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  • B’Dale Res

    The present site is where that ugly Sun Trust Bank is in Adams Morgan. Pretty crazy to think that many people died!

  • Anonymous

    Around 1990, when I lived in Adams Morgan, I was eating at the McDonald’s when I heard two old men talking about this incident, which they remembered from their childhoods.

  • frickorfrack

    A grave stone to a musician killed in the collapse can be found at Congressional Cemetery. It’s at the bend in the far end of the walkway toward the river. I think the name is William Overton?

    Just kind of sad to see it forlorn on a cold winter day.

  • My great-grandparents were in the theater at the time, but were thankfully not seriously hurt. I think my great-grandfather broke his arm. They were not pleased when my grandfather, about 10 at the time, paraded all of his friends through the house to see his newly-celebrity parents convalescing.

  • Logan_Lady

    I used to live right around the corner from this intersection.


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