Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth December 13, 2012 at 10:00 am 100 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user glasspeach

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

  • Anonymous

    God bless the volunteer escorts at 16th St Planned Parenthood for protecting people as they walk to the door. Their lack of judgement for those women is the definition of what a true Christian is. Nobody should have to be harassed like that.

    • l.s.

      amen! I was harassed there after a visit for an annual exam. I couldn’t get in to see my doctor before my rx expired but was able to see a lovely nurse here instead with only a week’s notice. As I left, an elderly lady yelled at me and said I was going to hell. Ugh.

      • Anonymous

        At the very least, we’ll get to be with lots of friends when we get there.

    • Veezy

      I used to pass them on my commute into work. I always wanted to get them coffee or something, but I wasn’t sure if they would be allowed to accept it (or if they would trust it). What they do is truly valuable.

      • Anonymous

        I walk past the escorts sometimes on my way to work, and try to just smile or say thank you or some other compliment (especially when there are protesters there!). Having worked in that field in the past, I am pretty sure escorts would not accept food/coffee, but compliments are always appreciated!

        • MamaPajama

          The escorts volunteer with the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force, and WACDTF always needs new volunteers if you’re interested: http://wacdtf.org/

          Also, I know that they deeply appreciate all support – they will probably accept coffee (have before), but all gestures are welcome – starbucks or caribou cards (they’ll buy stuff for everyone on the shift), donuts, handshakes, smiles, etc… You can also write the city council with your complaints and experience of harassment to try and get a buffer zone instituted.

          No person deserves to be harassed for going into the clinic; the escorts can’t stop the harassment, but they strive to make it better for the patients.

    • KenyonDweller

      I walk by there at least once a week and always make sure to smile at the volunteers. I guess I just want them to know that the hateful protesters are in the minority and many of us appreciate what the volunteers do.

    • Anonymous

      I pass them every day on my way to work, and take a moment to personally thank them for their efforts.

  • Anon

    Just trying to get this straight: Painting a picture on a wall you don’t own or wheatpasting posters on walls and light posts is a crime, but wrapping the city’s trees in yarn is something we celebrate?

    • PeachyKeen

      You can easily remove the ‘tree sweaters’ paste and paint…not so much

      • Anon

        So graffiti with washable paint is ok?

        • Anonymous

          The main difference with that is the paint will add pollution to our water system when it washes away.

        • Anonymous

          Dude you are drilling to down to so many what ifs.
          Chill out. Next you’re gonna say something about chalk on streets…

          • Internet trolls be trollin’. Such is life. My advice to everyone is to not respond. Not every idiotic hypothetical is worthy of a response.

          • anonymous

            Actually, I think we’re getting somewhere. Is it the act of creating unauthorized art in a public space that is the crime, or is it the permanence of that creation which we condemn?

          • one anon to another.

            i agree. it is an interesting conversation.
            i think the permanence… or semi permanence is definitely an issue.
            i think that the style and the baggage we associate with materials is important too. few are offended by knitting and fabric. the messaging of grafitti has a more powerful resonance with people.

    • TG

      In my view, yarn bombing is the least significant issue facing the city. I think it is kind of cool. I am sure it is technically grafitti or vandalism under the letter of the law. However, I don’t think it justifies dedicating a single city resource to try to stop it.

      • Anonymous

        They can have my knitting needles when they pry them from my cold, dead hands!

    • Anonymous

      We all have our individual thoughts, it’s not a consensus.

      • PeachyKeen

        ^^ What he said.
        In other news…who wants to take that yarn off the tree and wrap it around their legs? Its so damn cold!

    • Anonymous

      I just don’t get yarn bombing at all. Fine – it’s not harmful, but why spend so much effort on something so useless and ephemeral? If you know how to knit, then knit sweaters for the homeless, or start a catalog business. Something more useful than clothing trees…

      • Anonymous

        you don’t get it, don’t do it.


      • So you’re saying you don’t get hobbies, basically.

