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  • I love these things!

    In related news, the Sherman Ave GDoN listed here – https://www.popville.com/2012/09/good-deal-or-not-recent-updates-throughout-edition/ – actually went for $467K (with a $15K subsidy)! Nutty! I eat my words for thinking that it was going to go for closer to $425K. Congrats to the current and former owners!

    • Anonymous

      Inventory all over the city is so low and demand is so high (with super low mortgage rates allowing people to afford more than they might otherwise be able to afford), that you can pretty much add 25-30k to whatever you think a house is worth and you might get yourself in the ballpark of what it will sell for.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. I’m about to close on a house and feel I paid about 25-30k over what it’s probably worth.


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