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Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

by Prince Of Petworth — November 30, 2012 at 10:00 am 84 Comments

PoPville 6 year anniversary cake by Michelle’s Cakes

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

I just wanted to thank everyone who made it out to the party last night. It was great seeing folks who I’ve now known for your years and it was equally great meeting so many new faces. Thanks to DC Brau for providing a great new beer. And a special thanks to Meridian Pint for being an incredible host.

Also just a little heads up – on Monday – the site will officially switch from www.princeofpetworth.com to www.PoPville.com. After six years the site has grown to cover nearly all of DC’s neighborhoods and PoPville has come to represent these areas. And since our twitter and flickr pool is @PoPville it just makes sense to unify the name. If anyone experiences technical difficulties after the switch please let me know. If you use the old URL you will automatically be redirected to PoPville. Please note, my email is staying the same at princeofpetworth(at)gmail if you have any problems. Thanks to all for sticking with me all these years and thanks to all for sharing your incredible knowledge and experiences. Can’t wait to see what we learn next year!

  • Rave: Costco! Loved it. All the employees were great and very excited that I talked too.

    Rave2: Loved looking at my reciept for $242 in goods and $160 in food, and seeing that I paid $14.52 in tax to DC.

    Rave3: That same trip in Pentagon city would have cost me $16.10 in tax to Virginia.

    Rave4: Meridian Pint last night on the way home from Costco. Missed meeting PoP or anyone else, as it was already 9:00pm, but enjoyed a couple of beers with the wife.

    Rave5: Friday, and first payday at the new job. Loving the number after a solid raise from the previous job, and no 401k or benefits/parking being taken out of the current paycheck (yet)

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Sorry to have missed ya – I was there until 11:30! 🙂

  • TG

    Rave: That is an awesome cake. Sorry I could not make the party. Lucky 7 for sure.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else getting multiple flyers this week from companies trying to buy their house for cash in Petworth?

    • saf

      Not just this week – all the time.

    • I have been getting them as well. Find it interesting that a company based in Ashburn claims to be the “Petworth Experts”

      • If you’re referring to WSD, they actually do a ton of renovations in Petworth. They flip houses, but do a pretty good job.

  • NJ Ave

    Happy Anniversary! Thanks from a devoted reader and fan. Keep up the fantastic job 🙂

  • Kam

    This Jordan Davis story makes me sick, as if Trayvon Martin wasn’t bad enough. R.I.P. to both of them.

  • Rave: Last night was best night ever: (1) Watched Emperor’s New Groove (2) Had a great time at the PoP party; it was really nice to meet all of you! (3) Stopped by the old CH Giant to stock up on frozen pre-peeled shrimp (Safeway never has it) and it was super on sale (4) Had Z-burger for dinner (5) watched Big Bang Theory with husband (6) didn’t fret about finals coming up once all night, and didn’t have a stress dream where I wake up all sweaty.

    Rant: None. Bring it on, final exams; I will own you.

    • Emperor’s New Groove is my favorite movie! It is guaranteed to put you in a good mood 🙂

    • Great Rave! I used to get sick from stress around finals and now I wish I would have enjoyed life a little more 😀 Have a great weekend!

    • nice to meet you, Allison!

    • j

      Best of luck on finals!!!!!!!

  • PeachyKeen

    Rave: I am really loving my new job. These people allow me to flourish and work from him 🙂
    Rant: Capital One bought ING Direct. Time to move my $10.56
    Revel: I got a personal trainer. Im scared but sooo ready.
    Query: Am a strange for wanting a Christmas tree. Even though I live alone and will probably not go home to hang out with the family for Christmas?

    • PeachyKeen



    • You could get one of the miniature tress (~3 feet) that are potted– they sell them at the grocery store sometimes. It’s not weird to want one!

      • PeachyKeen

        Totally gonna get one!

        • Husband and I have a little tree too– we put it up on a coffee table with a little Christmas tablecloth so it looks more statuesque…

    • saf

      There is nothing strange about wanting a Christmas tree.

  • rave: PoPville
    rant: I missed PoPville’s anniversary party last night
    rave: I missed it because of a photography gig possibility

  • On the Hill

    Rant: Somehow missed the notice about the PoPville Anniversary Party last night! Epic fail on my part, would totally have gone!

    Rave: Had a kickass day at work yesterday — finally figuring out this whole business development thing.

  • Anon

    Rave: Finally bought tickets to fly home for Christmas before the prices got super crazy.
    Rant: Prices were still pretty crazy, but I guess that’s really my own fault for waiting till now.
    Rave: Going to see the guy this weekend after not seeing him for two weeks! Still smitten and it’s getting worse every day. 🙂
    Rant: 8 day work weeks suck.

