• Dan: Did you have a chance to go inside? How does the interior look compared to how it was a few years ago? How about what they stock?

    Glad to see it’s open again. The proprietor should be able to do well as the amount of money in the neighborhood continues to skyrocket.

    • Jake

      It’s cleaner and more open than before, with a shiny new floor that has a leaf and tree pattern to it. They’ve installed a small sandwich prep area behind the main counter. There’s now a working piano (painted light blue) by the window.

  • Jake

    I stopped by this weekend and had a great experience. They were very friendly. There’s now a working piano in the store. And they made me a delicious duck breast sandwich for a reasonable price. I’ll definitely be going back.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    It’s beautiful inside. Alas I was not permitted to take photos inside. It’s very clean and has a deli counter too now. Great wine selection as well.

  • TG

    I used to live there when it first opened. Hardworking guy trying to make that place work. Simon was his name. The old landlord offered to sell him the builidng in 2002 for 800k. Would have been a good deal.

  • jrt

    Great job reno-ing the place. I think they did it all themselves. Not so sure about how they are going about marketing the place. You can’t get basics like milk, eggs–but they have super high end dried mushrooms and whatnot.

    Also, they seemed to really struggle with the deli service. Super slow, the guy was extremely confused when i tried to order a basic turkey sandwich. Wishing them the best of luck–but don’t know as someone who lives in the neighborhood how many times I’ll need to run-in and grab mushrooms.

    • I second that… took forever for my sandwich and when I got it home it was super fatty (chicken breast) which I ended up throwing out :(

      I want to love the place, but am concerned there won’t be enough for me to to stop in on a regular basis as I am a beer kind of girl so I may find I end up sticking with windows.

  • Anonymous

    The menu is a little strange: high-end fare like the aforementioned dried mushrooms, but then they will also be selling pieces of toast for 75 cents. Not sure how often I’ll be craving toast.

  • VK

    Another issue with the place is their hours of operation. It seems that they are closed by 7 pm.

  • AC

    Why not milk and eggs?!?!

  • Neal – Som Records

    I popped in there on Monday. I agree with some of the comments above. Not sure their product mix is right but hopefully they’ll figure it out. When Simon ran it before he tried to appeal to the poorer residents of the neighborhood as well as the more upscale ones (twinkies and craft beer for example). He did get robbed a few times and his windows were broken pretty regularly. The new owners may be trying to go strictly upscale. Not sure if that’ll work but I wish them luck. They did seem very nice.

  • z

    Went there today– tried to buy one thing and it took them forever to notice I was standing at the counter waiting to pay, and they had some trouble operating their ipad version of a cash register. The product mix definitely seemed too upscale, with way too much wine and fancy dry goods that will probably just gather dust, and basic necessities were lacking. Also, the greek yogurt was sitting out in the sun not in a cooler. It would be so nice to have an alternative to Windows and Field to City, but it seems like this place would be hit or miss for most items I regularly buy. Windows manages to cram a ton of selection into an awkwardly small store– this one was prettily arranged but there wasn’t much I wanted to buy. The interior does look nice though.


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