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Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Petworth

by Prince Of Petworth November 20, 2012 at 3:00 pm 46 Comments

This rental is located at New Hampshire Ave NW & Quincy St NW:

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The listing says:

“This one bedroom apartment is perfect for you! It’s newly renovated in a boutique building walking distance to all the action in both U Street and Columbia Heights! These apartment homes feature: brand new hardwood floors, granite countertops, brand new stainless appliances including washer/dryer and dishwasher! tons of closet space, ceilings and central air! Trash, gas, and water utilities included in rent-you pay electric only.”

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,700/Mo.

  • Anonymous

    1,700 for a 1 br/1 ba? I guess that’s worth it since it’s so close to U Street.

    • This is no where near U Street.

      • Anonymous

        internet comments are an imperfect medium for sarcasm.

    • Tim

      Just blocks from the White House!

  • Tim

    Interesting definition of “walking distance”: Almost 30 minutes walking from here to 9th and U.

    • Everything is within walking distance if you have the time. – Steven Wright

      But in all seriousness, yeah, U Street is really far away from this place.

  • Anonymous

    yea its a nice walk to columbia heights

    but that is not in walking distance to U st by any means
    a quick bike ride yes, but not walking

    • 25 – ish blocks

      30 minutes walk to U street. No lie there.

      • Eastern Market

        Just curious, is 30 minutes beyond the length of time people are willing to walk to get somewhere? I’m just thinking of all the places that are a 30-40 minute walk from my house (Yards Park, Union Market, work, the National Mall) that I normally would walk to. Would most people drive or take public transit instead?

        • Anonymous

          From someone who walks a lot, 30 minutes is hardly a big deal in terms of amount of walking. However, I think it’s a little misleading to say in a real estate listing when stating “…walking distance to U street activities.” It’s not that I would mind walking but if I were looking to rent/buy a place and proximity to x thing or x neighborhood is usually a selling point (think convenient to x store, x location or totally cool if I want to run to the neighborhood bar/restaurant – oh wait – it’s not a 2 block walk. Then, I re-think/re-consider, do I really feel like taking a 30 or so minute hike (weather, tired, stay out late but not wanting to do the walk back). It’s all misleading.

          • Eastern Market

            I guess there’s a disparity between the distance most people are willing to walk and the distance most people imagine when “walking distance” is discussed in the context of real estate.

          • Anonymous

            Eastern Market,

            I’m not your average walker nor am I your average real estate person. That said, the disparity is not whether or not I would walk 30 minutes and whether or not 30 minutes would be considered walking distance. I think there are probably many people on here who would and who have walked 30 minutes to somewhere. I’m not sure all those people would consider 30 minutes walkable distance even though they have done it themselves. I measure walking distance in a real estate listing to connote convenience. Do I think walking 30 minutes convenient? Neutral about this. Is that why I walk to places that are 30 minutes from me? All yardsticks aside, when I measure walking distance to convience (close to) I think in terms of if I am having a lazy day, convenience and walkable is a couple to a few blocks away. For example, if I were to buy groceries, I would much rather walk a couple to a few blocks with groceries instead of a 30 minute walk.

        • Another

          I regularly walk 25-30 minutes to get places, too. But I wouldn’t put the proximity of those places as selling points in a real estate ad.

          • Agreed. 30 minutes is not a long walk by any means, but nothing that’s a 30-minute walk away is “close” in my opinion.

        • Considering that this apartment building is practically on top of the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro, it’s hard for me to imagine anyone wanting to walk 30 minutes to U Street when it would be just a few minutes by Metro.

          • Anonymous

            See, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to deal with the metro when they can have a pleasant 30-minute walk there instead.

          • Fair enough. I guess it depends on the weather, and also on the route you’re taking.

            Georgia Avenue is improving, but the walk from those apartments to U Street going straight down Georgia Avenue would not be an especially scenic one.

          • J

            You can’t imagine that *anyone* would ride the metro for 3 minutes instead of walking for 30? Maybe some people have things to do?

          • Anonymous

            ^ This is why Americans are fat.

          • newintown

            No one is saying they couldn’t or wouldn’t walk 30 minutes. I could walk an hour and a half to work every day. I don’t, because sometimes the weather is inclement, sometimes I am afraid of being mugged, and sometimes I have things to do. And I’m not fat.

