expect a high(ish) rise to.

      • Grr

        AVA is hideous

      • Anonymous

        I live two blocks away. Can’t wait till spring so the leaves block my view of the giant neon green lego block on the front of AVA. That thing is horrendous.

        As for the Giant, I’m very excited to have a grocery store so close, and I think the building itself is fitting for the neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    Spring, by May…is what I heard.

  • Anonymous

    Generic? What is generic about it?

    • Anonymous

      Message meant for anon 4:58pm

    • anon

      See the rendering of the building just below this post. And most of the large apartments/condos that have gone up on the 14th St corridor. And the ones in Mt Vernon. And on and on and on.

      Look, it’s not a *bad* building, it just is not architecturally distinct from many of the dozens of other buildings that have gone up in the city in recent years. But with the current housing boom and demand for condos there is zero pressure for developers to do anything but play it safe and watch the cash roll in. The city is better off for it in the long run, absolutely, but the canvas of downtown gets a little more monotone as time goes on.

      • Anonymous

        I think you are just griping to gripe, but okay….

        • anon

          No gripes, just stating facts: there is nothing special whatsoever in DC about this building except the location. Is there an impassioned defense to be made in favor of the groundbreaking architecture that this structure represents? Does it not in fact look very similar to dozens of other buildings that have gone up recently? The only lament here is the lack of diversity in new construction. The limited pool of developers that are re-shaping the landscape know they don’t need to alter their standard design by much to make money. They can take a proven (and PERFECTLY FINE) design and fit it into a new footprint with some minor changes. Saves a TON on materials and planning.

          And, yes, I do like some of the new buildings that are going up. The new NPR building N Cap and one of the new ones adjacent to it on 1st (I can’t remember the cross street) are a couple examples. The AVA building is a strong counter example.

      • Anonymous

        Are there any new buildings in DC you like?

  • Nolo

    I think it looks great. Looking forward to more development in the area…can’t come soon enough.

  • Jacksom

    Generic??? I think this building looks nice. Its looks alot better than most of the new development going up in DC. I hoping to move into one of the units in this building.

    • Jacksom

      Meant “I’m hoping”

  • Nearby H

    I heard that they officially plan to open in May but that they may be ready to open sooner. Residents are set to start to moving in in March or April.

  • kLc

    Spoke to a construction worker two weeks ago inside Batter, Bowl, Bakery, and he said the Giant was going to be ready by the end of February and the apartments by Spring. But from the looks of all these May comments, perhaps he was being a little ambitious??

    • Anon

      Presumably the construction worker was looking at it from his point of view: when will the buildout of the space be done. The store would still then need to be outfitted with fixtures, staffed, and stocked.

      • You’re partially right, but it’s actually pretty far along inside. There were (maybe still are) a couple spots on 3rd st where you can see inside a window. The aisles, signs and shelving are all in place. Still needs to be staffed, stocked and probably a bunch of other stuff, but if they can use the entrances and the garage, I’d believe end of February is not out of the question.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t be worse than the AVA at 4th and I, NE. That building has redefined ugly in the neighborhood.

    • Anonymous

      Sure it’s not the best looking building, but it is much better than the blighted neighborhood that was there before.

      • Anonymous

        Sure, anything is better than blight. But is it wrong to want something that’s not blight but is also aesthetically pleasing? Should we be so grateful that it’s no longer an abandoned building that we should accept anything at all? I thought that the building preceding the AVA had a unique look and if it could have been renovated and turned into condos I would’ve been alright with that. The developer decided to go a different direction and that’s fine with me, but an ugly building is an ugly building; the decision was never between blight or ugly, but between ugly and pretty. Something was gonna go up on that corner, shouldn’t we want it to be better than the AVA?

      • Anonymous

        I have to side with anon, the neighborhood wasn’t blighted before, it just had a few spots that weren’t in use.

  • Anonymous

    I like this building. A bit large for my tastes, and I’d like to see buildings separated vertically by design. But this is an attractive building.

  • Has there been further word on the other businesses coming here besides Giant and BB&T? I thought I remember an earlier PoPville post saying it could be a Potbelly or Chipotle, but I haven’t seen anything since.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Another source told me that only Giant and BB&T would be coming. Looks like false alarm for the others.

    • There’s already a potbelly next to the Harris Teeter a couple blocks away, but a chipotle would be awesome!

  • reality

    I think it looks great!

  • ksc

    I can’t wait for the Giant to open. The Harris Teeter has gone down in service and selection since they opened.

  • Joe C

    One nice thing the developer did on the 3rd Street side is that building drops several stories and has a more townhouse-like look where it meets the existing row homes. Unfortunate that the first floors are a garage, though.

  • Anon

    It would be awesome if we got a CVS too.

  • anony

    Wanna see blighted??? The Capital Oasis at 12th and Florida NE is STILL a dead project with empty, horrible looking townhouses with a nice big hole in the back. That, my friends, is blight. Newly created to boot.


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