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Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Woodley Park

by Prince Of Petworth — November 27, 2012 at 3:00 pm 9 Comments

This rental is located at 2818 Cathedral Avenue, NW:

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The listing says:

“An elegant,charming & classic residence in Garfield of Washington-simply a perfect place for joy of time.Stylishly and comprehensively renovated.Walking distance to international cuisines,shops,Rock Creek park,National Zoo,Metro. 3,387 SF of finely planned living area &basement-great for all activities,entreating quests & accommodating larger family. Multiple porches+terrace off kitchen.”

This 5 bed/4 bath is going for $9,800/Mo.

  • I guess “entreating quests” was supposed to be something like “entertaining guests,” but what is “joy of time”?

    • No, I’m pretty sure they meant “entreating quests.” With a house that big, think of the badass Live Action Role Playing parties you could throw. Entreating quests, indeed.

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t like these listings where it seems pretty clear that as a renter, you are there to pay the monthly mortgage (and maybe then some). I get it, though, so won’t harp on that point. Almost 10k is a lot/per month, even if you have the funds to finance something like that without blinking an eye. I can’t help but think that for 10k/month I could do better, especially since the listing is pretty short on pictures of most of the house (all those bedrooms/baths) and multiple porches & terraces, which I actually read as 1 porch and 1 terrace instead of multiple porches and terraces. I’d also feel a little *cheated* by the claim, “…walking distance to international cuisines…” I know there’s an Italian-style restaurant, a pan-asian-style restaurant, etc. but Nation-style is pretty standard Americana and doesn’t really sing “international” to me. But, hey, that’s just me.

  • $10k/month? Why would anyone pay that? Got buy a house.

    • I agree. But some embassies and international organizations give their foreign employees insane housing stipends. I assume that’s who they are trying to get. Also, embassy/int’l org employees typically get all their furniture and belongings shipped in as a benefit of their overseas posting.

      That said, this place is stupid overpriced. It’s laid out like a group house and no one who lives in a group house wants to/has the means to pay $2K month for a room. It doesn’t feel right for a family either.

      • Just noticed that this is directly across the street from the Swiss embassy. They are definitely trying to lure an embassy employee (or group of employees?) to take the place.

  • jch
  • Anonymous

    This price seem very steep, especially in that area.

  • Seems like a lot for almost any rental. Great area, but I can’t imagine renting that place for that much.


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