      • Zen/Wabi-sabi

      • Anonymous

        Or…..you could spend some of the energy that you use critisizing others by volunteering at a homeless shelter, etc.

      • You should check out Andy Goldsworthy. His whole aesthetic is to create objects from bits of nature (ice, leaves, moss, stones set in tides). The beauty of his stuff is the impermance, the disintegration of his creations; the useless and the ephemeral.

        • Just make sure not to listen to Andy Goldsworthy _talk_ about his work.

          Ages ago, I saw the documentary “Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working with Time.” Goldsworthy’s work is cool, but I found his talking about his work to be off-putting and annoying.

    • Anonymous

      @ Anon 10:11 — GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

      • anonymous

        A life wrapping trees in yarn?

        • Anonymous

          follow your bliss

    • Just wanted to say I’m picking up what you’re throwing down. It’s all about the perceived actor. Old ladies and hipsters defacing property that doesn’t belong to them is *~*whimsical*~*.

      • Anonymous

        was cool disco dan a hipster? er no? i can’t keep it straight who we’re supposed to flippantly dis.

    • anonymous

      Trees have a beauty of their own. Could these “yarn bombers” switch to making sweaters for lamp posts?

      • I’d love it if the yarn bombers would knit some cute booties to hang from telephone wires, to counter all the ugly tennis shoes that seem to be populating the wires in my neighborhood.

    • 17th Street

      I, for one, do not celebrate the yarn bombing – I think it’s fairly boring, but more or less inoffensive, particularly since they seem to be taken away pretty quickly. It would be gross to see them all rain sodden and filthy….

      • dogwalker

        my major problem with the yarn bombing is that a lot of it is uuuugly. and they do get rain-sodden/dirty and it is really nasty.

  • Rave: fellow POPers giving input on ice cream biz. Odds are, if I do it, it’ll be a truck because retail is so expensive. But I appreciate the input and opinions. I really want to do this, but have a mortgage to pay and it’s a frightening prospect.

    Rave: My mom’s Jews on Christmas Eve party – food, friends, thinning my dad’s extensive wine collection. Set up to counter the “Chinese food and a movie” trend.

    Rant: it’s their last party – mom’s retiring from it. It’s 12 years old. What am I going to do on Christmas eve now?

    • anon

      my advice: do what you love. life is too short not to. understand the mortgage concerns, but can you work PT or something, while you get the ice cream biz off the ground?

      • Agree, but life is too short to get foreclosed on :)
        I might just turn the IC thing in to a part time gig – offer it by order or what not.

        • It seems someone in DC was trying to do this same thing – homemade ice cream delivered each week or month – it may even have been on PoP. Maybe search a bit.

        • anon_

          my advice start small do it on the side while keeping your job. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Once you gauge there is enough interest to actually make a living maybe consider quitting your job. Owning your own business while very satisfying it’s a 24/7 job. If you want to succeed, there ain’t no half stepping in entrepreneurship.

    • JS

      I love the ice cream idea, truck or storefront. There are lot of resource for starting and financing a business, I think I even heard there’s a small business loan available for women in DC. Get some good local info and guidance, then see how manageable it is. http://www.dcwbc.org/

    • “What am I going to do on Christmas eve now?”

      Um, start hosting the party yourself. If you want it to be a tradition, that’s how it works. At some point the next generation has to take it over.

      • missing the point – the point is to go home and spend time with extended family friends that I never see, this is the one event they mostly all showed up to at once. I don’t live there, nor is it cool for a 31 year old to invite 65 year olds to party in their small condo in DC. That’s pretty creepy. Nor would they attend.
        But, it’s all good – I’ll still go to my parents for Christmas eve, even if it’s for Chinese food and a movie with the rest of the MOTs, as long as they’ll have me visit!

    • Could you work with an existing storefront (say Larry’s Ice Cream in Clarendon) and offer a partnership where you run the ice cream truck? Might help with upfront costs/risks of starting your own business? Just a thought!