        • Anonymous

          I probably walk to get to places that are 30 min away walking maybe once a week or so… and only when the weather is decent (>30, <90 F).

          But I probably wouldn't say that those destinations are "walking distance" from my apartment the way the bar around the corner is, or the grocery store or Metro stop 5 blocks away is.

  • Man – remember when Petworth was affordable.
    Reminds me of my favorite comment I’ve heard on a bus in DC
    “Yeah I had to leave Logan Circle for Columbia Heights because it go too expenseive, and then had to move to Georgetown because Columbia Heights go too expensive.”

    • Tim

      Great quote!

  • Anonymous

    First, as most commenters already noted, this is by no means walking distance to U street. Absurd hyperbole.

    Second, the building is plain ugly. Make that fugly.

    • Farnsworth

      I strongly disagree and would love to find out who the architect is.

    • Anonymous

      this building is gorgeous, fugly is a really hard stretch bud.

  • Meg

    I’m really sick of people thinking that you can make a decent island by slapping a piece of granite or faux granite on top of existing cabinets. Ugh. Horrible.

    Also, all pictures from your cat’s POV.

    • Anonymous

      Huh? I don’t get your point? Where else are you supposed to put the slab of countertop to make an island?

      • Meg

        I don’t know..cut it to fit?

        • I think the idea with the overhang was to allow for enough leg room to make the island usable as a breakfast bar. Without the overhang, it wouldn’t work.

  • NHAve

    When we bought our house a couple blocks S of there (so: less than 2 blocks to metro, stumbling distance to Looking Glass & all the newer places on GA, close to Qualia, close to Meridian Pint, quick walk to DC USA) the listing also claimed that it was walking distance to Adams Morgan & U Street. This neighborhood has its own merits & this posting has me fantasizing about renting out our house & traveling the world.

  • I’ve rented an entire row house with nice yard several blocks north of here for $1,625/month for the past year.

    I’ve always laughed at what these condos ad apartments go for.

    • WalbridgeGuy

      If you really somehow found an entire townhouse for $1600 a couple blocks for the metro in the last year then that’s fantastic for you. (I suspect there’s some substantial caveats there somewhere.) But it’s not as if such arrangements are abundant and people are simply too foolish to take them.

      • Yeah, I’m quite skeptical. $1600 for an entire house? Near here? Is it functional?

        • shawgirl

          I have a full townhouse (2 beds, 2 baths) in Shaw two blocks from the metro and only pay $1800, this is absurd.

          • You have one hell of a good deal then.

  • saf

    Newly renovated? Perhaps they mean newly built?

    • saf

      Oh, wait. NH and Quincy, not GA and Quincy.

      OK, newly renovated.

    • It is an older building that a DC firm bought, paid the tenants to leave remodeled and is now renting it for twice what the rent was prior. They just finished a building across from Giant in Columbia Heights.

      • Not all of them left, but yes, there is a big difference between the rent that the pre-purchase tenants are paying for unrenovated apartments and the rent that new tenants are paying for renovated ones.

      • Marcus Aurelius

        If I recall correctly, all of the tenants were not required to – or at least did not accept the offer to get paid to – leave. There was an article some time back about the odd juxtaposition of nicely renovated units at market rates and run down units at rent controlled rates in the same building. Of course, the old tenants wanted upgraded units ar rent controlled rates, which the renovator was understandably reluctant to supply.

  • R804

    I like this place and the neighborhood, but learned that the $1,700 apartment is 482 sq’. The largest unit they have left is 562 sq’ for $1,750. $1,700 for what is a studio-sized apartment doesn’t seem to be a good deal for the neighborhood. The new development right there on Georgia is around the same price point for a larger unit that gives you access to the features of the building over the Petworth Metro (gym and rooftop).

    Do rent controls remain when a building is renovated like this? That would be the selling point to me and the reason I’ve been staying away from the new buildings for fear that my rent will jump by large sums each day.

    • R804


    • Marcus Aurelius

      Check out the article in the thread above, which discusses the unrenovated apartments in this building.
      Rent controls stay in place for existing tenants who choose to stay. But I don’t think anyone moving into a renovated apartment will have the protections of rent control going forward. The whole purpose of buying out tenants is to get their apartments off of the rent control rolls.

  • rter

    i looked at an apartment here a few months ago. They are alright, but laid out kind of odd. The balconies are very nice, and key selling point, but saw signs that made me wonder if they had roaches, so didn’t take it.


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