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Petco’s Unleashed Opens in NoMa

by Prince Of Petworth November 4, 2012 at 10:05 pm 29 Comments

1200 1st Street, NE

Petco’s Unleashed opens Monday at 9am at 1st and M Street, NE:

“Welcome to Unleashed by Petco. You’ll feel right at home in our neighborhood pet stores. We’ve got your everyday pet essentials along with the best in premium, natural, organic and raw nutrition.”

  • Anonymous

    Great news!

  • Brad

    Metro Mutts in right around the corner on H st NE between 5th and 6th. Support local businesses!

    • Anon X

      Should I support local businesses even when they’re charging 10-30% more for the same exact thing? Metro Mutts is incredibly expensive. Why should I put their economic well being ahead of my own? Its a business not a charity.

      • Anonymous

        How are they more expensive? I’ve checked other retailers, including the chains and online sellers, and my dog’s food ends up being the least expensive at Metro Mutts. I think Amazon was selling it for the same price, and I get free shipping with my Prime membership, but when you factor in the loyalty program and occasional coupon Metro Mutts sends to their customers it ends up being the cheaper option.

        If you want to but the cheapest food out there for your dog, then Petco might make more sense (although the generic dog food at Aldi costs much, much less). But you can’t compare high-quality food to brands like Alpo and Pedigree that aren’t very good for them and expect them to be equivalent in price.

        • Anon X

          I dont know what brand dog food you buy, but what I buy is slightly cheaper online than at Metro Mutts.

          Everything else from toys to treats to chews are like 60-70% cheaper online.

          I did not know about their loyalty program or coupons, but the sales online are far more accessible and the sticker prices are consistently lower before sales. You often can get stuff at the price that pet stores get it and oftentimes you dont have to buy in bulk, just 2-3 of the same thing. Sometimes you do have to buy in bulk, but it depends on how much storage you have.

          Also, petco has clearance sales that are incredible. 2-7 dollar toys that are 15+ regularly and definitely that much at metro mutts (if not more).

          I like a lot about Metro Mutts and I go in there from time to time, but I always know that Im going to be paying more.

          • Anonymous

            Ok, I don’t buy a lot of toys so I didn’t know there was such a disparity there.

      • Better still, what about the half of us who have cats instead of (or in addition to) dogs? There have been times when I’ve walked in Planet Pet and there hasn’t been a single bag of dry cat food of any variety on the shelf. And Wagtime gave me some snooty answer yesterday about how they’re a “dog store” and that it was apparently too much to ask them to stock various varieties of cat food like senior or weight management.

        I’m done with the local stores. My only hope is that Petco puts another Unleashed somewhere on 14th Street.

        • E.

          For what it’s worth, Green Paws does pretty decently (for a local pet store in this town) at serving cat owners. I have a dog and two cats, and I avoid Wagtime as much as possible.

  • marlene

    Is there parking below this building?

    • Anonymous

      Yes. Hopefully it’s free or at least subsidized for people who shop at this place.

  • While I do think this is exciting because I like variety in the product choices for my dog, based on a quick review of their websites Metro Mutts and Green Paws each has a much better (higher quality, in my opinion) selection of dog foods. I don’t think a national pet store chain will ever be able to compete with the choice and service of a small, local business.

  • Great news indeed! No more trips out to the ‘burbs to stock up on pet supplies! As for the comment about Metro Mutts, I really wanted to support them but their selections for cats felt limited and the prices were higher than what I can find elsewhere.

    Parking is available across the street with the HT.

    • Anonymous

      Doesn’t Harris Teeter have a lot of pet stuff? I go there for basic dog stuff and Metro Mutts for nicer things. Between the two I haven’t found a need for Petco aside from grooming services. And it doesn’t look like this one offers grooming. :(

      • grooming

        There’s a sign in the window that says it has a $10 self dog wash. Which is what I’m most happy about.

  • Eastern Market

    Metro Mutts is like the Whole Foods of pet supplies. That said, I think there are enough people willing to feed their pets nutritious food that costs a little more, just like there are plenty of people willing to do the same for themselves.

    When I lived in Annandale the mom-and-pop pet store went out of business within a month after the shiny new Petco opened on Little River Turnpike. I do hope that doesn’t happen here. I don’t think business at the SE Metro Mutts location will suffer too much, at least.

  • dans

    They’ll kick you out for unleashed pets. True story.

    • why

      Why would anyone think it’s acceptable to take an unleashed pet into a store? I would hope they’d kick you out.

    • hillizen

      As they very well should.

    • anon

      I guess someone took the name a little too literally.

  • Anon

    I get my dog’s stuff at GreenPaws and will continue to do so. I’d like to find a close-in to Bloomingdale place that sells fish and fish supplies.

  • No Mas

    Why do they have to take up so much linear storefront space on 1st St.? Contrast with other side of street, where many businesses serving different types of people exist. Guess which side is more interesting to pedestrians?

    That building and the Archstone just south of it are terrible urban design. Wasted opportunities to create a real Main St. in NoMa.

  • Truxton K

    Just went over to pick up a few items for my dog. From what I can tell, they’ve focused the product selection on higher end foods/treats already carried by the PetCo chain. The staff is attentive and helpful and the $10 DIY dog baths are a nice surprise.

    I’m not sure why the space was demised as it was, but the store is pretty well laid out for its size. It might be tricky if you have a lot of people waiting for one of the two registers, but I don’t know what design would avoid that in such a small space.

  • bfinpetworth

    Another good local choice is Wagtime on 9th St. near the convention center. Great people, and a nice selection of products in a smallish space. They also offer boarding, training, and assist Lucky Dog animal rescue with fostering. They may be more expensive (I haven’t verified that one way or the other) than Petco or Petsmart or online, but sometimes it is worth spending the extra money to support such a great community business!

    • I work there part-time. They also offer grooming and doggie daycare!

      • Anonymous

        How do their grooming prices compare? And do you know if the Wagtime Too near the Navy Yard will be doing grooming as well?

        • Wagtime’s grooming rates vary based on the breed of your dog and exactly what you want done. I have a shepherd mix that doesn’t require professional grooming so I have no idea how their rates compare with other places. Sorry!

          Last I heard they will offer grooming services at the new one.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, I know it depends on breed. Just thought you might know if, say, Wagtime would charge more to groom a poodle than Petco.

  • hildogs

    Just wanted to note how impressive the rainwater work done on the sidewalk is!

  • stephanie

    My husband and I stopped by the new store today. We feed Taste of the Wild which they don’t carry so we will continue to buy our food at our local Howl to the Chief store but they did have some good stuff there. Plenty of high quality food choices, they don’t have some of the lower end brands that they carry in the large petco stores. It’s a small neighborhood version of their store with enough to cover all the bases if you have a dog or a cat. The employees were extremely friendly and they are offering a couple great coupons for their opening.

    One thing we particularly like the metro Mutts on H St for is their choices in collars/harnesses/leashes and their knowledge at fitting them.

    All in all I think each store brings something different to the table and most likely they can all co-exist.


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