• Paul misunderstood ‘KISS under the mistletoe’

  • Meh

    Julie was willing to accompany Tom down to the mall for his annual Kiss Kringle bit. But as soon as he mentioned trying Old Lasagna for New Year’s, she started making other plans.

  • dcrach

    Mistletoe is overrated. Just KISS me already!

  • Someone stole the real Santa? That DOES NOT Rock!

  • caballero

    She carries the cold gin. He carries the love gun.

  • LP

    I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus

  • Merry Kissmas!

  • KISS me, I’m Santa

  • Meg

    Okay, Mr. Stanley. Let’s go to your next gig at PetSmart.

  • mizkal

    Rarely captured in a photo is Santa’s alternate personality–Kiss Kingle!

  • amgallow

    Santa Starchild says “Your kiss is on my list!”

  • Sammy

    Welcome to Santa’s Mall, where it’s Christmas everyday!

  • OG Andy

    “I-I-I want to be nice ALL NIGHT, and naughty every day!”

    “Quit it Gene, and come ‘ere. We’ve gotta deliver these lumps of coal to John Boehner’s office. Apple Maps says it’s right around here.

  • The Jimmy

    I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

  • J

    Bar crawl themes get a little out of hand.

  • Matt

    She was hoping for Gene Simmons, she left disappointed. Last time she uses RockStarSantaDate.com….

  • R

    Michael Jackson performing “You know Im Bad” for the elves.

  • randomduck

    With KISS on hiatus, Paul had to find another gig where odd facial decor was not only acceptable, but expected.

  • TC

    “Deck the Mall with Pauls of Stanely, fa la la la la…”

  • Sadly, this was not the first “Kiss Mall Reunion Tour,” to meet with lackluster results.

  • That’s my pic, from Santarchy. He did actually say, “Merry Kissmas.”

  • tj

    She didn’t want to have to call Santa, but she knew he would not approve of the KISSing of children.

  • All I want for Christmas, is ME!

  • I saw Mommy kissing Simmons Claus
    Underneath the Heart of Chrome last night.
    She didn’t see me creep
    Down the stairs to have a peek
    She thought I was tucked
    Up in my bedroom fast asleep.

    Then, I saw Mommy tickle Simmons Claus
    Underneath his face so snowy white.
    Oh, what a laugh it would have been,
    If Daddy had only seen
    Mommy kissing Simmons Claus last night!

  • i told you mom, it’s just a phase. but it does work well when he contests traffic camera tickets.

  • JB

    More Con than Santa at this years SantaCon

  • Ashton Wingate

    This is Santa Tap.

  • Marcel Marceau, Louis Bourbon, and Marilyn Manson walked into a bar…

  • Hide the mistletoe! Hide it I said!!!

  • I said I want a kiss from Santa, not a KISS Santa!

  • Greg

    I, Paul Stanley kissing Santa Clause.

  • !!!

    Would you kiss me? I’d kiss me. I’d kiss me hard.

  • Anonymous

    KISS Kringle

  • Best. Photobomb. Ever.

  • Tina

    I wanna rock the Mall all day… and party every night!


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