• jjc

    They do it right. I might just be a simpleton amazed by the concept of carving sandwich meat right in front of you, but they do it well, almost too well.

  • Anonymous

    The name always makes me think of a bad slasher movie.

  • N in DC

    This is my office’s go-to in Farragut for a cheap-lunch with extra large portions. I especially love the egg-salad. Overall, there is delicious, fresh sliced meat and the owners are really nice. Plus, you can have as many pickles as you want. Highly reccomend if you want big and yummy (and affordable) sandwiches for lunch downtown.

  • Jay

    I had not heard of this place until I saw it on Scoutmob. Needless to say, I have been back several times since then. It is delicious and the portions are huge. My favorite is the carved turkey and I get the cranberry sauce on it. It is so yummy.

  • Anonymous

    I really like this place. Everyone says that they’ve got freshly carved meats, but these guys actually do-you see them cut it right in front of you! Try the roast beef. They keep some of the au jus from the roast and ladle it on. Also try the croissants as the bread, they’re pretty good, better I think than the standard rolls. They’ve got an unusually large number of sandwich toppings behind the counter, so there’s a lot to try out there too.

  • I just had a roast beef with horseradish from here today. Good place.

  • Anonymous

    It’s pretty good, but just to let you know, so you aren’t disappointed if you’ve never been there before, Dana Carvy almost never works at this location.

  • J

    love this place! the sandwiches are HUGE and usually last me two meals. one of the best sandwich places in that area!

  • ClevelandDave

    Is this at all related to the Cafe Phillips around town? It sounds very similar in concept…


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