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Friday Question of the Day – Who’s the most Famous Person Who Went to Your High School?

by Prince Of Petworth — December 20, 2012 at 10:22 pm 263 Comments

Lots of folks have the holidays on their mind and are starting to take off work so I thought we’d just do a fun question this week. I was listening to the The Tony Kornheiser Show and while it is on a sports radio station it seems they almost always have random discussions about anything but sports. Yesterday they were talking about the most famous person to have went to their high school and I thought it’d be interesting to learn the same from you guys.

Depending on who you ask, the most famous person who went to my high school [South Side Cyclones represent!] was either Howard Stern or Doris Kearns Goodwin. How ’bout your high school?

  • My high school (Springbrook in White Oak) was the basis for the show The Wonder Years. I had both the crazy math teacher and the monotone physics teacher.

    • I went to Kennedy H.S. in Silver Spring… The rapper Cannibus (Who battled with LL Cool J and lost) was one of my best friends. I didn’t know this until well after his hits came out.

    • PetworthRes

      Who was your math teacher? My uncle (you likely knew him as Mr. Groomes) taught at Springbrook. I’ve heard a rumor that he inspired a character on the show but I’m not familiar enough with it to know…if he would be the crazy math teacher. I do think the writer for that show was a student of his.

      • YES! He was in fact the math teacher. I had him twice, and loved him, as did everyone else. He’d do crazy things–the thing I remember most was the time he threw a student’s desk across the room when he tried to slide into the room after the bell. But he was super-popular and universally loved. I went to Springbrook at the same time as your cousin David, who was a year ahead of me.

    • nonnymrs

      Didn’t Lewis Black go to Springbook HS?

      • inkognito

        Lewis Black did go to Springbrook
        Shawn Springs
        Michael Ealy

  • Kirk Herbstreit, ESPN sports analyst. There are some other notable alumni who are sports affiliated (AJ Hawk and Mike Nugent). Centerville High School (Centerville, OH)

    • Anonymous

      Kirk Herbstreit was my response as well. Elk Pride!

    • Nick

      In keeping with the Ohio football theme:

      Heisman Trophy winning Buckeye Vic Janowicz
      Les Miles

      Elyria High School Pioneers!

      • Anon

        Even better – World Record Holder and Gold Medal Olympian Tianna Madison.

  • Anonymous

    Carver Center for Arts and Technology in Baltimore County, MD. Some of the theater students have forged successful acting careers. If there are any fans of The Wire out there, the guy who played the screw-up cousin in the port/stevedore-focused season was a year behind me (and he was in a bank heist movie with Denzel Washington and Jodie Foster); Carcetti’s wife was in my graduating class. It’s been really fun to see their success–they both seemed like nice people in high school.

    • Anonymous

      There’s a girl in my class (Laurel, 1988) who was on two episodes of Homicide.

    • Anonymous

      I’m a carver grad too! ’04…and a very proud alum πŸ™‚

      • original carver commenter

        Neat. Yay, Carver! I was 1996…first graduating class. (Btw, I drove by there over Thanksgiving, and their new building is amazing…I hope those young’uns know how good they’ve got it now) πŸ˜‰

  • Tina

    Elizabeth Vargas/ABC News

    Ron George/NFL player

    Both graduated from my alma mater, Heidelberg American HS (in Germany… we were all army brats). HHS opened in 1946, right after the Allies won WWII. Will finally close next year as US Army shifts operations out of Europe.

    • I graduated from journalism school with Elizabeth Vargas.

    • pb1

      I went to Patch and thought a bunch more came out of Heidelberg. Both HS’s are now done (Patch moving to Panzer). At one point at the Patch website it had a tab for “famous alumni”. When you clicked it, it said “no famous alumni at this date”

  • Steve

    Ha, for me it’s most likely Jesse Csinsack of short-lived The Bachelor fame. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_Csincsak

  • Pworth

    Raquel Welch (La Jolla High)

  • Not sure how to define famous vs. accomplished vs. happy vs. successful – and “successful” – creative/emotional/spiritually vs. financially.

    I really don’t understand why high school matters so much to people -it’s a weird, arbitrary and tiny segment of one’s life. I just don’t get it. High school was fine -just not a big deal.

    • DF

      Have a great Christmas!

      • PeachyKeen


    • Anonymous

      Nobody famous went to you’re high school. We get it. Everything’s gonna be alright, I promise.

      • parkviewj


      • What a strange comment. Why would your life be augmented or diminished by having had a famous person attend your high school? It’s a cute question I suppose – I simply raised another perspective.

  • johnny

    Warren Buffet. And from what I hear he never donated a penny back…

    • BonifaJackson

      Woodrow Wilson HS in DC was a very different school then. We did have Bill Nye as a science teacher back in the day though!

