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Thaaja Indian Food Bar Coming to the Courtyard Marriott in NoMa

by Prince Of Petworth — October 2, 2012 at 11:11 pm 14 Comments

1335 2nd Street, NE

A new Indian restaurant is coming to 1335 2nd Street, NE in the Courtyard Marriott by the NoMa metro. According to the liquor license posted out front Thaaja Indian Food Bar will be a:

“New Restaurant with Entertainment. Sidewalk Café with 10 Seats. Total Occupancy load of 62, with 32 seats.”

Their website says:

Thaaja was created for one simple reason: to show how versatile,
delicious, and healthy Indian food can be.

A modern take on traditional Indian food, Thaaja lets you easily design your own meals. Simply pick your favorite flavors and build something fresh, creative and healthy. Start by choosing a base – a wrap, rice bowl, or salad, then add an assortment of proteins and toppings. Finish it off with one (or two!) of our mouth-watering, signature homemade sauces and dine with us or quickly take it to go wherever life takes you!

You can see their menu here.

  • Anonymous

    And … one more reason (option) to hope (Obama-like) or pray (if you’re in to that) that Tynan will disappear.

    • Anonymous

      Why would a business failing make you happy?

      • Gloomingdale

        Yeah I’m confused. You prefer Starbucks or the $1 coffee machine at Harris Teeter?

        • Anon X

          Yes, I do prefer Starbucks to Tynan. Whats the problem?

  • Anonymous

    Sounds good. Hope they will have weekend and evening hours.

    • chrisineckington

      Since it’s in a hotel, it probably will.

  • dizzycomet

    I hope they’ll offer delivery!

  • Anonymous

    From a design and visibility perspective, the new dark glass that many retail and restaurants are putting in makes no sense. You want people to be able to see in to your business. This looks like streetfront office, as is.

  • Anonymous

    Hi – I am the new owner of Thaaja Indian Food Bar and we are very excited to be coming to the neighborhood. Please check out our menu at http://www.thaaja.com.

  • Tony Goodman, ANC 6C04

    Thaaja Indian Food Bar will be on the agenda for our next ANC 6C meeting, Wednesday 10/10, 7pm at 214 Massachusetts Ave NE. This will be a great addition to NoMa, and I don’t expect any problems with getting the support of the ANC.

  • lc

    The menu looks very similar to Roti, in the same area. What will be meats be like?

    • Anonymous

      Thaaja will serve Indian food and is thus inspired by Indian ingredients and spices. Therefore, the meats will be marinated in a host of Indian marinades and rubs. All meats will be grilled or baked. In addition, there are 6 signature house made sauces which are all made with Indian spices. These sauces range from your more traditional Indian flavors (Tikka Masala) to ones that are a little more fusion (Tandoori Buffalo). For more info on our menu though, please do check out the website – http://www.thaaja.com! Follow us on Facebook by liking Thaaja Indian Food Bar -we can fill you in on upcoming news and promotions!

  • Anonymous

    I hope they got a great deal and everything works out for them. Unfortunately, this part of Noma is dead outside of work hours and there are plenty of quick serve lunch spots to compete with. Parking a food truck might have been more prudent at this location.


    addition of one word will exhibit its spaciality of the restaurant.


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