      • I could, but I’d rather use my ice cream, which is what people are happy to consume….
        Currently working on a web site and logo (asked a friend for his businesses in that area) so at least it’s a step.
        If the guy who worked ice cream who responded yesterday is around (squareone?), I posted my email address yesterday and we should chat.

        Rant: DC’s regulations in trying to start a food biz. I def understand that people’s health is important, but they don’t explain it very well on the DCRA site!! shocker, there.

    • Could you host the part at your parents house instead? But if you do, make sure your parents don’t have to do any prep or clean up because you are the host.

      • Anonymous

        OP of the ice cream thread, I would encourage you to do a LOT of market research before you do this. And by that I mean, don’t add up comments on PoP and/or ask your friends. I can see a lot of reasons why this might not work, but if you do the research and come up with an incredibly solid business plan, you’d at least have a shot.

        • Anonymous

          Personally, I’d check in to some sort of program to help you develop a business plan – there must be opportunities for that through local business schools or government agencies aimed at promoting small businesses. It’s worth spending a little bit of cash up front to figure out if this venture makes sense.

          That said, running a start-up, food-oriented business seems like the best way to really lower your quality of life. Long, long hours, and by definition much of them at the very times you might want to be out enjoying the world with your own people.

  • RANT: Coming to the realization that I lost a VERY nice wristwatch on Amtrak on Sunday. After tearing apart my office and apartment, I still can’t find it. I’m pretty sure it fell out of my jacket pocket on the train after the conductor told me to take my coat off the seat and put it on the overhead rack. Ugh. After forgetting a nice cashmere sweater on a train in Slovakia in May, I’ve decided that I’m having TERRIBLE luck with trains this year. I’m usually a very careful person (e.g. I’ve never lost a wallet, phone, or keys in my entire life), so this is all just a bit shocking.

    RAVE: The Amtrak customer service woman was very nice and sent a notice to all the stations along the NE Corridor route to be on the look-out for the watch. I’m don’t have high hopes, but at least she was competent and friendly.

    • Anonymous

      First there was the lost sweater….now the watch. Hmmmmm

      • So you’re saying I have early onset of Alzheimer’s? :-/

  • Anon

    Rave: After months of searching to no avail I have a job interview today! It’s only step 2 but the more I learn about the company I am interviewing with the more I really want it. I’m hoping to present the strongest argument I can, but it will probably all hinge on the portfolio…eeek!
    Rave: Get to see my honey tomorrow – long distance relationships really do make the heart grow fonder.
    Rant: Stress that I will undoubtedly experience post-interview to see if I make it to the next stage.

    • houseintherear

      Good luck!

      ps You should tell them what you told us. The more you learn about them, the more you want to work for them! The person who *really* wants the job usually gets it.

  • Rant: home ownership is a drag, got estimates to fix my roof, $1600 at the low end and $10k at the high. Lots in between. I don’t know who to trust.
    Rant: cold back room that I replaced windows cause I thought that was the cause, now I find out the room was not insulated. More money. Is it time to bail. An apartment is starting to look appealing.

    • Anonymous

      I know a guy who can clean your gutters for $30.

    • KenyonDweller

      Look at checkbook.org for contractor recommendations. That is quite a spread and you’re right to be concerned.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Finally decided I’ve been nursing my broken heart long enough and put up an Okcupid profile. After a brief perusal of my matches, have come across a number of seemingly cute, interesting guys.

    Rant: Seems like there is a disconnect so far between the guys I find cute and interesting… and the guys who are messaging me. Sorry if that makes me sound obnoxiously picky.

    So it looks like the way to go about things is that I’ll have to make the first move. Curious: guys, how do you feel about a girl sending the 1st message? And ladies, am I alone in finding that my inbox so far seems to be, uh, more quantity over quality?

    • Words from a dude:

      1.) it’s totally ok that you message a guy you might be interested in. If a guy has an issue with that, then do would you really want to date someone like that? Probably not.