      • Bill Nye also went to Deal JHS as a kid. Not sure if he continued on to Wilson or not. He used to come back and give a love Science Guy show during an assembly every year when I was a kid.

  • westerner

    Buddy Holly (Lubbock High School)

    • Anonymous


  • Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows.

    • And I just remembered: Peter Alexander, a reporter for NBC/MSNBC.

  • Tim

    Nate Bump, former pitcher for the Florida Marlins.

    Yeah, we’re awesome.

  • MMMotorsports

    Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas was on the cheer squad with me. She had 80s bangs, but was very sweet.

  • roemon

    north hollywood high school – we’ve got a few…

    Alyson Hannigan, Adam Carolla, Cuba Gooding Jr., Brian Austin Green, Scott Baio, Elizabeth McGovern, Susan Sontag, Morgan Webb…

  • AJBK

    unfortunately Clay Aiken (Leesville Road HS in Raleigh, NC)

    • bkwhite83

      Ha! I was going to say this too! Let’s go Pride!

      • Anonymous

        Enloe Eagle pride!

  • Len

    Central Catholic HS in Pittsburgh, PA – There’s Dan Marino, formerly of the Miami Dolphins, and Zachary Quinto from Heroes and the new Spock from Star Trek.

    • JinDc

      Dennis Miller too, right?
      My mom went to Alderdice. Love me some ‘burgh

      • Ms. Brusca

        ‘Dice represent. Wiz Khalifa and of course, anyone from LP

        • Mr. Witt

          Don’t forget Curtis Martin! And Mac Miller if you’re going to mention Wiz.

          • Mr. Horowitz

            And Myron Cope!


            DOUBLE YOI!

        • My mom’s class famous person was Howard Fineman of Huffington Post fame. She laughs whenever she sees him on TV, often say he needs a hair cut. He never shows up to her class events.

        • Mike

          Lol at Ms. Brusca! Though I was in Ms. Pacitti’s class for two years.

      • Dennis Miller graduated from my high school, Keystone Oaks High School in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. And, that’s about all the famous people we have. (Keystone Oaks is a school district that combined three different communities: Castle Shannon, Green Tree and Dormont. Ron Paul graduated from Dormont High School, which eventually merged into KO in the ’60s. Does that count?)

    • ShawShank

      Was looking for the Pittsburgh thread – It is a toss-up between Mark Cuban and Kurt Angle (better known for WWF than Olympic Gold in wrestling). Go Steelers!

      • In the South Hills we had Jenna Morasca of the Survivor and Playboy fame. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jenna_Morasca

      • You just blew my mind. I knew Kurt Angle was a Mt. Lebo grad, but had no clue about Mark Cuban. I moved out of the south hills before high school but I remember Kurt coming in after winning the gold to show the elementary/middle school kids.

      • I went to college (Pitt) with Susie Meister of Road Rules fame, who then married one of my professors. In fact, he left his wife for her. He’s now remarried again. Ah, academics.

        • Anonymous

          Christina Aguilera, North Allegheny HS in Wexford, PA

  • Irma Shmerma

    Peggy Hira, aka Meg Ryan (Bethel, CT)

    +10,000 for stage names

    • fellowpetworthian

      Ha, my best friend’s mom taught “Meg Ryan” at Bethel High! I grew up in Danbury, not sure who the most famous Mad Hatter was/is?!

  • Chris Haney, a major leaguer with a career 5.07 era.

  • teves72

    Zuill Bailey. He’s a Cellist… would normally say Emmy Lou Harris, but Zuill was in my class…

    • Zuill! I love him. I work for an arts org in DC and we’ve presented him a few times.

  • nerdymobile

    billy joel! we shared an elementary school music teacher (well at least for the first year of my elementary school career). and we lived on the same block….though he was long gone by the time i got there πŸ™‚

