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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth December 19, 2012 at 10:00 am 108 Comments

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • bizzinger

    Rave: Great movie night with friends watching bad holiday movies and eating cookies. Can’t be beat.

    Rave: Get to see my family soon!

    Rant: I kinda want it to snow. Just a little bit.

    • Yay! I watched Elf the other day and next up is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!

      • bizzinger

        I love Christmas Vacation! The scene with the squirrel in the tree gets me every single time.

        • Haha that’s my favorite scene too! Perhaps because I love squirrels, maybe a little too much. I think I identify with them…

  • Vacation

    Rave: Last work day of the year for me..WooHoo
    Rant: I need to pack for my two week vacation that begins tomorrow.
    Rave: Sun, Beach, Liquor everyday for the next two weeks.

    Happy Holidays to All.

  • TG

    Rant: Just heard on the radio that there won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas and that they may not even know its Christmas time at all.

    Rave: Thank god its them instead of me.

    • Related Rant: Terrible holliday songs such as the one you reference. Everytime I hear that damn “simply having a wonderful christmas time” song I want to punch Paul McCartney.

      • Anonymous

        Whatever, I saw you dancing to that song. :-)

      • Uh-oh. I concur heartily with your rant but humbly submit that the song TG mentioned is not among them (I actually don’t consider it a Christmas song at all but I’ll refrain from that argument). I do agree that the Paul McCartney song is rage-inducing.

      • Britt

        *thanks for reminding me of that terrible song* Now it’s stuck in my head…

      • Anonymous

        Except for “Live and Let Die,” I can’t think of any Paul McCartney song that doesn’t make me want to punch him.

        • JB

          So much Paul McCartney hate! I love Wonderful Christmastime (although I acknowledge that I might be the only one). My most hated Christmas songs: I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause, Santa Baby (especially the Heidi Klum one), and Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.

        • Britt

          How about the song about buying your mom shoes before she dies?

          • JB

            Word. I don’t even like to be reminded that The Christmas Shoes exists. Just horrible.

          • Anonymous

            THE WORST! Yes, god gave a woman cancer just so you could remember “what Christmas is all about.”

        • RAM is a solid McCartney album. Other than that though….yikes, slim pickings

      • nonnymrs

        I would say the version of Jingle Bells by Barking Dogs is more excruciating than Wings.

        • Anonymous

          I LOVE that song!

    • Last Christmas, I gave you my heart. But the very next day, you gave it away.

      • MAKE IT STOP (covers ears and shakes head)

      • This is DEFINITELY on my list of songs I can’t stand. Also: All I Want For Christmas Is You and Christmas Even in Washington.

        • Christmas Eve in Washington always reminds me of Kathie Lee Gifford for some reason–maybe because it’s just the type of crappy thing she’d record.

    • RIP Kirsty

      There are some good Christmas songs though. Fairytale of New York is a work of genius. I also enjoy Slade’s “Merry Christmas Everybody” and St. Etienne’s “I was born on Christmas Day.” Or how about Run DMC “Christmas in Hollis?”

      • Anonymous

        My favorite is “Father Christmas” by The Kinks.

      • JB

        Yeah, I chose the ones I don’t like because my favorites are pretty much all the other ones! If I really had to choose, Christmas (Baby please come home), the Charlie Brown christmas music, and anything by Ella Fitzgerald. There are just so many classics!

        • Seconded on the love for Charlie Brown xmas music.

          • Charlie Brown Christmas is my absolute favorite Christmas Album ever. It’s just so soothing. You can never go wrong with Donnie Hathaway’s This Christmas and The Temptations Silent Night. I actually love most Christmas music, but I could go without hearing The Christmas Shoes and Is Dat you Santa Claus? by Louis Armstrong ever again. I hate both those songs with a fiery passion!

  • Rave: Working from home as part of a pilot program, so we can work at home during weather events.

    Rant: Slow connection.

    Rave: Working from home! It’s warm! The bathroom is clean! Bring on the snow, tons of it!!

  • littlethings

    rant: tried on a dress yesterday and, while ive been eating healthy and slowly losing weight, was discouraged by the size of my waist/under my bust. seriously, how do you make your rib cage smaller?!

    rave: i love my dress

    rant: LeAnn Rimes. I find you very annoying.

    • Anonymous

      short of painful corseting, I don’t think you can make your ribcage smaller. good for you for your lifestyle change! embrace your form, I’m sure your ribcage is perfectly lovely. :)

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, a waist is a terrible thing to mind.

  • anon

    Rant: Day two of a nasty cold. This is a terrible week to have to be out of work.