  • Marymay

    Rave: PoPville

    Rave: Interview on Monday. Nervous…

    Rave: Going home for the holidays. I miss the chaos of my niece and nephew

  • Britt

    Rave: Family christmas party – all the cousins and aunts and uncles – cannot wait!

    Rave: Awesome gift for the husband for Christmas! Bought electronic tickets off of Stubhub – but now I’m wondering how real they are. Any way to verify ticketmaster electronic tickets before showing up at the event?!

    Rave: Heading up an really interesting proposal at work that dovetails perfectly with my interests! Yay!

    • If people are selling on Stubhub, they are legit. To sell on stubhub, you attach a CC, and Stubhub will charge back if the tickets are fake or whatever. Have no fear, the 10% fee you paid virtually ensures these tickets are good. Bring the Stubhub phone number with you just in case, if anything does go wrong. They will make it right, and get tickets for you.

      • Brit

        Thanks for the info Kyle. I’ll be sure to carry their number to call them. I’m just concerned – you know, even if they’re legitimate tickets, how can we be sure they’re not using them too as they’re electronic?

        • We bought tickets on StubHub for our whole branch to go to the Nats. We printed out our tickets and took that with us. I think there is a bar code the ushers can scan.

  • Whereeverybodyknows

    Rave – Had the BEST morning with my new boyfriend. I met him here in the city 4 months ago and he’s genuinely a good guy.
    Ladies – They exist just stop giving all of the d-bags chances and you’ll see them.
    Rave – Its effin Friday!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Happy for you! And also jealous.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Being Jewish this time of year means not having to worry about a tree, decorations, Chirstmas dinner, etc.

    Rant: Spending Christmas day with gf’s family. None of them drink and they talk about Jesus almost non-stop.

    • Ggoorrsstt

      Your rant is my definition of hell.

    • kj

      Solution: Show up hammered 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I’m thinking of bringing a flask this year.

    • Oh wow that sucks. You could bring your running clothes and shoes and spend part of the day outside. “But I have to make room for this lovely Christmas dinner!” If that doesn’t work, at least get gf out for an hour walk.

      • Anonymous

        You’ve just described my tactic for surviving visits to the in-laws!! They have this impression I’m a super fit marathon runner (not anything close to the truth), some days I even got for TWO runs. Factor in the time to shower afterwards and it turns into a 2-hour respite.

  • Nabob of NoPe

    RAVE: Twenty-nine people were arrested yesterday following their indictments on federal charges in connection with an ongoing investigation by the Cross Border Task Force into a network that distributed heroin, crack cocaine, powder cocaine, and other drugs in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Georgia & Kennedy Ave. targeted for cleanup. Crackheads across the street evicted, thanks to those people who buy homes for cash. Finally starting to feel optimistic again.

  • Rant: Have another cold or it’s a relapse from the one I had a couple of weeks ago (it’s the relapse that will kill you).

    Rave: My z key spontaneously started working again.

    Had another, better rave, but I forgot it; colds make me spacier than usual.

  • Rant: Missed the PoPville anniversary party last night.

    Rave: It’s Friday!

  • Anon

    Rant: Express suggests fedoras as a holiday gift for men. Has anyone seen someone wearing a fedora and not thought they looked like a douche bag?

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, if the recommendation came from a store website, PR, I would think it’s biased marketing. When I say bias, I mean in favor of the store because they want to sell x product. I think it depends on the man, their lifestyle, their context (where they live, where they work, what kind of person they are). I’m not sure that I remember when I saw a man wearing a fedora (outside of an advertisement) and also maybe from a different era. Are they making a comeback?

    • This is a bad gift idea in my opinion. If you know a guy that can actually get away with wearing a Fedora, he probably already has one.

    • To answer your question: No, I have not.

    • anon

      I would be highly skeptical of fashion and especially cosmetics recommendations from a publication like Express — they’ve got marketing people pushing that stuff on them as fodder for spotlight items.

    • saf

      My husband wears fedoras. I think he looks great.

      (He also wears baseball caps. Those are ok.)

    • No. No, I haven’t.

  • whysohard?

    Rant: Going on a date, having a good time – obvious attraction & easy to talk to each other — we both agree that it would be great to go out again and then, when I follow up, silence? Why do people do this? So annoying!!!!

    But, seriously, if you do this why do you do this? I want to understand, so that it doesn’t annoy me so much.


