• I, for one, am going to sit back, pour myself something warm, and watch the comments fly 🙂

  • ah

    I’d prefer 2 45m massages to a single 90m massage.

    • houseintherear

      HA that’s awesome

  • Anonymous

    Does this place make you sit through the massage first?

  • Keegan

    Yes I’ve been… and it’s AMAZING!

  • Matt G


  • Delroy Lindo

    At the end of the massage be sure to ask the masseuse to “free Tibet”.

    • indc

      ding-ding! comment of the day

  • The masseurs do an excellent job, and are trained in reflexology (especially Ge Tou). It’s a little pricy for a no-frills massage parlor, but they certainly do a better job than similarly priced salons in the area.
    However, their pricing structure is off for sure. When they started, there was a special for $8 for a 10 minute massage, but $20 for a 20 minutes massage.


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