  • Tim

    Well, if we’re going to play this game… I attended Phillips Academy (Andover, MA) a few years back. This is a very condensed list of illustrious (& notorious) alumni:
    β€’ George H. W. Bush, 41st U.S. President (graduated 1942)
    β€’ George W. Bush, 43rd U.S. President (graduated 1964)
    β€’ Bill Belichick, coach of New England Patriots
    β€’ Humphrey Bogart, actor (1918) (Expelled)
    β€’ Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida (graduated 1971)
    β€’ Lincoln Chafee, former Senator of Rhode Island (graduated 1971)
    β€’ A. Bartlett Giamatti, President of Yale University and seventh MLB Commissioner (graduated 1956)
    β€’ Chris Hughes, co-founder of the social networking site Facebook, Online Technology Guru, Barack Obama Presidential Campaign (graduated 2002)
    β€’ Patrick J. Kennedy, Former U.S. Representative from Rhode Island (graduated 1986)
    β€’ Tracy Kidder, author (graduated 1963), Pulitzer Prize for Soul of the New Machine (1982)
    β€’ Jack Lemmon, actor (graduated 1943)
    β€’ Frederick Law Olmsted, architect and designer of Central Park (graduated 1838)
    β€’ Jane Pratt, publisher, founder of Jane magazine (graduated 1980)
    β€’ Stacy Schiff, journalist, biographer, winner of the 2000 Pulitzer Prize
    β€’ James Spader, actor (Class of 1978) (dropped out)
    β€’ William Vickrey, winner of Nobel Prize in Economics in 1996
    β€’ George Hoyt Whipple, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1933
    β€’ Olivia Wilde, actress (graduated 2002)
    β€’ Dick Wolf, creator of Law and Order
    β€’ Philip Wrigley, manufacturer, Wrigley’s Chewing Gum (graduated 1915)

    • Anonymous

      Same here!

    • Anonymous

      +100 for Humphrey Bogart and his rebellious nature

  • anon

    My HS has many famous alumni on both side of the aisle. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gonzaga_College_High_School

    • Anonymous

      Likewise, i am another Gonzaga grad.

      (wild to see so many people form all over the place)


      • That Man A

        Hail Gonzaga!!

        • anon

          Sorry, you get negative points for:

          Pat Buchannan
          Ben Quayle
          Ken Cuccinelli
          Bill Bennett

          • That Man A

            Are you kidding?

            no such thing about a negative thing with Gonzaga…. HAIL!!!

          • agreed.

    • Yes! Hail Gonzaga!

      • That Man A

        Hail Gonzaga!!!

        Best high school EVER… clearly

        • Enough Already

          Geez – dial it down.
          God is NOT purple.

  • Melody

    Chuck Norris. done.

    • LP

      Well played, Melody!

    • crossbonesdj

      Wait…you went to North High School in Torrance, CA too????

    • Daniel

      Wait, you guys both went to North Torrance HS?? What year??

      • crossbonesdj

        Class of 92

  • Jeff Krulik, director of the seminal mocumentary, “Heavy Metal Parking Lot.”


  • mouna

    Claudette Colbert, Washington Irving High School, NYC

  • Deak

    Vigo Mortenson and Richard Greico.
    Watertown, NY is sorry for that, folks.

    • friday!friday!

      How could Viggo Mortensen ever be wrong?!

  • JinDc

    For me, Happ Arnold…or Kobe Bryant. Or Marshall Hertzkovitz.

    For my hubby, the Netanyahu brothers. And Reggie Jackson.

    • JinDC

      Sorry, Arnold. Stupid autocorrect.

      • I also remember going to my 5th high school reunion and people being blown away that I was in a PhD program. So, LMers are easily impressed.

    • YOu went to LM? I was at one of the neighboring schools (not one single famous alumn). But when our basketball teams played each other, everyone and their mother came to watch because of Kobe Bryant!

      • Yeah, Kobe was class of ’96. I was ’99. His family house was close to ours and his mom would always ask my mom how we were when they’d see one another at the super market. I don’t care about his fame so much, but I was pretty sad by the rape allegations and all that. He was always a nice person from a very nice family, so I wanted to see him do well.

    • Anonymous

      Yay LMHS alum! (2000 for me!)

      • We probably know each other, then.
        Lots of LM grads in DC (some have recently moved out, but still).
        Always shocked how many LM grads still live on the Main Line and are still friends with their same high school friends.
        There is nothing attractive about that to me, but hey….more power to ’em.
        (I hated high school, but loved some of my teachers)

        • Anonymous

          Graduated early so I could get out of the Main Line, never looked back πŸ™‚

          • My sister did that. But, I do love going back – it’s relaxing to be home vs. here (much slower there). However, I’m often shocked at how little some of my classmates are doing with their lives. That could very easily be the DCer in me coming out, but a lot of them did not reach their full potential and settled for good enough. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised (in an area where parents give their kids whatever they want), but more of my classmates should be trying to change the world. Many still hang at McSheas all together.

  • Lauren

    Gary Sinise (Highland Park High School – Highland Park, IL)

  • RJS

    No one! Okay, I did go to high school with Amber Theoharis, who some of you might remember as a local sports reporter a few years ago. Other than her, pickins are slim.

  • Phoebe

    DJ and “Disco Duck” singer Rick Dees!

    Also, a dude who played one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the live-action movie.

  • My fellow West Essex High School Knights include David Chase (creator of The Sopranos) and Joe Piscopo.