      2.) Not surprised at all that it’s quantity over quality. That’s sort of OKC’s thing. Hopefully the cockshots are kept to a minimum!

    • JS

      I’ve been dating my boyfriend, who I emailed first on OKC, for over a year. It works. Also, I feel there’s a “fresh meat” period on there where everyone and their brother will email you, then it’ll level out and be less of a free for all. Give it time and only respond to people you feel like responding to.

    • Anonymous

      “Curious: guys, how do you feel about a girl sending the 1st message?”

      don’t mess with overthinking shit. just send the message.

    • Another word of advice: Don’t judge people entirely on their photos. My current beau’s photos on OKC weren’t glamour shots or the most flattering of photos, but he was so charming and thoughtful with his messages that I just went for it. Since then we’ve traveled the world, bought a house, adopted kittens, and we’ll be engaged later this month :-)

  • anon

    RAVE: I think it’s fantastic that a guy can bash his girlfriends face in on a metal railing and then plead felony assault down to a misdemeanor. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I wouldn’t want to live in a place where the politically connected had to take responsibility for their actions. Some people just don’t realize how lucky we are to lorded over by such strong leaders of men. It’s a sign of true leadership when the rulers of DC can work with the rulers of VA to achieve anything! Power to the party! Woooo!

    • Anonymous

      I find it interesting that none of the stories mention his father’s party. If he was the son of a Republican, that would be in all of the headlines.

      • I find it interesting that you used a completely untrue statement just to make a stupid point. I don’t think I’ve seen a story about this incident that didn’t reference Moran’s political party affiliation.

      • anonymous

        Gdopplerxt, the WJLA story does not mention Moran’s party. But what is more disturbing to me is the Moran office’s statement, which is basically saying, “Nothing to see here, move along folks.” The official statement said that Patrick and Kelly (the gf) were really embarassed that it had made news since they were just drinking and this happened. blah blah blah Isn’t this how a lot of domestic abuse gets thrown to the side? It was just an accident- we were drinking- not a big deal. Not that I thought Moran was a supporter of women in the first place, but this attitude proves it.

        • JB

          I don’t know, I’m torn on this one. Her statement was actually a lot more specific than that. She said that the police report was incorrect, and that the person reported to have witnessed the incident didn’t actually witness it. She says that they were arguing, she turned to walk away from him, and her heel broke and she fell into the trashcan. It’s hard to know whether or not she’s covering for him, or if that story (which sounds plausible to me) is true.

          • Then why would he plead guilty?

          • JB

            I have no clue. I was just trying to address the question about why it was seemingly being brushed off as an accident. Definitely don’t want to come across as an apologist for his actions in any way!

            Also, the article I saw mentioned the father’s party affiliation too.

        • Fair enough, at least one story didn’t mention it. That isn’t even close to “none of the stories” as stated by Anonymous above. But since you brought it up, local TV station “news” is terrible. No one should read it or watch it.

          • Anonymous

            But then we would miss all of Pat Collins’ antics!!

          • Well, I actually think they should just drop the “news” format and sell it for what it really is: local interest stories. Lose the anchors at the desk in the studio, skip the world & national stories, and just make it more like Entertainment Tonight or TMZ with a local spin. So they can still have Pat Collins doing his “reporting” and we’ll all be entertained, but no one will mistake it for news or real journalism.

          • I would enjoy that program!

          • anon_

            Oh yeah like the non-stop punditry being passed off as news on the cable networks is much better. The state of our media on all levels is embarrassing.

          • _anon, fair point and I wasn’t implying anything about cable news by not mentioning it. FWIW, I don’t watch news on the cable networks either because I think they’re pretty much crap too. I was just speaking about the local news as a response to the specific mention of WJLA.

      • FYI, the Washington Examiner mentioned Rep. Moran’s political affliation:


    • The GF is still with the dude too I think. Depressing.