  • RozCat

    Rant: Last night, after seemingly trailing behind someone into the garage of my condo building( I wasn’t– it just appeared that way to her) , I get the third degree from the person when we get to the elevator: “Do you live here? We’ve had robberies you know,” etc.

    I am a black man and she was a young white woman, so yes, there’s that dynamic. I’ve lived in the building over 5 years, but it’s large enough that not everybody knows everybody, but she presses on and I basically roll my eyes and mutter some answer not to her satisfaction, which raises her ire and makes her defensive. My question: If I AM a criminal, what’s the expected outcome of this kind of inquisition? That I will TELL her, yes, I don’t live here and I’m looking to rob someone”. Why must I be put in the position of calming your fears?

    • anon

      “Why must I be put in the position of calming your fears?” Um, because you seemingly followed someone into the garage?? Maybe next time you could wait, so that there’s no doubt that the garage door opened for you and you didn’t just sneak in behind someone.

      Given how much crime happens from people following building residents into their buildings — and how residents usually feel obligated to be “polite” and not second-guess the people following them in — I’m not surprised that she acted the way she did.

      • If you feel you have been followed into a garage or a building – drive or walk out right away. Unless you are a ninja or James Bond – what are you going to do if you confront them and they actually are a criminal? Leave and call security or the police. If you are outside your building and someone wants to follow you in, then you might question them.

        Be polite and friendly “Oh, are you visiting someone here? – Here’s the call box – I’m sure you appreciate how we look out for other’s security.”

    • Anonymous

      I feel you Rozcat, situations like this happen all the time to me. It sucks you have to go out of your way to soothe the fears of someone else because of their own ignorance.

    • L

      Ha ha. I feel your pain. I think we live in the same building.

    • anon

      I don’t know. In my last apartment, there were about three times I had to ask people if they lived there because they followed me in (granted – through the front door rather than the garage. Not sure what I would do if someone followed me into the garage). Two showed me their key fobs, but one (young 20-something white) girl said no, she was visiting a friend. I told her to go to the call box and call her friend to buzz her in. She gave me a scornful look, but did it. I’m sure I was the story of the evening.

      The security doors don’t work unless everyone takes care to not let anyone in behind them. We live in a community, or should try to. sure that the people I asked felt put upon, and some may have felt judged. It wasn’t about calming my fears. It was about trying to do my little part to keep my building safe by not letting people in if I didn’t know they should be there.

      Maybe the girl could have dealt with it better – but wouldn’t you rather have neighbors who are watching to see if people are riding in behind them than not caring at all?

      • Anonymous

        But even the buzzer system has it’s weaknesses – think about Elaine buzzing all of those Jehovah’s Witnesses into Seinfeld’s building!

      • anonymous

        +1. I’ve told all kinds of people to wait outside the door if I do not know who they are. We have a responsibility to not let people into our locked building unless we can be sure they have a right to be there. Yeah, it creates uncomfortable situations, but I’d rather be uncomfortable than unsafe. I owe it to myself and to my fellow neighbors.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Weekend

    Rant: Dating and feeling like you are never quite enough for someone

    • anonymous

      Rant: Everything seems so blah these days. Friends, life, work etc. It’s hard to snap out of it.

      Rave: 60-degree weather coming up this weekend. I hope that helps.

  • anonymous

    Rant: Oh, suburbanites. We work in DC near a popular restaurant district, but anytime a birthday or retirement luncheon is held, everyone has to get into their cars and head to a Ruby Tuesdays-equivalent in Arlington, VA.
    Rant: Having to pay for an artificial party in a hopelessly mediocre restaurant.
    Rave: It’s only a couple hours. Life could be far worse.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t really get this rant. If you work in DC where there are a lot of restaurants, why do you schlepp into NoVa? Couldn’t you suggest one of the nearby restaurants that you work by?

      • anonymous

        If only it were that easy. Those from the bottom of the totem pole do not have a say in these kinds of matters. Plus, it is ultimately the wish of the birthday person or the soon-to-be retiree. I think the idea of having to walk a few city blocks is a foreign concept for my car driving colleagues, who will gladly drive down 395 for the chain places they know.

        • Anonymous

          Oh, I guess that makes more sense, sort of, now that you’ve explained it. I was going to say even if you are “at the bottom of the totem pole,” suggestions never hurt, even if they are never taken up immediately. If it’s the birthday boy or girl or the retiree who gets to pick, that’s a different story. Wait until it’s your birthday and then pick one of those close to you restaurants!

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, my husband was complaining that their holiday party will be at Olive Garden this year.

          • Anonymous

            Beats my husband’s office’s frequent choice of…Golden Corral. Gag

  • kittysitter

    Rave: early admission acceptance to grad school!