    You should be able to infer from the above that I grew up in northern New Jersey. πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Dick Gephardt…long before me.

  • Anonymous

    No one famous that I know attended my high school, but I went to the same middle school as President Barack Obama. Nbd.

  • Steve


  • margaret

    Cloris Leachman. Go rough riders!

  • Anonymous

    Me, sadly enough.

  • Anonymous


  • Colhi

    Tate George, professional basketball player for the Nets and famous college player for UCONN.

    And according to wikipedia was just arrested for fraud and may go to jail for 20 years for running a ponzi scheme.

  • Anonymous

    David Robinson of the San Antonio Spurs.

  • Jsmith

    Michelle Obama and I are both proud to be Whitney Young Magnet alum….go dolphins!

    • Josh

      Whoa, I went to Whitney Young and almost had a freak-out for not realizing Michelle Obama went there or, indeed, had ever even lived in town. I stay reasonably up on things so how could I possibly miss a detail like this? Then I realized — *more than one* school named Whitney Young!

    • tasara

      Whitney Young Dolphins! Other notable WYers: the Wachowski siblings and Craig Robinson (Darryl on The Office). And I guess, Michael Jordan’s son.

  • crossbonesdj

    Besides Chuck Norris, as noted above, Jason “Wee Man” AcuΓ±a (of Jack Ass fame) was also from North High School in Torrance, CA. I actually knew him, and he was a very sweet guy.

  • chickadee

    The Rock (suburban PA)

  • anon

    Jenna Fischer, from The Office

  • Anonymous

    None that I can think of, but I did attend Sandy Springs Friends for three years, and we played sports against Sidwell (Clinton and Obama kids.)

    Martin Lawrence went to my brother’s high school (Eleanor Roosevelt.)

  • Anonymous

    Marty Friedman from Megadeath is from my hometown, and probably went to my high school. One of my friends from high school is married to University of Maryland’s women’s basketball coach.

  • Angela

    Paul Newman, Harvey Pekar, and my classmate NFL player Nate Clemens!

    • Anon

      Its Clements, and don’t forget Andy Borowitz, Roger Penske, and Kid Cudi! And fictionally, Ted Mosby.

  • Bruce Springsteen. Freehold, NJ

  • RVA

    Two of the original members of GWAARRRR!!!!

  • Goonsmith

    Lebron James (St. Vincent St. Mary Ohio)

  • beachy

    So many at Santa Monica High School! Robert Downey Jr, Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, Rob Lowe…

  • K-Town

    Philip John Clapp, a.k.a Johnny Knoxville, and David Keith (guy who kills himself in Officer and a Gentleman) from South-Young now South Doyle High School

  • anon

    Monica Potter. She lost her virginity to a friend of mine. doh!

  • new

    Wow, I know DC is a transient city but I can’t believe how many POP readers grew up outside of the DMV. I went to Blair in Silver Spring.

    Steve Francis, Visanthe Shiancoe, Morgan Wootten, Carl Bernstein, Connie Chung, Goldie Hawn, Eric Hutchinson, Ben Stein.

    • I went to Blair as well. From my years there, it would be Delaney Williams (of The Wire) and Chick Hernandez (Comcast SportsNet).

  • No one famous went to my high schools so I live vicariously through my Grandpa who went to high school (and started a food fight) with Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

  • anonymous

    Robinson Secondary (Fairfax, VA): Go Rams!

    Chris Warren (β€˜85) – Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys
    Kjell N. Lindgren (’91) – NASA Astronaut
    Steve Dunn (’88) – Minnesota Twins
    Rob Muzzio – 1992 Summer Olympics
    Mark Chao (’00) – Cancer Research
    Javier Lopez (’95) – San Francisco Giants
    Shawn Camp (’94) – Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago Cubs
    Scott Urich, Professional Lacrosse Player
    Scott Ellis, a Broadway director who has been nominated for a Tony Award five times, an Emmy nomination, and received the Drama Desk Award.

    • SB

      I was just looking it up cause I couldn’t think of any, and your list proves that no one really famous did go to Robinson. Funny considering how large it is.

      • anonymous

        Ouch. That’s true, though. Robinson is probably one of the biggest high schools in the country, so it is surprising. But c’mon, everyone has to have heard of Chris Warren (’85) of the Seattle Seahawks. haha!

  • Anonymous

    Kevin Garnett

  • Birdman

    Nick Nolte


    Nick Hexum, Tim Mahoney, and Chad Sexton from the band 311 (if anyone remembers them)

    • Anonymous

      amber is the color of your energy

  • Larry Sabato, political pundit and UVa Professor.

