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New Coffee Shop Coming to 12th and S St, NW!

by Prince Of Petworth — October 23, 2012 at 10:30 am 30 Comments

12th and S St, NW

The long vacant building at the corner of 12 and S St, NW has undergone significant renovations recently. Back in May 2010 we heard a deli could be coming to the space. This morning I got confirmation that a coffee shop is coming soon. Cafe Collage recently closed nearby at 14th and T St, NW. Think a coffee shop would do well at the corner of 12th and S St, NW?

More info soon!

  • Anonymous

    A coffee shop no, a well run cafe yes.

  • I love coffee and live near Logan, so I welcome it. However, with Peregrine so close (at 14, btw S and R) they will have to offer something Peregrine doesn’t, which is mostly a place to sit. Peregrine is pretty cramped inside with limited seating, but they serve excellent coffee. The new place wont get much foot traffic, so they have to give people a reason to go there, instead of Peregrine. Having a friendlier staff might help, too. I often feel judged at Peregrine, but weather it for their quality java.

    • Anonymous

      Peregrine overtly discourages people sitting or staying. That’s not where they make money and it’s a smart business move. The rudeness is an unfortunate part of “keeping it real” when hiring employees in the micro culture of a high end coffee shop. You are not paying them very much at all so they need to have some sort of “power” otherwise no one would take the job.

      • I completely agree with you. I don’t fault Peregrine for discouraging people from squatting and think it is a smart business move. I was more or less commenting on the question of the post: whether a coffee shop would do well at that location. I think in order to do so, they need to offer what Peregrine doesn’t (seating and friendliness) to be successful.

        • Anonymous

          Yep you are right!

      • Rich

        You don’t have to walk in peregrine with a laptop to notice that the place reeks of attitude. there’s a point where that kind of place loses its cred and a more welcoming place easily takes their business. That said, 12 street doesn’t have a lot of businesses. The Pizza place nr Logan Circle does well, but mostly because the nearest competitors are awful and they also deliver.

        • Ugh, Pizzoli’s is so yummy. Always stop for a slice when I find myself near there. The dough is so fluffy!

  • Not much foot traffic in that location. It’s really out of the way and they probably won’t get too many foot commuters in the morning, since they really are not on people’s route to the metro or bus. If they want to succeed, they’ll need to become a destination and really diversify themselves from the competition.

    That said, I’m a 7 minute walk away and will definitely stop in on the weekends for a quick bite and a coffee 🙂

    • Anonymous

      same was said of big bear when it opened.

      • Can’t compare to Big Bear, since Big Bear was really the ONLY game in town in that neighborhood when it was opened. That area was desperately under-served. Big Bear is also on a very busy stretch of Florida Ave near the bus stop.

        This new place has a lot of competition on U Street and is located deep into the side streets. And there’s no large apartment buildings nearby, like on the north side of U St. It’s all small townhouses around it.

        I’m really hoping the place succeeds, but I think it’s going to be very tough for the proprietors if they just go with the normal coffee shop routine. An incredibly interesting and unique menu will be necessary.

  • Anonymous

    I’m all in for this. Should be at least a few hot moms from Garrison ES across the street who’ll drop in for a latte after drop off.

  • monkeyrotica

    I just hope their loitering/iced espresso policy doesn’t involve junkpunching.

    • Actual LOL. 🙂

    • Kevin

      So clever

  • anon

    It’ll be tough to drag my loyalties away from Blind Dog, but this is a block closer, so I’ll give it a shot.

  • Honest Abe

    Agree with many other comments that they will have to work hard to draw people to the location. Having some small bites to eat, wifi and seating might draw people, plus there is some room outside for outdoor seating. I would definitely go out of my way a block or two to give it a try.

    Not sure why there are so many negative comments about the staff at Peregrine. I go there frequently and find the staff to be pleasant. : )

  • otberbur

    Because the vast majority of daytime foot traffic at this location appears to consist of people walking their dogs or parents accompanying children to or from Garrison School, this is not the most promising location for retail. Nevertheless, if this place can offer distinctive food and comfortable seating, I’d be happy to patronize it. That (and heaping helpings of good press to draw the curious) appears to be the Blind Dog Cafe formula, but Blind Dog has the advantage of splitting rent and overhead with a nighttime bar. That’s not happening here with the school across the street.

    • Blind Dog is also surrounded by large apartment buildings and Howard University dorms. There’s a lot of foot traffic in that stretch, especially as people walk down to the U Street buses and metro in the morning.

      • Anonymous

        they should have asked you first. what do you charge?

    • emilyjace

      If there’s room for those of us with dogs and babies to sit then they’ll do awesome. Can’t wait!

  • This place will rule.

  • Anonymous

    The people that live next door are the coolest group of up and coming young professionals around. Their coolness almost guarantees the success of the place.

  • S Street Neighbor

    I think having fresh fruit juices and smoothies could also be a way of differentiating from other local businesses as no one serves them in the area. Throw in some gourmet pastries and desserts and it could be a draw. Maybe some treats for all the dogs that walk by on the way to the dog park…it would be the closest shop to the dog park. A little outside the box thinking may be required.

  • MS

    This will be a great location for those of us that live south of U and east of 12th all the way to 6th (and there are many of us….). I am near 8th and S and definitely feel underserved by coffee shops.

  • Neighbor

    And I was so excited about the possilbity of a cactus store that POP had highlighted – http://www.princeofpetworth.com/2011/11/dear-popville-progress-at-12th-and-s-st-nw/

  • Anonymous

    This will be great in my book, I work nearby and this can replace MidCity Coffee as a place to meet friends or get a little paperwork done, hope the coffee is top notch and they have food i.e. croissant sandwiches, salmon bagels, muffins etc. ala Java House.
    Peregrine is fine and so is the crepe place but looking for something a little warmer and welcoming.

  • 13th Street Res

    While a little off of 14th and U, I think it will play great to the actual neighborhood residents similar to that of Tacos Chilangos and Izakaya Seki. With the District finally coming online there will be more residents in the area and this will fill the void left by midcity — who only left because their lease was coming up.

    For those that want to support local businesses, here are your two alternatives to starbucks and dunkin donuts. As it relates to Peregrine, I do not see this location as a competitor but rather a compliment with seating. It will need to have some sort of a draw but From what I am hearing about the operator, it sounds like it will deliver on all accounts. Can’t Wait!!! – Bart Scott Voice…

  • former neighbor

    As others have noted, this place doesn’t exactly get hordes of foot traffic. But if they installed a ‘to-go’ window they could get business from the folks walking their dogs in the morning who’d love a coffee but are loathe to tie their dogs up outside Starbucks or other places.

  • anon

    i think it’s gorgeous – i believe the name right now is “the coffee bar.”

  • Anonymous

    Took a peek at the work permit today on my walk home — it’s for a “coffee shop and deli”.


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