Update Found! Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Lost French Bulldog – Romey

by Prince Of Petworth — December 13, 2012 at 5:06 pm 25 Comments

A reader writes:

“Romey, our 25 pound french bulldog escaped today. He’s a 4 year old french with brindle markings, although he’s mostly black. Last seen around Sherman and Kenyon Streets, NW.


Update: Found safe and sound. Props to Natalie for looking out.

Romey back home in front of the fireplace:

  • Jason

    He was last seen by the construction workers heading south down Sherman Ave at 4pm

  • UStreeter

    This makes me SO sad.

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU Natalie, a PoP reader who saw the post and noticed Romey in the window at Paws and Claws on 11th street. She called me immediately and I ran over to pick him up. PoPville– you rock!

    • UStreeter

      Oh, yay. Now I don’t have to be sad anymore. (BTW, Romey looks just like my Frenchie.)

  • Anonymous

    puppy – wandering the streets lost – very concerned about him – name is Romney…. No, no… Romey.

  • Eric

    Can someone who knows dogs explain things to me? Why would a dog run away unless it’s not happy? I’ve seen so many people with their unleashed dogs following them obediently. Why would dogs run away?

    Only scenario I can see is chasing after a car or somethinf and getting lost.

    • Anonymous

      In our case, it happened when someone accidentally let our dog out while we were away, and it sounds like that is what happened in this case as well. I’m not an expert on dog psychology, but I’m guessing the dog is going to look for its owner, is temporarily scared of something and is trying to flee, sees a squirrel or rat, etc. Dogs don’t exactly understand that they are likely to get lost if they wander off in a big city.

    • Anonymous

      It also depends on the breed, not all dogs are so fixated on their owner that they’ll just follow along. Hounds, for example, will chase a scent or run off regardless of what else is going on around them or how much they love their living situation.

      • e

        Was just going to comment on some dogs naturally doing what they’ve been bred for hundreds of years to do …

      • Second this. Our beagles love sniffing things, and it is just what they naturally do. With that said, they have terrific home lives, sleep in bed with us, and get treats and belly rubs constantly. We treat them better than many treat their actual children.

        They are very happy/loved dogs, but they would follow a scent if they picked it up. Just how they were bred.

        P.S. So happy to hear that Romey was reunited with you all!

    • Sigh

      Troll, I hope. Or, at minimum, clearly never owned or took care of a dog. Is it possible that those unleashed dogs do not represent the entirety of the dog population?

      Why would you ever travel? Are you unhappy at home and at work? I see so many unleashed people obediently commuting to and from their jobs, so I can’t understand why anybody would just up and leave town.

    • Jeremy

      I am one of the dog’s owners. The cleaning lady came today. She left the door open while unloading her equipment, and the dog escaped. I came home from work today and found that the dog was gone. She did not alert us that she had let the dog out. I called her and found out what happened.

      • bfinpetworth

        This is why we won’t have our cleaning person come to the house without one of us at home (or our dogs away from home with us). Just too easy for an accident like this to happen. So glad for you that Romey is safe!

      • Anonymous

        At least now we have an answer to that old question “Who Let the Dogs Out?” (or at least one of the dogs.)

      • houseintherear

        omg I hope you fired her!!!

  • Anonymous

    The dog ‘escaped’ and is now back in ‘captivity’. I think there’s more to this story than meets the eye. A cover-up perhaps? Just sayin’

    • Anonymous

      follow the money..

    • Anon

      What are you talking about?

  • Anonymous

    I first read his name as “Romney.” 🙂

  • I’m so relieved! I was thinking about him this morning, wondering if I’d come across him! And to the person who asked about why a dog would escape, there are a thousand reasons! They’re animals! It’s what they do!

  • DC20009

    Romey better stop roaming or he might find himeself in trouble…

  • Anonymous

    Typical DC problem, where the cleaning lady makes a mistake. #firstworldproblems

    • Anonymous

      probably more maids in the 3rd world than the first. as if those terms still mean much.

    • EB

      Typical DC response, criticizing people for spending their money how they want to.


  • petwurf

    Bad Romey!


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