  • Esrkine Bowles

  • OG JinDC

    Another vote for the Oracle of Omaha. (Wilson ’88)

  • sarah

    Dana Carvey – Carlmont High School

  • anon

    Joe Montana, Stan Musial, Ken Griffey Sr.

  • SBG921

    BOB SAGET! (Abington Senior High School – Abington, PA) – Go Ghosts!

    • Booooo – wife of a Cheltenham grad

  • EK

    just found out that Max Greenfield…aka Schmidt from New Girl also went to Dobbs Ferry High School (NY)

  • ctk

    Probably Emo Philips. Macho Man Randy Savage (Randy Poffo) went to our rival high school on the other side of town.

    RIP Macho Man.

  • Rapper Wale. And despite his song, he went to high school in Maryland, and his name was “Viktor.”

  • Anonymous

    John Hughes, director of The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, etc.

  • Nikki

    I went to HS with Darnell Dockett from the Arizona Cardinals at Paint Branch in Burtonsville. I know Eun Yang from NBC went there too but she graduated years before me.

  • Amy

    Art Monk!

  • Roz

    Oliver Stone.

    • Anonymous

      Knew I’d spot another Hill alum on here!

      • Roz

        Ha, who’s that? ’99 here.

  • Amy

    (Tony Kornheiser actually went to my college, which is a whole other question.)

  • SMHS

    Harold Baines – former Designated Hitter of the Orioles

    St. Michaels High School in Maryland – go Saints!

  • rm

    sandra bullock and warren beatty. (w&l in arlington, va)

  • michael

    I went to Langley in McLean. The actress Lauren Graham went to our highschool.

    Sharing another “ironic” story, a former boss of mine, a career military policy wonk man, grew up in Alexandria and went to I think St. Stephens? A classmate of his: David Lynch.

  • Anonymous

    not HS but natalie portman went to my middle school

  • Josh

    I went to high school with long-time Pittsburgh Steeler’s safety Rod Woodson! He still held about half the school’s track and field records, even though it was a large, competitive high school and it was his auxiliary sport.

  • Greg

    Shirley Jackson and Kristen Wiig. Brighton HS, Rochester, NY

    • saf

      Shirley Jackson, the writer? I didn’t know she was from Rochester!

  • My high school only graduated its first class four years before me. A few random athletes (er, Jordan Crawford’s less successful brother?), but that’s it. Guess it’s up to me.

  • Rob

    Choate Rosemary Hall
    John F. Kennedy
    Jamie Lee Curtis
    Ivanka Trump
    Michael Douglas
    Glenn Close
    Chris Denorfia (San Diego Padres)
    Others – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Choate_Rosemary_Hall

  • Anonymous

    Elizabeth Berkley, most known her classic role as Jessie Spano from Saved by the Bell and from the Academy Award-snubbed Showgirls.

  • Oh goodness…. Donald Rumsfeld , Rahm & Ari Emanuel, Charleton Heston, Anne-Margaret, Rock Hudson, Virginia Madsen, , Hal Sparks, Rainn Wilson, Liz Phair, Pete Wentz. From New Trier in Winnetka, IL.

    • Was wondering how far down I’d have to scroll to find another New Trier grad.

  • Anonymous

    Kobe Bryant. His senior year we won the state championship, hardly a coincidence πŸ™‚

    • Shows how I think when I believe Hap Arnold is more important than Kobe!

  • saf

    Wow. Greece Olympia High School, Rochester NY.

    I am unaware of any famous alumni.

  • Sir Douchy

    I’m pretty sure it was me.

  • Anonymous

    Al Roker or Antonin Scalia

  • LisaB

    Kirk Cousins!!! #Hail

  • Eric Metcalf.

    • Roz

      Didn’t Rov Yates go to O’Connell, too? I’d say he’s much more famous than Eric Metcalf.

  • MAR

    Dominque Dawes and Judah Friedlander (well before my time) apparently.

  • Natalia

    Marilyn Monroe (University High in Los Angeles), go wildcats!

  • DCdotNerd

    Michael Phelps.

  • Christina Hendricks and Sam Champion. Also, Owen Schmitt of WVU/NFL fame.

    • On the Hill

      Go Fairfax Rebels!

