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Dear PoPville – SWAT Team Operation in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth November 29, 2012 at 12:30 pm 69 Comments

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Dear PoPville,

This morning just before 6am there was a SWAT raid on the row house directly next door to me near 14th and Meridian Pl NW in Columbia Heights. My house mates and I suspected drug dealing was going on at the residence based off all the suspicious comings and goings we have witnessed since we moved in three months ago. We woke up to flash bangs, doors being broken in, and SWAT members apprehending people. Unfortunately, we did not get to see any of the evidence being taken out of the house. While I hope to never have that kind of scary wake up again, props to the cops for their investigation and take down! Anyone else hear or see this?

  • mark

    Several locations were raided this way this am. Not just this one.

  • Brian

    Same thing happened at 13th and Hamilton or Galllatin St. NW at about the same time. Must be related.

    • It was the 1200 block of Hamilton. Anybody find the arrest reports online or anything from MPD? I haven’t.

  • Too bad they still refuse to do anything about the dealers on my block!

    • Anonymous

      if you want it cleaned up, you will need to help the cops get the info they need for charges to stick.

      • Anonymous

        So in other words, be an informant? Sounds like a safe and great idea! Let me stop what I’m doing and get out there and put myself in harms way, sounds great.

        • Informing the police is the best way to stay safe. I’ve done it before and will do it again. That includes providing evidence and testifying in court. I won’t hide from fools.

          • The drug war has gone so well to date!

  • oats

    Is this the house on the end of the block across the street from the Getaway? It seems like the police have had an eye on that house for a while, often with a car parked close by and extra lights set up at night.

  • Penny Lane

    This is definitely a drug raid. Most raids take place between 5-7 AM when the dealers and people doing the drugs are most docile from partying all night long.

    • Anonymous

      This made me chuckle. That isn’t the reason raids are done early in the morning.

      • RozCat

        Well what’s the reason?

      • Umm, actually it is.

  • Roz

    Great, now the price of drugs is going to go through the roof.

    • +1

    • Joe E.

      Yeah, leave it to the Liberal elitist DC government to punish ‘entrepreneurs’, ‘small business owners’ and ‘job creators’.

      • This is what happens when you don’t give them their cut.

  • Anonymous

    So proud of my block, the only time I have ever seen it mentioned is related to drugs or the horses ass award bacon funeral home building. oh and that DC fish crackhouse.

    I know why I live there (cheap rent), but I wonder about all those folks in the Allegro…

    • Yeah, I lived in the Allegro my first year in DC, before buying in Petworth. It was pretty nice but I felt uneasy on the streets past 10 pm (which is rare for me anyway).

      • It is something about passing that Ruby Tuesday at night where your brain says “Please, turn back”

        • Poon

          Take a look at crime stats. The area north of Ruby Tuesday is the safest in Columbia Heights.

          • On 14th? The lighting, and foot traffic drops off pretty dramatically compared to the Irving, Kenyon, Park section. I have not begun a comparitive analysis on it though. I thought about it after you said “check the stats”, then I decided I will just continue living my life.

            Litterally, a block north of Ruby Tuesday is the half boarded shop, a trap house, and the spot they did this bust on. Judging by the energy of people coming out of these traps, it’s crack or meth. It’s a great spot for people watching though.

          • Poon

            Your snark is ridiculous. If you don’t want to look at crime stats, so be it. You’ll just have to take my word for it, since you went up to Social once and were scared of a boarded up shop. There are gangs on Girard and Fairmont that fire guns at each other. The area south of the metro station is objectively much worse than the area north of Monroe, which you refer to as Ruby Tuesday. While the lighting is better in the newly renovated plaza, it doesn’t drop off any more north of the metro than it does south. The “spot” they did this bust on is a house you’ve never seen before, about halfway between 14th and 16th Streets. You don’t know what you’re writing about.

  • JS

    It’s only taken 4.5 years for the cops to finally raid this place.

  • LP

    Same thing happened on the 700 block of Kenyon today. Woke up to a door being kicked in!

    • LP

      I should clarify: not my door, it was my next door neighbor’s.

      • Drew

        Thanks for the clarification :o)

      • Mike

        Hmmm… and a “police shooting” just hours earlier a few blocks away.

  • Anonymous

    This is the yellow house right on corner, across from GetAway. Thank God this place is done with, hopefully. What a nightmare of characters, with I’m sure a good deal of crimes associated within a tight radius. They seem to be cleaning up the area, with the lights on all night with the small building running along side the “park” area. Now go after Coopers Hardware, that is a total front for some shenanegans.

    • OP

      It actually was not the house right across from The Getaway, it is about half a block down Meridian Pl.

    • KenyonDweller

      What’s wrong with Coopers Hardware? I don’t live close enough to know whether shenanigans go on there, but I have shopped there occasionally over the years. The place is disorganized, but they have most everything, and the owner is super nice and helpful.

    • Anonymous

      Do you know that about Coopers? What a shame :-(

      Also, I think Carolina Market may also be a front. And does anyone know the deal with “Elizabeth Fashion”? There are a million customers but no one ever comes out with a shopping bag.

