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  • Well, considering that the development planned for that location seems to have been scuttled, I’d say that it’s not out of the question.

    • bfm

      im curious where was it announced that 655 NY Ave development was cancelled? since they are making the eagle close down…

  • Anonymous

    I never had a chance to check it out. Was it as much of a hot mess as some people on here were predicting?

  • AllTheThings

    I trashily LOVED Beach Bar.

    I think they should make a seasonal winter wonderland version during cold months.

  • Place was just weak!… I wanted it to be great but it was overpriced drinks and just sand in a parking lot. Needed live reggae all day and should have had the cheapest beer in town due to lack over ‘overhead’. Missed opportunity maybe they can fix it for next year.

  • Anonymous

    Way overpriced weak drinks but cool concept.

  • Anonymous

    Cute idea but in practice it was totally unpleasant.

  • John M

    I went to Beach Bar just once… I vowed to never go back as soon as I saw the buses from Clarendon lined up outside. Overpriced, weak drinks and no live music. I’m sure The Passenger made a KILLING off this place though.

    Winter Wonderland concept would be cool… I’m thinking impromptu caroling and warm apple cider. Hold the sand.

  • Having to wear shoes in the sand…..was it worth it?

  • Anonymous

    Agree with everyone else but want to add that it is way too hot to drink outside in DC in the summer. The temperature hits mid-90’s most days in the shade, and direct exposure to the afternoon sun paired with brick walls on three sides and sand/asphalt under foot probably puts the temperature by the bar around 105 by happy hour.

    The disgusting heat and lack of foot traffic will ultimately kill an otherwise original and cool concept.

  • Anonymous

    i had a great time here, little overpriced but the cornhole outweighed the price point


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