  • anon

    Bradley Cooper Germantown Academy – Ft. Washington, PA (Philly suburbs)

  • Jules

    Hampton High (Hampton, VA)
    A bunch of NFL players: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hampton_High_School_(Hampton,_Virginia)#Notable_alumni

    Kiski Prep (Saltsburg, PA)
    Jack Hanna!
    and a bunch of NFL players

  • anon

    Georgetown Prep, just a few:

    Charles Zubrod – Oncologist, widely regarded as the father of modern chemotherapy

    David Chang – Chef/owner, Momofuku restaurants in New York City
    Maurice β€œMo” Rocca – Comedian

    John Dingell, Jr. – U.S. Congressman, Democrat – Michigan
    Chris Dodd – U.S. Senator, Democrat – Connecticut
    Frank LoBiondo – U.S. Congressman, Republican – New Jersey

    Roy Hibbert – NBA center, Indiana Pacers
    Bill Bidwill – Owner, NFL’s Arizona Cardinals
    Brian Cashman – General Manager, New York Yankees

    Kevin Plank* – Founder and CEO, Under Armour
    B. F. Saul – Founder, Chevy Chase Bank

    *Didn’t graduate

  • Fonzy

    I played hockey with Donny Trump Jr. in high school, now Celebrity Apprentice star and goes by “Don.”

  • DCdinosaur

    Cassadee Pople who just won The Voice went to my high school (Wellington High School — Wellington, FL).

    • Go Wolverines! Cant forget about Nick Zano from What I like about you.

  • Shipsa01

    Rahway High in New Jersey. We have Carl Sagan and Milton Friedman.

  • britt

    Haddonfield Bulldawgs (Jersey)
    Matthew Quick – Teacher – Writer of the novel Silver Linings Playbook that the movie is based on
    Erin Donohue- Olympic athlete
    Brian Zoubek – Duke Basketball national champs
    Alfred Driscoll – Governor of NJ
    Our town was the “inspiration” for the town of Haddonfield in the Halloween movies.

  • Leroy

    Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman AND Governor Malloy.

  • Ms. Lifetime Movie herself, Connie Selleca

  • yunkstahn

    William McKinley. Poland Seminary High School in Poland, Ohio.

  • Anonymous

    David Hasselhoff – ironically I was a lifeguard at the same pool where he tried to get a job as a lifeguard. My former boss tested him and said he could barely swim, much less work as a lifeguard. Guess Baywatch didn’t have the same requirements!

    Others include Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee, Jeff Hornacek of Utah Jazz fame, and some of the members of Styx

  • Anonymous

    barack obama, michelle wie, manti te’o, kelly preston, the founder of ebay, steve case who made AOL

    • Don’t forget Bette Midler – she was at Punahou same time as my dad.

      • Anonymous

        who can forget bette midler? i gave up after awhile and almost just pasted the wikipedia page but i felt like a jerk

        • Anonymous

          Wrong…Bette Middler went to Radford High School

  • Bainbridge High School (Wash):
    Chris Kattan – SNL
    Laura Allen – All My Children/Mona Lisa Smiles
    Marcell – Top Chef

  • Tough Rorschach blot of a question for all the boarding school types – how do you represent without sliding over the line to “where did you prep?” douchiness?

    (I’m just a public school kid, but I am a bit sympathetic – some of my best friends, etc.)

  • Dave C.

    TC Williams (Alexandria, VA)

    The ’71 football team was kinda famous…

  • nonnymrs

    Mariah Carey went to my HS. (Harborfields HS, Greenlawn, NY). I don’t think there was anyone before or since.

  • Shawn Colvin

    • Whoops I was wrong about that. No one famous went to my high school.

  • em

    Troy High School in Troy, MI…

    Steve McCatty (pitching coach for the Nats)

    Sutton Foster (Tony-award winning actress, lately of ABC Family’s Bunheads) – although we were too far apart to be in high school at the same time, we did community theatre together

    Lauren Molina (she won the Helen Hayes award last year for her turn in Candide, but she’s mostly up in NYC) – we started a recycling club at our middle school

    And, if you believe Wikipedia, Aileen Wuornos (serial killer who inspired Monster) – although she dropped out of school at 14, so she must not have been there for long.

    • em

      Our cross-town rival (Troy Athens) has Martin Klebba, probably best known from the Pirates of the Caribbean films, and Bridget Regan, co-founder of Flogging Molly.

      • Yeah, but Rochester Hills has Madonna.

        • That’s Rochester Adams (there is no Rochester Hills HS).

  • PetworthRes

    I went to Page High in Greenboro, NC. Ken Jeong, comedian/actor in the movies The Hangover and Knocked Up is our famous alumni. Apparently he was quite the whiz kid, on the High IQ team, graduated at 16, and became a doctor before becoming a comedian. He should have been in my sister’s class…trying to find out if she remembers him.

  • js

    John Wayne – Glendale High School in California.

  • Disgusted in DC

    James Taylor periodically attended my high school, but got his diploma elsewhere. I think Livingston Taylor also attended my high school a little, but, likewise, graduated elsewhere.

    • Rich

      The diplomas probably came from McLean’s (the fancy psych hospital outside Boston).