      • I live right down the street from Cooper’s and Carolina. The folks at Cooper’s are real nice, but they don’t ever seem to have any substantial business from what I can tell. Interestingly, last time I walked by Carolina Market it looked like the windows were covered up with newspaper, anyone know if they’re going out of business?

        • Jason

          I wish Cooper’s was good and maybe I’ll give them another chance. I live on Meridian and have stopped in a few times but they never have anything so I head to Mt. Pleasant and Old Hardware.

      • N

        Live very close to Elizabeth Fashion. The ladies there are really nice. Have always wondered why you need to ring a doorbell or knock to get in, though…

        • Anonymous

          Could be the owners/employees want to keep the front door locked for their own safety. Obviously, not the most inviting approach for customers (and it’s more often used in high-end places like fine jewelry stores), but it’s occasionally done. Either that or they only want a very specific and limited clientele–my office used to be near a bunch of wholesale-only clothing stores, and many of them kept the door locked and only let in customers as needed (but would be a little odd to have a wholesale place in Columbia Heights, let alone DC, which isn’t exactly a garment industry town.)

          • Anonymous

            No I mean no one ever buys anything. I think it’s just a very busy moneygram/western union type place? I was just wondering if there might be more to the story, because there are so many western unions on the street, I don’t know why this one would be so popular.

      • Colhi

        I have bought things from Coopers and have been there when a few of the building supers from around the neighborhood have come in and have accounts to pick up items. I think they are legit. I think the deal is the owner had some health problems and so they were floundering for a while. I am pretty sure they are back and are a legit hardware store, albeit not the best businesspeople around.

      • Please try to keep ignorant, lazy speculation on local, non-white merchants to a minimum. Maybe try frequenting the place or talking to the owners before you ask the cops to arrest them.

  • Jason

    I sleep through most everything, but this woke me up today. I’ve been in the Allegro for almost 3 years. The building and the nighborhood for that matter has its pros and cons just like anywhere. I wouldn’t walk down most streets except for 14th after about 9:30. A friend of mine was a recent hate crime victim on Meridian Pl.
    Glad to see the cops had a sucessful bust as this improves the neighborhood for those of us who love it and our fellow law abiding neighbors.

    • C

      that’s horrible. what happened to your friend? i’ve lived on the street for over 10 years. never a problem.

  • Tom

    I can’t imagine anything worse than getting flash banged at 6 AM.

    • Ben

      Being arrested and put in jail for 10~20 shortly there after?

      • WMM

        Or an M-16 in your face at 6:01

        • Anonymous


        • anon

          M-16 in the face comes at 6:02. At 6:01 they’re still busy shooting the dog.

          • Anonymous

            sad, but lol

            sick of the puppycide

      • Anonymous

        Unfortunately, the “10-20” in this town stands for days…not years.

        • sad but true


    • My girl hates when I flash bang.

      • jch

        Is that like a flashmob?

  • Liz

    Oh my god…I was in my car and I was trapped in between the cop cars…

  • anon

    i think they also hit a place in shaw… 6th and RIish area. interesting! didnt see the flash bangs though… just a ton of cops and very few marked cop cars.

  • petwurf

    the Anti-Shenanigan Squad’s been busy today! . . .

  • Anon

    Undercovers were earlier in the night on Columbia Rd. & 14th – around 8PM. Chasing people through the apt. complex

  • FormerAdMoResident

    Related, eh? Anything around my former stomping grounds near the corner of 17th and Euclid?

    • The infamous house has just gone on the market actually.

      • Ward One Resident

        Actually 1703 is on the market and it’s been vacant for a number of years now. 1701 where the Bryants and Bennetts live is not on the market.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet. Did you snag me a flash bang?

  • thiggi

    This must have been part of the 3 dozen arrests made today.

    Apparently they took down “a far-reaching drug operation along the Georgia Avenue corridor”

    • This is great news. I wonder want gang it was.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve lived on Meridian since 2000 and watched many of the kids who were probably busted this morning grow up. This is sad, not awesome. And to hear people talk about being afraid to walk north of Ruby Tuesdays — that’s ridiculous. If you’re afraid of anyone who doesn’t wear khakis, please move back to the burbs. We don’t want you here.

    • All the school kids where khakis, and some of them are damn scary. I’m not sure what your comment meant other than to incite racist diatribe.

      • Agreed, this not cool, quite sad. Does anyone know which house it actually was. I assumed the corner home but one commenter has said it wasn’t and walking the block there are no clues.

      • Anonymous

        Can you explain what about that comment is racist?

    • JohnQPetworth

      If those kids were among the individuals arrested, they’re into some serious shit and having them off the streets will definitely be a plus for the neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    It’ll be interesting to see if any of the 13 guns are linked to homicides after they run ballistics? Wonder how many of those arrested had long DYRS records?

  • There was also a raid this morning at the infamous yellow house on 1300 block of Taylor NW. Problem house for years. They took three adults away so far as I could tell.

  • Prince Of Petworth

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