Washington, DC

415 8th Street, SE

I’m hearing some interesting rumors about the vacant space next to Chipotle on Barracks Row at 415 8th Street, SE. At one point this space was going to become a gourmet pizza joint but apparently that fell through. A tenant that I’m hearing is interested in the space is – Kraze Burgers:

Featuring made-to-order, hand-formed, fresh ground, all-natural, hormone-free beef, our meat is at the top of its class. Add to this, our fresh buns baked in our bakeries and our unique patented sauces, and you’ve got a diverse menu of burgers offering savory flavors only available at a Kraze Burgers restaurant. It is an innovative burger concept redefining the burger joint and making headlines wherever it goes.

But what makes Kraze Burgers truly special is that while we are devoted to making the best burgers around, we don’t just cater to meat-lovers! We also deliver the goods to our health conscious and vegetarian customers. We offer tofu burgers, veggie burgers, and a wide array of delicious salads. Our My Burger option lets you build a burger the way you like it. From proteins like turkey and tofu to special cheeses, grilled mushrooms, and pineapples…we’ve got you covered.

Anyone ever try a Kraze Burger before?


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