  • JJG

    Heisman trophy winner Rashaan Salaam

  • AMDCer

    Jim Henson (Northwestern HS, Hyattsville, MD) My dad was in a puppeteers club with him – if only he’d stuck with Jim instead of becoming an academic…

    Len Bias

  • Cait

    Johnny Weir went to my high school! I had Honors French with him. He was super nice, but sadly didn’t wear his notable ensembles to class.

  • Anonymous


  • Alex

    Fidel Castro!

  • kittyfoster

    Samantha Harris: E! correspondent and former Dancing with the Stars host. Hopkins High School class of ’92 – go Royals πŸ™‚

  • I went to Wilson HS in DC. Most famous grad is Warren Buffett (no relation to Jimmy) and way before my time. Some rock n rollers – I think Jorma Kaukonen of Hot Tuna / Jefferson Airplane and maybe Nils Lofgrin. I went to Clark University in Worcester Ma and you have probably seen my classmate Ron Shaich in commercials for Panera Bread – he is the CEO. A multimillionaire and makes considerable endowments to Clark.

  • Val

    Andrew WK (Greenhills School in Ann Arbor, MI)

    • em

      My wife went to Michigan Law and had his dad as a professor

  • michael ian black went to my high school in central nj.

  • Anne Hathaway — Millburn High School, New Jersey

  • MHFoodie

    No one can beat The Hoff! Thats right! David Hasselhoff went to my HS. The students scratched off his face on our wall of famous people.

  • Amy Grant while I was there; Reese Witherspoon 20 years later (Harpeth Hall, Nashville).

  • Hcfoo22

    Bill O’Brien, head coach at penn state and Brian Kelly, head coach at Norte dame. Bobby carpenter, one of the greatest American hockey players

  • anon

    I thought that Charles Kuralt went to my high school, but its Wikipedia entry doesn’t mention him, so maybe not.

    The most famous (at least to me) graduates of my high school were all ones who were there at the same time I was: David Rees, author of “Get Your War On,” “My New Filing System Is Unstoppable,” etc.; writer Wells Tower; journalist Peter Wallsten; and actor Kai Lennox (who portrayed Ewan McGregor’s best friend in “Beginners”).

  • The Rock

  • Anon

    Phil Jackson (Williston High School in Williston, ND)

  • HibsYaBas

    Sir Walter Scott. Robert Louis Stevenson. The guy who plays bass in Coldplay – Guy something.

  • macarthurpark

    Connie Britton from ABC’s Nashville! Love seeing a Hilltopper on my TV each week.

    Also, Randall Wallace–the guy who wrote and directed Braveheart.

    • Anonymous

      Um, wrong. Mel Gibson won an Oscar for directing Braveheart

  • troy aikman went to my rival school’s high school :/ and the fat dude from teen wolf and pee-wee’s big adventure went to another school near by. :((((

  • Brent

    Eleanor Roosevelt High School (Greenbelt, Maryland) – Among others,
    Sergey Brin (Google)
    Martin Lawrence
    MΓ½a Harrison (Pop star 10 or so years back)
    Two of the Sports Junkies

  • C$

    The MOST famous would depend on the audience, but some fellow Colonials from Morristown High School, NJ are:
    1) Lexington Steele (bow-chicka-wow-wow)
    2)Craig Newmark (creator of craigslist) and
    3) Gene Shalit.

  • Mine would be Varla Jean Merman (drag queen) and Pulitzer Prize winner Angie Drobnic Holan. Not exactly household names but I am proud.

  • Beaver Area H.S. (Beaver, PA)

    Amber Brkich (survivor/amazing race)
    John Burkett (MLB pitcher)

  • Anonymous

    Rick Santorum. I am so ashamed.

    • I would lie about where I went to school.

  • lbkstreet

    Upper Arlington High School, Ohio:

    Beverly D’Angelo
    Jack Nicklaus
    Melinda Lou Thomas (Wendy of Wendy’s)

  • George School in Newtown, PA. Used to skate with Cameron Douglas who didn’t seem to fare as well as his father and his grandfather in Hollywood, largely due to his problems with blow.

  • The most famous alumnus of my high school (Lake Forest HS, IL) is probably Vince Vaughn, but other notable alumni include Andrew Bird, Dave Eggers and the winner of the 11th America’s Next Top Model.

  • Anonymous

    Edward Norton. And for bonus points, his grandfather is Jim Rouse, who designed Columbia, MD. When I was in high school they rebuilt the school and named the theater for Jim Rouse. Edward Norton came to the ceremony and brought Courtney Love (who he was dating at the time).