    Rant: I didn’t even know a cold could make your teeth hurt.

    Rave: sick leave. I’ve been at my job 9 years and almost never needed my sick leave until this year. 2012 has sucked royally, but at least I’ve been able to roll over my sick leave. Almost 40 days of sick leave taken this year all told.

    Rave: I love my boss. He is 100% understanding.

    Wish: Please God, let 2013 be healthier. I don’t think I can take another 2012.

    • JS

      Oh, teeth hurting, I’ve had that with sinus infections and it’s miserable. Colds can actually lead to sinus infections due to the coughing scraping up your throat and allowing for an opportunistic infection. It took me two years of having 4 sinus infections a year and nice nurse to alert me to the pattern before I realized that I had developed allergies and the sinus infections were caused by that.

      Not that that is necessarily your problem, but thought I would mention and commiserate on the tooth pain. I hope your next year is much healthier!!

    • Anonymous

      woah, 40 days?! that’s 2 months of work! If you don’t mind my asking, did you have a serious health problem? I hope you feel better!

      • anon

        Since this in anon, I don’t mind answering. I had orthopedic surgery in spring for an injury, so time off for PT trying to not have surgery (3 hours twice a week for a few months before), then time off for the surgery itself after the PT didn’t work (several weeks off, then several weeks half time), then time off for the PT after the surgery (5 months of weekly PT). That all adds up.

        Then I came down with horrible, debilitating migraines that had me taking a day or two off a week for a couple months in the fall. We’re still working on that – I haven’t had to take a day off for migraines in a couple weeks, so I am very hopeful I’m over that hump.

        Like I said, it has been a doozy of a 2012. I’m hopeful for a good 2013.

  • Anon

    Rant: Canceled birthday dinner plans with a friend because my bestie is coming in to town and I really need to talk to her in person. We have been struggling with our relationship and texting/phone calls just aren’t working it out. Now the one night I can see her she wants to do a last minute happy hour with a ton of people so my chance to really have a good one on one is gone. Makes me feel like bending over backwards for her isn’t worth it.
    Rave: Today and tomorrow at work and then I’m off for a week! Woot!

    • anon

      If I were the friend you’d canceled on, I wouldn’t be too happy.

      • Anonymous

        ditto. especially if i found out it was for a happy hour.

  • Britt

    Rant: Snowboarding – it’s December and I haven’t been out on the slopes yet and don’t know when I’ll make it out. Fingers crossed it’s sometime soon.

    Rave: Home Alone and christmas present wrapping with the christmas lights on – added bonus – it was my husband’s first time seeing Home Alone and he chuckled through the whole thing.

    Rant: motivation – I have potential good stuff happening at work but I cannot get my ass motivated to really make something of it.

    • Haha, Home Alone. Every time I hear “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” I think of a Michael Jordan cardboard cutout riding around on a little train.

    • RAVE: Snowshoe is getting pounded with 15-16″ on Friday into Saturday. Huge storm hitting them. I’m trying to see if I can make the trip on Sunday.

      RANT: Can’t find any weekend charter bus tours to Snowshoe. Are there any even offered? *grumble*

      • Britt

        Seriously?! I’d love to hit up Snowshoe but it’s so far away…

  • Rant: fiscal cliff driving us crazy on the hill!

    Rant: crazy work week and no time to pack, get ready for my trip.

    Rave: leaving to warm and sunny Argentina on Saturday to spend x-mas with my Mom! God knows I can’t wait another minute!

    • anon

      Wow! You’re leaving a country trying to avoid the “fiscal cliff” and going to one that has already gone off the cliff! At least the weather will be nice!

  • Rant: Someone pooped in Wilson Pool last night – GPSC was cancelled
    Rant: Was all achy and feverish last night
    Rave: All the pills, liquids and rest worked – I’m back!

  • mc

    RANT: End of year performance review, you are the worst. Why do I have to evaluate myself on made up goals?

    Rave: Last day I have to come into the office for the rest of the year (I hope) and just one more final to get through before the end of the semester.

  • heffieb

    Rave: This morning’s run took me down the 1600 block of 4th street, NW. Loved the ornaments on all of the street trees. Thanks to whomever put those up. They look great.

  • Random question: Does anyone know what was going on at 8th and New Hampshire Monday night around 10pm? There were several police cars and a police van blocking 8th. There were quite a few officers in the last house. Sorry if I missed this posted elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

    Random: Anyone taken their Driver’s Road Skills Test in Brentwood? I (Rant) am so nervous to take mine on Friday. (Rant) I am 24 and have never had my license. (Rant) Learning in DC has not been a friendly or fun experience. (Rave) Having the opportunity to learn at all.

