• jch

    Makes sense especially when there are 3 cosi’s within a block or two of where i work

  • Anonymous

    And a new Starbucks just opened 1 block south.

  • I never understood why people like Cosi. The sandwiches aren’t tasty at all and the pizzas are terrible and still leave me hungry.

    • Years ago, they had really good sandwiches. But in the last five years or so, they’ve had the incredibly shrinking menu, and the food has gone downhill.

      • Anon X

        and panera is kicking the hell out of them out in the suburbs and will likely continue their move into the cities.

        • Rumor is that Panera may be moving into Cosi’s 1275K spot… though it seems the space is a bit too small for Panera.

  • Rich

    Panera has its fans, but I’ve never uderstood why.

  • anony

    i’d love a panera! this city has enough cosi’s and au bon pains, and not enough paneras. (what, like 2? dupont and cohi?)

    • Adam L

      Chinatown will be opening soon.

      On another note, I’ve never understood the fascination with these mediocre suburban lunch chains period.

  • Aniyah

    My coworker just learned that the Cosi at this location closed earlier this morning. How inconvenient!


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