    • Yay! I’m sure that’s such a relief!

    • Samezeys! SUCH A RELIEF!

  • Rant: Living Social not allowing me to change my ticket to one of their events to a different date even though there are still tickets left. They suggested I buy another ticket on the date I want. WHAT?!?! So frustrating.

    Rave: It’s the weekend and it’s going to be good weather.

    Rave: Talked to a realtor last night and I might actually be able to afford to buy a place.

  • Rave: Thirty minutes of yoga at lunch has left me feeling pretty great!

    Rave: About to partake in an afternoon hot chocolate.

    Rave: The old lady who walks past my office every afternoon at this time and waves at me. She knows my name because I’m on the bulletin board but I have no idea who she is or even what department she’s from.

    Rant: I shall abstain for the day.

  • Anon

    RANT: Girlfriend is being insanely manic today. When I asked if she took her medication, that sent her over into an even nastier rage (my suspicions were correct). I haven’t gotten anything done at work since noon due to the fact that she’s calling and sending dozens of texts about how I don’t care about her, I’m not fulfilling her needs, that I don’t respect her time, etc.

    She’s not handling the stress of grad school well and it looks like she’s canceling her weekend trip to DC to see me (she’s in southern VA). It’s weird, considering we just spent a 5 day weekend for the holidays with her parents and extended family. I paid a lot of money to see her family and took time away from my own family to be with her.

    Anyways, I feel like I’ll be single again soon. I’m done with younger women for a while.

    • Anonymous

      I was going to say wow – you must have a lot of patience. Good luck to you, whichever way the relationship rolls.

      • Anon

        Yeah, I have a lot of patience. I also don’t take things too personally, I’m good at compartmentalizing.

        The stress of school, lack of sleep, and skipping her medications today leads to angry projection of her insecurities. I’ve told her that she only owes me one thing: take your meds everyday. If she doesn’t take them, she becomes extremely angry and lashes out at at whoever is closest to her.

        She’s 24 and while she’s incredibly mature in some ways (ex. her amazing work ethic, academic success, and ability to accomplish goals), she still has a lot of insecurities. At my age (early 30s), I can’t deal with these juvenile insecurities and imagined slights. I think I might need someone closer to my age who is comfortable in her own skin. I don’t want to be a relationship with someone who I need to constantly reassure.

        • Margaret

          Rave: Older women who know what they want, have figured out who they are and what they need, don’t need to take out frustrations on loved ones and are sexy as hell.
          Rave: I’m one of them! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      As a family member of a bipolar person, I say, dump her, but dude, call her family. If she’s off the meds, you’re probably the only person who knows, and she could become dangerous to herself or others soon.

  • FedEmployee

    Rave: It’s Friday. Can’t say that enough.
    Rant: Can’t seem to find a co-ed (or women’s) basketball league in DC that’s looking for players. I’m not super competitive and I don’t really know anyone in the city that plays. I’d like to get back into the sport and meet some new people, but everywhere seems to want you to sign up with a team!

  • nonnymrs

    Rant/Question: I pose this to newlyweds. After you get married, does it seem like every third person seems to deem him/herself as either financial planner or fertility expert (or both), regardless of whether they are barren and penniless?

    It seems like the more a person is on the periphery of your social circle, the more license they feel they have to ask you questions and make judgments about in real estate investment and family planning. Is this some kind of rite of passage for married folk to endure?

    • Just wait until you get pregnant / have kids (if that’s your thing). Then they really come out of the woodwork with ridiculous / stupid advice. Strangers too.

    • As a 2.5 month newlywed, I would say that has not been our experience… or at least not exactly. I’ve gotten a few questions along the lines of “when will kids arrive?” but no actual suggestions/advice yet for either. We did have a few people assume that we were buying when we moved right before our wedding but again, no actual suggestions/advice/pushing. It probably helps that all of our family is in the midwest and we’re out east. 🙂

      I would imagine that the reaction will be much worse once kids are actually on their way (so not loving the idea of random people touching my belly!).

    • Newlywed

      Maybe I’ve been lucky but that has not been my experience at all.

    • Allison

      The only time I’ve ever had this experience as a young married person was when I had the misfortune to be seated next to a stranger on a plane who was “the talker.” (You know the kind, they accost your attention and demand that you speak to them throughout the entire flight.)

      This fellow (single and childless, mind you) decided that he was the expert on my life and told me exactly how many children to have and when, at length, while getting drunk (thanks flight attendant for not cutting him off). He also grabbed my hand and told me that I needed to grow out my fingernails and paint them. I exited the plane with an eye twitch.


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