    • anonymouse

      I don’t think we should be in a rush to judge. The prosecutor may have had no choice but to reduce the charges. There may have been extenuating circumstances. For instance, I thought I saw a statement from N.O.W. suggesting that she may be one of those women who JUST DOESN’T LISTEN.

  • Britt

    Rave: Something I devoted two years of my professional and personal life to is finally coming to fruition. Feels good – still wondering if I should go back and be a part of it though.

    Rant: Slammed my knee cap against my desk – ugh.

    Rave: Wonderful long evening at the barn last night – challenging and relaxing at the same time…

  • ChiJimmy

    Rant: The gun laws in DC are insanely restrictive, and I moved from Illinois. That is all.

    Rave: Enjoy the sun!

    • Armed and Dangerous

      Going to to buy a shotgun today. Getting a cop friend to walk me through the paperwork (and the options). Long guns are a lot easier to get hold of than handguns and to walk through the bureaucracy, though, and have long been legal in DC.

      • Anonymous

        may you never feel the need to use it.

        • Terrell

          Just like life insurance, homeowners insurance, but at least with a shotgun you can take it out of DC and have some fun with it!

      • PG

        There’s a trap and skeet range in Glenn Dale (not far from DC.) You can take it there for shooting practice.

  • J.B.

    Rave: The Metro Express guy and the Washington Examiner guy at the Cleveland Park Metro east side entrance. Those guys make my morning every day.

    Rant: Please no hate, but the singing Street Sense woman at the Dupont South metro exit needs to stop. It’s obnoxious and gives all of them a bad name.

    • Anonymous

      Totally Agree! Those guys are the best

    • The ladies giving out the papers at 13th and U make my morning. I do the Examiner crossword puzzle on my lunch break. I used to have to walk around the corner for it, so this saves me a couple of minutes every morning.

  • Anonymous

    Rant- Roommate (male) leaves hair in the drain EVERY DAY! I have asked him politely about it 3 times. I do all the cleaining in our apt, and all he does is ruin my pots and pans, and get hair everywhere (my food, our fridge, my socks->my bed)

    I don’t want to make a huge deal because maybe he is loosing it? But still. GAH.

  • Rant: Trying to get addresses from people is like trying to pull teeth sometimes. I will not stalk you if you live out of state; I am way too lazy. I just want to send a card.

    Rave: Hilarious dream last night. I went to Prince William’s wedding (not to Kate). When Fergie arrived she introduced herself to every one as the Ex who wasn’t invited.

  • Anonymous

    What’s the best way to get an escort? Don’t need the judgement from everyone…those who have answers reply. If you must know, I was diagnosed with cancer and want to enjoy a delicious meal with an attractive female like Pachino did in Scent of a Woman.

  • anon

    Rant: I got hit by a bike last night. Before you start, I 100% support bikes in the city, just not ones riding on the wrong side of the street that blow through red lights and run into pedestrians in a crosswalk.

    Rave: he saw me in time to slow slam on his brakes, I saw him in time to throw my hands out to brace for the impact, so nobody was hurt

    Rave: Christmas orchestra concert tonight. I realy enjoy playing again, even if it does make me a band geek

    Rant: @#$#@$ headache – going on 15 weeks straight of daily headaches

    • Similar rant: I almost got hit by a car last night. It blew through a red light just as i was stepping off the curb to cross the street. I am very very lucky, and the dbag driving the SUV is a total jerk. No idea where he cam from, because i looked before i started to cross.

      I am really going to miss that Misfits ad.

      Really sorry about your headaches – I’ve been plagued by them too lately, due to the weather. Do you wake up with a headache? In addition to migraines, I was having daily morning headaches. Turns out it was tension in my neck and shoulders due to a crappy mattress. New mattress + some massage and physical therapy did the trck.

    • Where/what is your orchestra? I would LOVE to be involved in something like that. <– Very Proud Band Geek

  • Rave: It’s been a great day! Santa Claus came roaring up on a Harley with a police escort this morning and it was sooooooo fun to watch the kiddos! You can’t NOT smile when watching kids with Santa.


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