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Some Incredibly Cute Kittens Available for Adoption

by Prince Of Petworth November 29, 2012 at 2:45 pm 19 Comments

Dear PoPville,

My neighbor and I rescued a litter of kittens from a nasty shed behind New Hampshire Street before Thanksgiving. I have been taking care of them since then, spending a lot of time with them to socialize them so they can be good pets. It has been so fun to have them in my house, but since I already have a dog and an enormous cat, I can’t keep them. They are completely litter-box trained, eating wet and dry food, absolutely lovable, and ready to be adopted in the next week or so. Would love to find them good homes in the neighborhood, so please contact me if you are interested.

In the box are Chico Tuxedo and Celebration, both males, and rolling around on the floor are Sierra Nevada (the only girl), Torpedo, and Hefeweizen. Torpedo is the largest of the litter and the daredevil, and the first one to learn to appreciate ear rubs.

Celebration is the smallest and sweetest—no words to describe how adorable this one is. He’s the one that loves his human best, always wanting to be near me even if there’s no food involved.

Sierra Nevada is the most confident and adventurous, the one who leads the litter into a new room and won’t run back to the box when the washing machine starts a new cycle.

Chico Tuxedo, named after the home of the Sierra Nevada brewery and his black and white outfit, is starting to come out of his shell but is the most reserved of the five.

And finally, Hefeweizen—the other little one—is truly the baby of the batch, with a big round head and gigantic mischievous eyes, but he can hold his own with the big guys.

Please email [email protected] if interested.

  • Anonymous

    You’re KILLING me. They are so sweet, and I’ve been waiting to get a little buddy around the house, but I’m leaving for the holidays soon and it would be the worst possible time (for both of us) to adopt a little kitten.

  • Great thing you’ve done rescuing all these kittens. I also found it hilarious you named them all after Sierra Nevada beers. Cheers

  • Oh dear – overdose of cute! First – thank you for rescuing & caring for them! I have had vague plans to sort of start thinking about a couple of new kitties, but not sure about the current old cat. Any advice from PoPville?

    My (even older) other cat died a few months ago. They never got along and the other was a bit of a bully, so Rosie is now enjoying a peaceful reign of the house. Not sure about bringing in some youngsters. Could rejuvenate her, could drive her crazy.

    • i’ve done this a couple of times – old cat, new kitten, and old cat, new adult cat. the old cat/new kitten thing seems to be much less traumatic. yeah, the kittens drove the old cat crazy, but since they are babies the old cat would tolerate it. another grown-up cat already has its habits fixed and won’t change for another cat.

      These little guys are so cute. sadly we suffer from an abundance of cats.

      • C3PO

        One thing I’ve learned is to not skimp on the attention to the old cat. In fact, give him/her even more attention than before. It will make the transition less traumatic for them – and ultimately, much easier for you.

        • Identified

          Yeah – this works wonders. When you introduce a puppy to a house with an older dog, you actualyl ignore the puppy for a few days, giving the attention to the older dog. Eases tension and sets the tone in the house. Though ignoring puppies is always a difficult thing.

          I wish I could have a cat, but I can only have 1 pet. Too cute. Thanks for saving the kittehs.

    • anon

      Apparently kittens do better with other kittens or with young cats than with older cats (or on their own):


    • anon

      Kittens are supposed to be much better off when paired with another kitten or with a young cat than with an old cat or by themselves:


      • Karen

        Whatever (sorry, it’s such a passive aggressive word!). We all adjust to new situations, and as humans, we can help the animals adjust to minimize the stress. There are so many (silly) ideas about bringing animals into a household in the city, and they’re part of the reason animal shelters in the cities have so many animals up for adoption. If you want a kitten but you have an older cat, go for it. You can make it work. That won’t be one of my screening criteria.

  • Anonymous

    Love the names! Nice work

  • anonymous

    It pains me to even think about this but please be very careful when releasing these kittens to someone you do not know. Unfortunately, some people want them for snake food. I know…so sad and just unbelievable but it does exist. If you haven’t already, please contact a no kill shelter who may take these adorable kitties off your hands and who run routine checks to potential adopters.

    • anon

      A no-kill shelter probably wouldn’t be able to take the kittens off the OP’s hands — foster homes are always in short supply — but the OP could foster the kittens under their auspices, and the no-kill shelter (or rescue group) would handle veterinary work and screen potential adopters.

    • 1. There is no such thing as a “no kill” shelter. Only shelters that pass on the terrible but sadly necessary duty of euthanasia to others.

      2. Why do you think it is right to establish your own hierarchy of “worthiness” in regard to snake food? Snakes eat small mammals. Yes, you are totally allowed to personally decree a kitten more “valuable” than a rat. But why?

    • E.

      Another concern when adopting to people you don’t know is whether or not they will get the kittens spayed and neutered. Without that, you just end up with more cats pretty soon. The Washington Humane Society offers a low cost spay/neutered program, as I’m sure do others in the area.

      OP, please stress the importance of getting that done to anyone who adopts these guys! And kudos to you for taking them in and caring for them. I just rehomed the last of three kittens I found over Labor Day weekend. I know how must of disruption and how much work even the cutest kittens are. Good for you for taking it on. Good luck finding home!

    • Anonymous

      Hm..funny thing about these shelters. I absolutely fell in love with a cat and immediately contacted the shelter. They wouldn’t give her to me because I didn’t feed my current cat the supposedly proper food. Months later, she was still up for adoption!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That cat could have been out of the shelter and sunbathing away in the numerous windows in my home with more human love than she could handle but, no.

  • bb

    SO cute.

  • Sweet Peas

    OMG! If only I weren’t severely allergic… :( A very big kudos to you and here’s to finding these adorable little sweet peas loving homes (I’m sure you will!).

  • Karen

    Thanks everybody for all the kind thoughts and interest. I know the kitties will be happy in their new home. Someone who owns a cosmetic testing lab generously offered to take all five of them so they’ll all be able to stay together. What a relief! I hated the idea of splitting the team up. Just kidding!!!!!!!! You have all been wonderful and I have no doubt that by the end of the weekend they’ll all be in new and wonderful homes. I have offered before on this page and will do it again–having raised hundreds (if not thousands, now that I tried to count) of puppies, kittens, lambs, piglets, calves, etc. in my earlier life, I am a stranded farm girl who can help you if you want to rescue and foster a litter of kittens yourself. They’re the easiest on list. You don’t need to cede that amazing experience to an institution, even those with the best of intentions. They’re poorly resourced and way overextended. And I did check with a number of them over the last week. As this experience has affirmed–there are plenty of us that can help with the stray cat problem in Petworth, each in our own way.

    • I emailed at the address you posted yesterday about adopting but haven’t heard back yet.


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