    Any tips would be sooooooooooo helpful, like for example: What are we tested on? What is the route?

    • I did, there was a confusing light that has been fixed already and it’s clear now when it’s possible to turn. I didn’t have any problems for the driving test. For the written test was a big problem mostly because I had a driver’s license from another country.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for responding!!

    • Anonymous Brown

      If you can, you should go on Thursday to practice driving around the neighborhood and the parking lot. Many people do this, and it’ll make you feel more comfortable on test day.

    • anon

      I took mine there in September. Maybe it was because I’ve had a license before (gave it up when I moved into DC because I sold my car/other reasons but decided to eventually get one again) but he only made me go around the block, through some stop signs, make a left hand turn and that was it. No parking tests or any of that…relatively painless just as he reminded me, make sure you “forget” any bad habits you may have developed, but as a new driver that may not be an issue for you.

  • Anonymous


  • Meg

    Rant: 16th ST construction by Meridian Park. It’s as bad as Sherman Ave! It’s like the road crews are doing their damnest to fuck up everyone’s shocks and tires.

    • Anonymous

      Such filthy language! I will pray for you.

      • Meg

        I’m sorry. I needed to be extremely vulgar to get my point across.

    • Noise wise and traffice wise, maybe, but in terms of appearance, it isn’t yet quite at Sherman Ave level. Seems to be a never ending project too.

  • Ryan

    Question: This is directed to people who don’t think we should ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines: Where do you think we should draw the line on the right to bear arms, or do you think the second amendment grants you the right to own any weapon you want?

    • Anonymous

      Rave: Obama taps Biden to address gun violence in the US. If we have >10,000 gun homicides a year, that’s like 27 per day, every day. About time our country addressed this.

      Revel: I had been reading a passage from a piece published in 1903 the last few nights before the horrrific even last week, I am stretching the context I know, but I’ll share an excerpt here, now, for what it’s worth:—– “Such curious kinks in the human mind exist and must be reckoned with soberly. They cannot be laughed away, nor always successfully stormed at, nor easily abolished by act of legislature. And yet they must not be encouraged by being let alone. They must be recognized as facts, but unpleasant facts, things that stand in the way of civilization…and common decency…….To stimulate weak minds is to play with mighty fires, to flout their striving idly is to welcome a harvest of brutish crime and shameless lethargy in our very laps. The guiding of path and the deft coordination of deed is at once the path of honor and humanity.”

    • Assault weapons are manufactured for a reason — to take out today’s modern super animals, such as the flying squirrel….and the electric eel.

  • MC2

    Rave: Props to the individual/group of individuals that cleaned up the bus stop at Georgia and Upshur and decorated the trees. Put a big ol grin on my face as I was riding home on the crowded 63 bus last night

    Rave: May finally have some positive news on the job front

    Year-end Rave: 2012 sucked royally, and took a lot out of me. Glad to end the year and look forward to blessings in 2013.

  • KenyonDweller

    Rave: Sen. Joe Manchin, lifelong NRA member, is willing to consider new gun control legislation.

    Rant: Last night on NPR, Joe Manchin said, “I didn’t think in my life that I would ever see a slaughter, as you will, with 20 babies.” Really, Joe? This statement makes you either an idiot or a liar. Robert Siegal didn’t even try to hide his incredulity. In a country where mass shootings are commonplace in schools, where masked gunmen mow down people indiscriminately in movie theaters, you somehow thought that lunatics give a shit about how cute their victims are? Anyone with access to a TV, newspaper, or the internet and a frontal lobe capable of processing information could have seen this coming. When I heard the news, I was deeply saddened, but not surprised. Asshole.

    • Too Much

      Wow – tough crowd. The guy is essentially admitting he was wrong and is apparently making a big shift in his thoughts on policy, which might actually result in some helpful changes, and that gets him called ‘asshole’?

      And you weren’t surprised by the killings? Just because there is gun violence out there, the slaughter in Connecticut didn’t surprise you? Really – do you go around assuming the absolute worst-case scenario about everything? Were you expecting it? One doesn’t have to be a pro-gun zealot to find that attitude disturbing.

  • anon

    Rant: Was working from home yesterday and took advantage of the daylight to pick up litter along the entire block. This morning as I was walking to Metro — not 30 hours later — I saw a whole bunch of NEW litter. What is wrong with people??

    Rave: Imminent holiday party.

    • Same story here. Picked up all the litter in front of mine and neighbors three houses. Full of garbage again today.

      It sounds like the wind just whips the trash up 7th st where I live, so when it is windy, we get trash.