  • k

    Chris Farley, and I think also Georgia O’Keefe. (Madison, WI)

  • Anonymous

    Bettie Page and Dinah Shore, but both graduated long before it became a magnet school

  • Anonymous

    Ok – I’ll be the obnoxious one. My high school – Stuyvesant HS in NYC – has a wikipedia page just of famous/notable alumni:

    Most famous right now? probably Eric Holder and Tim Robbins.

  • Anonymous

    David Hasselhoff

  • ewg

    calista flockhart, represent!

    no, seriously.

    • JenDC

      Is that her real name? crazy.

  • scott

    i’m gonna skew older just like mr tony does but here are a couple people who went to my high school – peabody high school in pittsburgh, pa
    i’d say the most famous would be gene kelly
    other notables…
    actors charles grodin (loved that movie clifford), frank gorshin (the riddler on the batman tv series)

  • Anonymous

    Janet Reno
    Frank Gore
    Jonathan Vilma

  • Anonymous

    Kourtney and Kim Kardashian.
    Marymount High School.

  • Mad Max

    Luke Skywalker! (Mark Hamill) Annandale High School

  • schaluk

    Brigadier General, John F. Mulholland, Jr.
    Special Operations Command Central

    Notre Dame International, Rome, Italy

  • JoeEsq74

    Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t think anyone famous went to my high school (Linganore HS in Frederick MD) but there is one alum of note (besides me!) – actor Shawn Hatosy.

  • MTH

    Vanessa Williams went to my high school, and I just learned that I followed her to Syracuse as well, although some 13 years later.

  • Grant Hill, South Lakes, Reston.

  • Anonymous

    i have no idea if anyone famous went to my high school.
    nor would i really care, unless i knew them personally.

  • Megan

    Atlantic City HS- James Avery (Uncle Phil) from Fresh Prince of Bel Air

  • Seasons’ greetings.

    Disappointed and surprised at how few local D.C. high school grads reading Prince of Petworth have come forward and participated here.

    Where are the Blair grads ?

    I didn’t go there, but I’m nonplussed that only one or two here has brought up Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland with so many notable alumni than most high schools:

    Actress Goldie Hawn,

    Journalists Carl Bernstein, Connie Chung, Ben Stein, and Rick Leventhal,

    Musicians Ron Holloway, Chuck Redd, Doug Curran, and Eric Hutchinson,

    Writer of romance novels Nora Roberts,

    Baseball players Steve Barber and Sonny Jackson,

    Pro football player for NFL’s Washington Redskins and Green Bay Packers, AND Washington Senators baseball player Tom Brown,

    Minnesota Vikings football tight end player Visanthe Shiancoe,

    Basketball player David Vanterpool,

    Basketball coach Hall of Famer Morgan Wooten,

    Olympic Gymnast Dominique Dawes,

    Play-by-play Baltimore Oriole and Radio Broadcaster Tom Marr,

    Genealogist William Addams Reitwiesner,

    Washington Post cartoonist Eric Shansby,

    Television actress and comedienne Lisa Ann Walter,

    Founder of Rotten Tomatoes, Patrick Y. Lee, and

    Outback Steakhouse founder and local philanthropist, Chris T. Sullivan.

    –compiled by Carlos Lumpuy, Christmas 2012.

  • Ed

    James Cagney

  • Anonymous

    GE Smith, former band leader on SNL. And an astronaut whose name I forget.

  • The Carlson Brothers of “Slap shot” fame.

  • JenDC

    Oh I’m too cool to tell you…lol.

  • Anonymous

    Matthew McConaughey, Longview High School (TX, obviously)

  • Anonymous

    Brandywine HS in suburban Wilmington, Delaware:

    * Dennis Brockenborough, musician (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones)
    * John Gallagher Jr., Tony-Award winning actor (Spring Awakening, American Idiot)
    * Sean Patrick Thomas, actor (Save the Last Dance)
    * George Thorogood, musician (“Bad to the Bone”)

  • jt

    Linda Greenhouse – Pulitzer Prize winning journalist
    Scott Burrell – NBA champion with MJ’s Chicago Bulls

    For my wife: Jackie O, Letitia Baldrige

  • amb

    drummer from Fall Out Boy, Andy Hurley, MFHS

  • tom

    Channing Tatum

  • wl

    LeBron James, about 10 years after me.

  • M.E

    Shanley High School, Fargo ND. Roger Maris (changed by the media to Maras) was a year ahead of me.

  • Zak

    Hillary Lindsay (Grammy winning country songwriter – “Jesus take the wheel” and many others)
    Washington-Wilkes H.S. Washington, GA

  • flgirl79

    Gallagher and Wade Boggs (H.B. Plant H.S. in Tampa)

  • j

    Tie between Matt Schaub, QB of the Texans, or Bam Margera of Jackass fame. bonus round – Schaub not only went to my HS, but was also in my graduating class.


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