Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth — December 6, 2012 at 3:00 pm 25 Comments

This rental is located at 1366 Monroe Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Breathtaking, beautiful and exciting TIVOLI Townhome/Condo in the heart of Columbia Heights NW,DC. walking dist.from metro station. 2 Master BRs on the 3rd floor, 9+ cathedral ceiling/palladium windows. Hardwood floors, granite counters and stainless steel appliances. Luxury and convenience at its best. Tons of natural light with garage parking.”

This 3 bed/3 bath is going for $4,500/Mo.

  • Hmmm

    Hard to justify DuPont prices when the surrounding area still has tons of crime problems.

    • Anonymous

      +1 If I’m not mistaken this is a particularly sketchy part of CH. No thanks.

      • SS3345

        I hereby third this sentiment.

      • Colhi

        Right next to the Columbia Heights Giant is sketchy? You clearly don’t know Columbia Heights. This is exactly on the other side of Giant, next to the development.

        • Anonymous

          You didn’t read the post the other day about a martial arts guy dropping the punk who was harassing/assaulting people outside the CVS…two blocks away?

          And yeah, the Giant and its environs are sketchy.

          • Anonymous

            Give me a break.

            1. Cvs might be only a block or two away, but it is in a high traffic area that has lots of a-holes just hanging out. Giant and the water fountain circle tends to have more fams and fewer a-holes around.

            2. If you truly think that immediate area is sketchy, then what part of Columbia Heights do you find NOT sketchy? 11th st? I have read more crime stories that took place on or right off 11th on this blog than any other st in Ch (no doubt due to high number of bars but I digress). And as others have mentioned, Harvard and other streets are definitely sketchier.

          • Hmmm

            Funny you say that… go into Giant when the sun goes down and I can assure you there will be drug deals taking place. There is still a pervasive seedy element here.

      • You are mistaken, actually. This is a great street, around the block from the Giant and Target, and down the street from the Trolley Playground and the Coupe. And across the street from the 2 fluffy white dogs that hang out on the porch in the summertime. We live up the block on Holmead and I go for walks with our baby regularly at night. This may be overpriced, but no sketchiness.

  • Jay

    Even though this is newish construction I think it’s high for the neighborhood.

  • Roz

    Seriuosly. What’s that, I can live in Georgetown with my budget? I’ll do that, thanks.

  • anon

    Completely overpriced, by about $1000. Very plain-looking, small if it really is a three-bedroom, no amenities, over three blocks from the metro.

    • anon

      I’d like to change that actually, I think it is overpriced by more like $1500-1700. Take a look at the comps running on the bottom of the page. Most are several hundred less, all are in much better neighborhoods, they have more square footage, and they are gorgeous. Not like this tacky dump.

      • Anonymous


    • Stavros

      “over three blocks from the metro” – HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!

  • NoLongerNew2CH

    I agree that this is overpriced, but not by over $1000 …. should probably be in the $3800-$4000 range.

    More importantly, whoever said that this is a “particularly sketchy portion of CH” is, indeed, mistaken. This is within 1.5 blocks of the Giant grocery store, the civic plaza, the Target, and the 11th Street restaurants. This is the very BEST part of Columbia Heights, and arguably the most convenient place to live in all of D.C. (more convenient by a country mile than Georgetown, certainly). I don’t love these particular units, nice enough, but very generic, enough to warrant that kind of rental premium, but it is certainly a really great place to live.

    • This paragraph is a serious case of Broker Babble™

      However, not enough caps lock or exclamation points. I give it a 6 out of 10.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, this is overpriced however that neighboorhood is not as sketchy as some are saying. There is way more sketchy-ness around Clifton, Harvard and Columbia Roads in Columiba Heights than on Monroe

  • Anonymous

    While I do think this is over-priced (probably because it was purchased at the height of the real estate bubble and the owners are just trying to get enough to pay they’re mortgage) are we really considering the block behind Giant to be sketchy? And three blocks to be too far from the metro to be convenient?

    • Anonymous

      *their…ugh, can I go home now?

  • Way overpriced. Buddy pays $2,800 for a nicer 2 BR just north of Dupont. $1500/person for a 3br in Columbia Heights is ridic. I think it is probably $1200 overpriced.

  • Grand Funk

    Yes, echoing the overpriced sentiment but come on sketchy? This is the better part of CH and a bustling area much more so than many other neighborhoods plus very close to many modes of transport. I’d rather live there or some blocks east rather than near harvard or clifton.

  • CoHiArkie

    Having formerly lived in these buildings 5+ years ago…I can tell you, the place is big. The third bedroom is def big enough to be a bedroom, but does not have a closet. This unit does not have a full third bath which ours did, and in 2007, we were paying $3450 a month in rent. Talk about inflation.

    The neighborhood was fun back then, if even sketchy. Now, it really has gotten to be too much. Good times to be had for sure, but not at that cost.

    • Anon

      Is the square footage wrong in the listing because 1100 square feet for a multi-level, three bedroom, three-bath is teeny.

  • Hoodrat

    Overpriced to be sure, but it is lovely. (Seriously, y’all, sketchy neighborhood? Good grief, this is pretty much the best of Columbia Heights – safe as DC gets, easy distance to metro, 11th st restaurants, big box stores. Only the 1400 block of Irving and Kenyon are nicer, and they have way more traffic to counterbalance the pretty architecture. I hate to think what you lot would think of my neighborhood.)

  • Anonymous

    Windows made of palladium?! Well worth the price if so.


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