      I am ready for street sweeping to start again! So much better when the truck picks it up than me!

    • Anonymous

      I pick up trash on my block all the time and the next day, filthy aholes throw litter everywhere again. Windy days are the worst. And do you think any of my neighbors (including those of whom i know) who see me out there picking up garbage say thanks? Nope. pisses me off. If I ever move out of D.C. it wont be because of the crime or bad schools or corrupt city government or high taxes…it’ll be the goddam garbage!!!

      • We live next to an alley and two adjacent parking lots. We don’t yet have a fence for our backyard. In the summer I generally will pick up trash everytime I mow. There are usually some wrappers, a cup or two and maybe a pizza box or something. In the winter, and w/o vegetation keeping some of the debris out, trash absolutely piles up against our neighbors fence. This spring it took two large garbage bags to get it all, and we don’t have a big yard. Amazing that people care so little about where they live.

    • anon from 11:07 am

      Among the items of litter in this morning’s walk (and this is a stretch of only 8 or so houses): candy wrappers, empty box of rolling papers, a few sheets of paper that I think might have been gambling-related, tops from plastic cups, an empty Corona bottle, and a little juice box.

      I think the little juice box was the most depressing… litterers teaching their kids to litter.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Velatis candy!!!!! This is the taste of my childhood! This is the candy — vanilla sugary! — that sweetened most of the major holidays in my home when I was growing up. I remember the original downtown store with its tile floors and cool marble counters, as well as the convenience of being able to purchase it at Woodies. And I remember sharing that Last Box with my Mom when Woodies closed. I recently learned that Velatis caramels in multiple flavors are now available at their Silver Spring store! And I made the trek for a taste of my childhood and Heaven! Way Yum!

    • Anonymous

      +1 on Velati’s. So, so awesome.

    • maria

      Where in Silver Spring? i’m desperately looking for some last minute gifts here.

    • Anon

      Yup – I’ve been ordering them online for my mom for several years now: http://www.velatis.com

  • Rant: I’m sooo envious of those who get automatic time off during the holidays. My office expects us to work full days both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve (and all days between except Christmas/weekend).

    Rave: I am taking a few days off thanks to banked leave.

    • Where I work, we are *forced* to use PTO to cover the week between Christmas and New Year’s. I get a generous 4 weeks off, but almost an entire week of that is automatically allotted to this holiday break. I’m happy to have a long break from work, but not pleased that we’re being told how to spend our PTO.

      • That’s pretty fascist of them. They should just tell you up front that you get the week between Christmas and New Year’s off, and that you get 3 weeks (in your case) of vacation — that’s what it amounts to.

        • Nope, instead they act like they’re doing us a “favor” by announcing in September that the office will be closing for Christmas. Maybe I wanted to come in during that in-between week for some quiet work hours? The policy is really geared towards our higher ups, for whom this is actually a nice gesture. They never use their PTO and are never encouraged to take time away for personal reasons. But it really screws over the large administrative staff.

    • Britt

      Same here – although they’re treating the 24th as a “snow day” – so if you work in admin, you get administrative leave but everyone else has to either work from home (as the office is closed) or take PTO.

    • Anon

      Wow, that sucks top be forced to use your own earned time.

      My office closes, and we get paid without having to use any of our time. However, none of our non-executive staff have received any salary increase in 5 years. For the last 3 years on the “week closed”, I have had to work (IT upgrades)… and I have been denied comp time because “the office is closed”.

      I hope to have new employment by this time next year.. but i am also grateful for the employment I do have.

      • That’s pretty crappy of them. What a morale downer for the IT department.

        Could you instead negotiate to get Thanksgiving week off? That would be a fair trade while still ensuring that IT projects move forward while the office is “closed”.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Mice. They keep coming. Nine so far. No evidence in the pantry where I store food (high up/in containers) but there is apparently a party going on under the stove.

    • anon

      Not sure if your pantry food is both high up _and_ in containers, but I don’t think the height makes a difference — everything needs to be in containers.

      • annonymouse

        It’s both (high/in containers)….and no poop to show mice have reached these shelves.

        • Everything goes in containers. That is our rule. It has worked out reasonably well, we only got like 5 this fall, as opposed to 15 in two days after we finally got all of our food behind containers last fall. Our house and the next four rowhouses down were all getting them, so that makes me feel a bit better that it isn’t just me or that I am a slob or something like that.

          • I put everything in the fridge, even the cat food. It pisses my cat off, because she loves mice. But until she can learn to put the corpses in the trash or at least quit bringing them to me and crying when they quit moving, I’m doing everything possible to prevent mice in my apartment. I also check my apartment for holes every fall and fill them in. No mice last year, fingers crossed for this year.

    • Anonymous

      Bait your traps with butter, you’ll get em faster than you can tweet…seal entrances with steel wool too.

    • You need a Rat-Zapper!

      • For the mouse-plagued OP: I have a virtually unused RatZapper I was meaning to list in the Classifieds section. If you’re interested, ask PoP to put us in touch with each other.

      • I took Victoria’s advice on the Rat-Zapper. Best move I ever made.

  • AZnative

    Rave: I’m coming to really love the job I started a few months ago. I think it’s a place I will stay for a while, which is exciting. And I’m glad I can start saving towards a future.
    Rant: Looking at zillow.com like crazy, even tho we won’t be able to buy for another 6-12 months. Prices in affordable, metro accessible neighborhoods I want to live in are going crazy. I’ve got fantastic timing. As soon as I can save, the prices leap out of my price range.

    • Hyattsville, Brentwood, Mt. Rainier. Take a look.

  • Reader

    Rant: Since last Monday, traffic in the evening heading north on the tail end of 395 at the intersection with NY has gotten remarkably worse, to the point where it’s fully stopped as far back as the really long underpass before the speed cameras. I seem to remember this happening last year at some point too. What was a 2 minute wait is now more like 15 or 20.

    Anyone else notice this? Any explanations? It seems like maybe the pattern of lights has changed.

    • I don’t know if we’re talking about the same place, but I was driving on NY Ave yesterday near the intersection w/ the 395 tunnel, and it was CRAZY backed up at 3:00pm with no discernible cause.

      • Reader

        That’s exactly where I mean!

        It’s been backed up the better part of a mile at night for almost two weeks.

    • houseintherear

      A while ago I tweeted a pic and info about a backup to the dept of transportation (@DDOTDC), and found out that the lights were out of sync… might be worth a try..?

      • Reader

        That’s a good idea, thanks. I do think they must be out of sync, but so far I’ve just ranted instead of doing anything about it.

        I’m not on twitter, but I’ll see if an email helps.

    • Anonymous

      I thought it was always like that and that it was the most congested intersection in DC. Doesn’t it take 45 minutes to get through it anytime during the day?

  • Anonymous

    Rant: What the heck? Knife attack at elementary school injures 24! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chenpeng_Village_Primary_School_stabbing

    Take it easy people!

    • Fortunately since it was a knife and not guns, nobody was killed.

  • Rant: My mind has completely checked out. Today feels like Friday, which it most definitely is not. Two more days and Midwest, here I come!

    Rave: Saw Les Miserables, for the first time, at the National Theater last night. It was A-MAZING!!!

    Rave: Exchanging gifts with the roommates tonight! I think I did a pretty good job this year!

    Rave: Jello Spritz cookies

  • ParkViewer

    Rant story:
    I found a purse in my garbage can on Saturday morning. It’s like the third time I’ve found something like this in my can -it’s usually a backpack, suggesting the kid living behind me is upping his game as petty criminal.

    The purse had a diabetes kit and a prescription in it (along with many, many Pick-4 tickets. And an id) so I figured it was a big deal it was gone and walked over to the police station on Park Road. It was kind of an awkward walk because I’m a guy. I walked in and said basically what I just wrote and the officer (?) on duty said, oh, well, you can’t leave that with me because we don’t have personal property storage here. You’ll have to take it up to the precinct hq up on the 5000s of Georgia Ave.

    Or, she suggested, I call 911 and an officer would come pick it up. Mind you, I’m standing in a police station at that very moment. I should have asked to use her phone just to complete the circle of absurdity. I would have driven it up myself but my wife had the car all day.

    A stolen purse is not earth-shattering I understand, but at no point did the officer ask me where I found it, where the person it belonged to lived, or any details about the purse or its contents. Or even look at the item. Or call its owner to report its recovery. The purse is still in my foyer, which I guess is my bad, but it’s slightly better than still being in my trash can.

    Every time something like this happens, or I walk by the guys dealing drugs in front of the 77 market on Georgia on my way to work in the morning, I remember all this police department cares about is getting the murder rate under 100.

    • See if you can get in touch with the lieutenant or commander for that district. (Not sure if you are in 3D or 4D). On the various neighborhood Yahoogroups, they seem to be pretty responsive.

  • Rant: I have a first date tonight and I really don’t want to go. It’s too late to call it off, plus that would be rude. I’m not in the mood to go out, and I’m not really feeling the guy either.

    Rave: I received the loveliest Christmas card from my brothers mom in law today. They have been so welcoming to my family. I’m sending out a card to her tomorrow.


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